I'm Jeff-Relf.Me, in Seattle, Early 2019, born in Seattle, 1960. 

This file, X.HTM, is the help/settings file for "X.EXE", my "terminal/console",
newsReader, email_client, URL downloader/viewer, backup/diff utility, games, etc.
Screenshots ( 3840 x 2160, 236 columns, fixedWidthConsole fonts, Windows 10 ):

  Diff, X, Jeff-Relf.Me/SleepPat
  Chess, Super.Fast.Monopoly
  Reversi, Solitair, Mario

"OCR A", "MS Mincho", "Segoe UI Symbol", "DejaVu LGC Sans Mono" and "nSimSun"
are the (required) "Unicode Console" fonts.

"X.EXE" is in <X.ZIP>, along with the files it needs; to wit:
    [ These files must be in the same folder as X.EXE ]

    "X.HTM" ( this file ) is the "help/settings file".
    "Nyms.HTM" is the Usenet Scorefile.
    The "xGames" folder has .PNG files for the Monopoly game.
    "X.CPP" is the source code, Visual C++, x64, Visual Studio 2017.

To display an image, pass the name of the file ( on the command line ).
You may set <Registry Settings> for that; see:

  @="C:\\YourFolder\\X.EXE \"%1\""

To compile the Visual C++ source code:

    Visual Studio -> Solution Explorer -> RightClick Solution
    -> ReTarget Solution -> Pick a "Windows SDK".

    Put "Include", "Lib" paths in "Microsoft.Cpp.Win32.user.props.TXT";
    Copy it too "%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\MSBuild\v4.0\";
    Remove the ".TXT" extension and ReSart Visual Studio;
    the CodeEditor now knows where the Includes are.

    Also,  Put them in:  Solution Explorer -> Select all projects
      -> Settings -> Configuration Properties -> VC++ Directories.
Global, SystemWide "HotKeys" that X.EXE handles:

  Alt+Shift+Ctrl+M: Toggles Monitor On/Off(asleep).
  Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S: Add TimeStamp to "TimeStamp.TXT". 

  <Logitech g600 mouse button settings ( for these HotKeys )>
City: Seattle  //  Used in the MessageID.
WebSite: Jeff-Relf.Me  UsenetEmail: @.  //  On Usenet, " From: Jeff-Relf.ME  @. ".
                                        //  EternSep requires "".
HomeDir: C:\__  //  Note: "Deleted" files are remaned to the "'HomeDir'\Del" folder.
UglyDir: C:\__\MKV  //  "CleanDir" (below) drops UglyDir's subFolders, moving/renaming files;
                    //  "-- " prefixed subFolders are excluded.
JPGs: "C:\__\MKV\-- JPGs"  //  .JPG  files/folders; see "JPGs", below.

Columns: 186  //   Columns of monospaced text.
QuotedLns: 22  //  Dump all but the last 22 ">"-quoted lines.
MassMailing: 5  //  Hide email addresses when 5 or more emails are sent.

ToRightChess: !Yes  //  "Yes" Plays Chess Left to Right, instead of Bottom to Top.
                    //  RightClicking "Chess", on the toolbar, switches it.
UserSecsChess: 15  PC_SecsChess: 5  //  Analyze time, in seconds.
aNight: 4.5  //  Minimum hours in a "night" ( after which, my "day" begins ).
UserAgent: Jeff-Relf.Me/X.HTM
TimeOut: 2     //  Seconds to wait on a "dead" server.
Filtered: Yes  //  "Yes" converts HTML and MultiPart messages.
               //  RightClicking a "MailDown" or "DownLoad" toolbar item makes it "No".
ClearServer: Yes  //  "Yes" Removes emails from the server.

  Cal  Calendar  //  Prints the days of the week.

  //  Click "In" to download emails to "╲╱.TXT" ( formatted )
  //  and to "╲╱99.TXT" ( unformatted, last 99, as a backup ).

  In  MailDown  eDown

  //  Click "Cola" ( see below ) to update the NewsGroup ( "Cola.TXT" );
  //  RightClicking it gives you a nym ranking report.
  //  CtrlClick updates the alternate server, "OpenNews2".
  //  The .5 ( below ) means " download up to .5 thousand posts ";
  //  but, when first loaded, 3 times that will be downloaded.

  Cola  GrDown  OpenNews5.OpenNews2  2.5  Comp.OS.Linux.Advocacy
  Phy   GrDown  OpenNews5.OpenNews2  2    Sci.Physics
  Srv   GrDown  OpenNews5.OpenNews2   .5  Alt.Free.Newsservers
  Rdr   GrDown  OpenNews5.OpenNews2   .5  News.Software.Readers

  //  Click "╲╱" to dowload/display a text article, binary file or web page,
  //  depending on what link is in the clipboard:
  //    a Message_ID, URL, PDF or JPG/PNG/GIF.
  //  Right_Click "╲╱" for the unformated/raw version.
  //  CtrlClick for the alternate server ( BlockNews, 14+ year Archive ).

  ╲╱  DownLoad  OpenNews5.BlockNews

  //  Click "╱╲" to post HTML ( Content-Type: Text/HTML );
  //  RightClick posts Text, instead of HTML.
  //  CtrlClick for the alternate server ( BlockNews ).
  //  If an eMail is in the clipboard, the "eUp" server is used,
  //  To see help and examples, post an emtpy clipboard.

  ╱╲  UpLoad  UsenetNews.BlockNews.eUp

  //  Clicking "_" lists Unicode glyphs. To copy glyphs, drag the cursor.

  _ Keys

  //  "Bac" backups the "Backup:" list ( below ) to "$HomeDir$/Backup":

  Bac Backup

  //  "Wrap" displays the clipboard, wrapped (at column 54):

  Wrap     Wrap  54

  //  Run the "Left.TXT" diff, as specified in the "Diff:" section, below.

  DiffLR  Diff  Left.TXT

  //  Shows when the monitor was "turned off" ( see "Alt+Shift+Ctrl+M" above ).
  //  Displays 372 columns of text;  clicking a ToolBarItem ( or StatusBar ) 
  //  restores your "Columns" setting ( above ).
  SlpPat    SleepPat

  Clean  CleanDir

  //  Click "List" to convert "MyPlayList.TXT"[*] to "MyPlayList.HTM".
  //  [ *: "Ctrl+Alt+G" (in WinAMP's playList) creates "C:\__\Tmp\WH???.tmp.html"; 
  //       open it in FireFox, copyPaste to "C:\__\X\MyPlayList.TXT".
  //       Required format: "SongFileName \ Artist \ Album (8:12)". ]
  List  PlayList

  //  Click "Show" to view the .JPG files in the "JPGs" folder ( defined above ).
  //    MouseWheel Forward|Back to view the next .JPG file.
  //    To zoom: Click, then MouseWheel; RightClick stops zooming.
  //    Page Down/Up to view the Next/Previous .JPG file.
  //    "End/Home" to view the Next/Previous folder.
  //    Delete "deletes" the .JPG file ( moving it to the "'HomeDir'\Del" folder ).
  //    Ctrl-X (Cut) "deletes" the folder.
  //    FolderNames that begin with "." are ignored.
  //    FolderNames that begin with "--" aren't deletable ( and they're shown first ).
  Show     Show

		Tor      App  /__/EXEs/qBit/qBittorrent.EXE
		Cntrl    App  Control
  RegEd    App  /Windows/System32/RegEdt32.EXE
  Wrd      App  /__/EXEs/Office_2013/Office15/WinWord.EXE
  PrnScr   Key  2, x2C  //  Wait 2 seconds then hit VK_SNAPSHOT(x2C)    ^F11:Play/Pause, _F11:PlayAgain, @F11:PlayNext, ^_@a:AnswerPhone, @^M:ToggleMonitorOnOff

  //  Click "Ping" to test the net and set your clock.

  Ping     Pinger  Time_L.Time_R   //  Left.Right click.

  Home     App  eXplorer /n,\__
  Edit     App  /__/EXEs/VisualStudio2017/Common7/IDE/devEnv.EXE  \__\_Source\X.SLN
  Browse   App  /__/EXEs/FireFox/Firefox.EXE
  2        App  "/Program Files (x86)/Internet Explorer/IExplore.EXE"

  //  It's "one line per command", but '⏎' ( or '\', not '\' ) adds a virtual newline.

  Chess    Chess ⏎  Uki  Uki ⏎  Soli  Solitair ⏎  Monply  Monopoly ⏎  Mario  Mario ⏎  Save  Save ⏎  Load  Load
  WinAmp   App  /__/EXEs/WinAMP/WinAmp.EXE  \__\MP3
  Bria     App  /__/EXEs/Bria/Bria4.EXE   //  Bria4.EXE
  DOS      App  /__/EXEs/Console2/Console.EXE -r "/K"
  CPU      App  resMon
  Logs     App  MMC eventVwr.MSC
  Devc     App  MMC devMgmt.MSC
  !Del     App  eXplorer /n,C:\$Recycle.Bin\S-1-5-21-484430971-2301415357-1999314751-500
  !Inst    App  Control appWiz.CPL
		cPick    App  /__/EXEs/jcPicker.EXE
  Thun     App  /__/EXEs/Thunder/Thunderbird.EXE -news news://News.Usenet.Farm:119/loup7s$gq8$1@adenine.netfront.net

  Time_L  NTP   BigBen.CAC.Washington.EDU:123
  Time_R  NTP   Time.U.Washington.EDU:123

  eUp     SMTP  Jeff-Relf.Me:25              username  password
  eDown   IMAP  Jeff-Relf.Me:143             username  password

  //  Unless you enjoy random lags ( when will the post show up ? ),
  //  Do NOT use a binary server to read Usenet.
  //  For that, use INN servers; to wit:
  //    News5.Open-News-Network.ORG:119
  //    News2.Open-News-Network.ORG:119
  //    News6.Open-News-Network.ORG:119
  //            News.Individual.NET:119
  //    "Individual.NET" is 10 Euros per year.
  //    "OpenNews" is cost free ( News5, News2 and News6 are best ).
  //    Register at:  Open-News-Network.ORG/register
  //                  Must translate from German; if Captcha fails, F5 refresh.
  //  Do NOT post using an INN server, they'll ban you !
  //  For that, use a binary server; to wit:
  //    News.US.Usenet-News.NET:119  or  usNews.BlockNews.NET:119 
  //    They won't censor you; they don't even keep the "Path:" line,
  //    so you can't be identified.  Their archive is over 15 years deep.
  //    $5 buys you 11 gigs, enough for several life times.
  //    If one is down ( very rare ), use the other one.
  OpenNews5     INN    News5.Open-News-Network.ORG:119      username  password
  //  ( News5, News2, News6 )Open-News-Network.ORG/ServerList.

  OpenNews2     INN    News2.Open-News-Network.ORG:119      username  password
  UsenetNews    NNTP   News.US.Usenet-News.NET:119          username  password
  //  Best for Posting.  No "Path:".  15+ year Archive.  $5, Amazon.  Posts "@.".

  BlockNews     NNTP   usNews.BlockNews.NET:119             username  password
  //  Best for Posting.  No "Path:".  15+ year Archive.  $4, PayPal.  Posts "@.".

Colors:  //  %Red, %Green, %Blue  BgOld is 40% of OldText;  BgSel is 40% of text.
  BackGround: 0 0 0,  verb: 66 66 66,  OldText: 88 11 0,  NewText: 11 88 0,
  UTF: 99 99  0,  text: 99 55 77,  digit: 0 99 99 
  //  The LeftOlder file's path is relative to "$HomeDir$/";
  //  the RightNewer file's path is relative to the Left file's path.

  Left.TXT  Right.TXT
  Backup/X.CPP  ..\_Source/X.CPP

  //  When the Left side wildards, the Right side is a folder, not a file.

  -H  _Source/BXD/Y1/????  ../Y2

  //  Switches:
  //      -I: Ignore numbers, e.g. "-.5" is blanked.
  //      -H: Ignore BankSim's Headers and Footers, i.e.: the first 4 lines and the last line.
Backup:  //  Install "7-Zip" ( 7z920.EXE ), then copy 7z.EXE to "Windows\".
  //  Paths are relative to the "HomeDir" folder ( e.g. "C:\__", above ).
  //  The ^prefix means:
  //    If " _Source\X.CPP != Bac\X.CPP ", for example, then:
  //     " _Source\X.CPP -> Bac\X.CPP, Bac\X.CPP -> Bac\.X.CPP, .X.CPP -> ...X.CPP "
  //    [ .CSS, .REG and .Theme always get a .TXT ]

  AppData(    FileZilla/  Microsoft/Windows/SendTo/  "CounterPath Corporation/Bria 3/default_user/"
    qBittorrent/qBittorrent.ini  "Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Quick Launch/User Pinned/TaskBar/"
    "Logitech/Logitech Gaming Software/profiles/"  )

  X(     default.htm  g600.TXT  ╳.TXT  Nyms.HTM  filter.yaml  
      _XXX_.TXT  ^Win10.REG  index.html
      ^Snippets.TXT  ^2015.vsSettings  Test.HTM  )

  _Source( ^X.CPP  ^Games.CPP  ^X.RES  ^Games.RES
    BXI(  Z\  BXI.TXT  BXI_C.TXT  BXI_R.TXT  "_ BXI .BAT" ) )