I'm Jeff-Relf.Me, in Seattle, Mid 2021, born in Seattle, 1960. 

This is my scorefile.  X.HTM has more settings.

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                  //  Checky  Checkmate,  SamWormley  OLLI  olli
                  //  JimPennino  jimp@,  JohnGohde  Simon 
  JeffRelf  Jeff-Relf_Me_@,  SylviaElse  Sylvia_Else, MontanaJoe  anonlinuxuser AnonLinuxUser 
  BowmanMontana  rbowman,  Mitchell_Raemsch  mitchr Mitch_Raemsch,  DFS  dfs  DFS 
  TheRealSteve  Steve_Carroll│Steve_Carroll  Steve_Carroll│fretwizzer@gmail_
  RonB  RonB│ronb,  PotHead  pothead│, PopeAlsing  Paul_Alsing  pnalsing,  PeeScent  %  Jeff-Relf_Me@,  ScottDoty  vallor│vallor
  FabianRussell  FR│  frussel  FH  Fabian  F_Russell  fr31  Fabian_Russell  Vince_Vandal  Vile_Strong
  MrChrisV  chrisv,  HughHuntzinger  -hh,  MichaelMoroney  moroney  Michael_Moroney,  BranimirMaksimovic  Branimir_Mak  Branmimir_Mak  Melzzz  Mel│mel@zzz  
  Roach  SilverSlimer  Utwardzony  Rabid,  Schizoid  Snit  Rick_Rugby   *frelwizzen  🌈💐

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  JeffRelf(R)   TheRealSteve  Bowman  Sylvia

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  Jonathan│write  Clutter  ZoneKiller  Python  Jim_Pennino  
  Thomas_Heger  FBInCIA  Wolffan  David_Brooks  Klaus_Schadenfreude  Pentcho_Valev
  PopeAlsing  Stéphane  Ayaz_  Jesus  HughHuntzinger  Mitchell_Raemsch  Rick1  Gremlin  Arindam_Banerjee
  whodat  Joel│  Fabian  MichaelMoroney  MrChrisV

  Dechucka(R)  Siri_Cruise(R)  Aardvark(R)  Peter_Köhlmann(R)  Nadegda(R)  Archimedes(R)  Schizoid(R)   The_(R)  hanson│(R)  
  snipeco(R)  tripeco(R)  Gripeco(R)  PeeScent(R)  numbernumber1964(R)

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  BadRig  Aioe  GoogleG  Neodome

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