<PRE Style='Font-Family: OCR A, monospace !important;'> I'm <A hRef='http://Jeff-Relf.Me/' target=_blank>Mail@"Jeff-Relf."Me</A> in Seattle, Mid 2018, born in Seattle, 1960. I read ALL "direct" replies to me, no matter who from. I read posts from the following people (as ordered). "Comp.OS.Linux.Advocacy" has 10 CoolCats, 3 MadHatters, 527 Shifties and 533 DroppedNyms. Newest: 3 Minutes ago. Oldest: 1 Months ago. Previous Update: 9 Secs ago. DownLoadTime: 0 Secs. recv() returned: 106.6 Kilo Bytes. Aug 12 { 11:52pm, 2018 }:28 CoolCats (<A hRef='http://Jeff-Relf.Me/Nyms.HTM' target=_blank>Weighted</A>): 1. JeffRelf; +Top 3 Minutes ago, 1.7 Posts/Day, 56 last 1 Months; X.HTM, HighWinds'Usenet-News.NET Sci.Physics, Comp.OS.Linux.Advocacy, Talk.Politics.Guns, Alt.Checkmate, Alt.Comp.OS.Windows-10, News.Software.Readers, Comp.Lang.C++ Merge the files, one file per month. Bismuth Subsalicylate calms my bowels ( and my soul ). The uncaused cause. Does Marxism only work in white Norway, not brown India ? Free Beer. Born and Einstein debated for 39 years, 1916-1955. 2. JohnGohde; +Top 1.1 Weeks ago, 1 Posts/Day, 33 last 1 Months; GoogleG, Comp.OS.Linux.Advocacy Moi wants all of Silver Slime to be shut down to prevent "further infestat Did Slime just earn the title of Liberal Moron? Bow down before your Moi. I am a card carrying member of the privileged Dunning Kruger effect Speaking of THE COLA Fuck Tard of all Dumb Fucks! Yo! Stupid person, how do you like these apples? 3. ScottDoty; +Top 48 Minutes ago, 1.6 Posts/Day, 33 last 2.8 Weeks; Pan, Individual.NET Sci.Physics, Comp.OS.Linux.Advocacy, Talk.Politics.Guns, Alt.Checkmate, Alt.Usenet.Kooks Carroll has dug his hole, now he has buried himself Moi wants all of Silver Slime to be shut down to prevent "further infest Lying bigot (right winger) attacks his moral and intellectual superiors The Bullshit Web: For Dummy Carroll et. al. Post Your Fave GNU/Linux Commands Free Beer. 4. HughHuntzinger; +Top 1.6 Days ago, 1.5 Posts/Day, 50 last 1 Months; GoogleG, Comp.OS.Linux.Advocacy Member of the "moral" left draws Baron Trump naked Trump drives federal deficit to $1 trillion Less than 1% care about Russia UN's own document admits it wants to flood the US with 600 million migra Lying bigot (right winger) attacks his moral and intellectual superiors Leftists cocksucker tech companies ban Alex Jones, show their "respect" 5. MrDFS; +Top 1.2 Days ago, 4.2 Posts/Day, 32 last 6.6 Days; Gecko'Jan_2010'Win8.1, HighWinds'Blocknews.NET Comp.OS.Linux.Advocacy Feeb, did you ever get the Access GotoRecord issue resolved? Post Your Fave GNU/Linux Commands Microsoft parade Trump vs shitv They finally got a room! Lots of files is bringing Windows File Explorer to its knees. How does L 6. NetCop; +- 1 Weeks ago, 3.6 Posts/Day, 102 last 3.9 Weeks; 40tude, Individual.NET Comp.OS.Linux.Advocacy, Comp.Sys.Mac.System, Alt.Comp.OS.Windows-10, Alt.Cellular-Phone-Tech, Alt.Privacy.Anon-Server, Alt.Checkmate, Comp.Sys.Mac.Advocacy, Alt.Usenet.Kooks, Sci.Physics Want To Know About Snit? Spend $10.00 and learn. Fun with a bot Gathering in Portland and yet again.... Libtard America. Apple's Sole Main Processor Supplier Just Got Hit With a Computer Virus The Bullshit Web: For Dummy Carroll et. al. 7. BranimirMaksimovic; +- 4.5 Hours ago, 1.2 Posts/Day, 35 last 4.2 Weeks; slrn'Linux, HighWinds'Usenet-News.NET Comp.OS.Linux.Advocacy, Alt.Privacy.Anon-Server, Alt.OS.Linux, Comp.OS.Linux.Misc, Alt.Comp.OS.Windows-10, Sci.Physics The Bullshit Web: For Dummy Carroll et. al. Pan's filtering system is complete shite Lots of files is bringing Windows File Explorer to its knees. How does L Microsoft parade Trump wins again: Germany halts $400 million transfer to Iran How to clone from gitlab? 8. Kompyler%kompyler@toke_com; +- 1.9 Weeks ago, 2.3 Posts/Day, 67 last 3.9 Weeks; Pan, Eternal-September.ORG Comp.OS.Linux.Advocacy, Comp.Sys.Mac.Advocacy, Alt.Checkmate, Alt.Usenet.Kooks, Sci.Physics Peaceful Muslims thank their welcoming Christian hosts... Less than 1% care about Russia Fscking Nazis on Fscking Notice vallor wants to blow his dog. LINUX Let's Get Michael Glasser Back To Work. 9. Helinka_Svoboda%helinkasvoboda; +- 1.3 Days ago, 1.7 Posts/Day, 23 last 1.8 Weeks; Pan, Eternal-September.ORG Comp.OS.Linux.Advocacy, Alt.Checkmate (Forbes) 5 Reasons You Should Switch From Windows To Linux Right Now Want To Know About Snit? Spend $10.00 and learn. Apple's Sole Main Processor Supplier Just Got Hit With a Computer Virus Libtard America. The Bullshit Web: For Dummy Carroll et. al. Report Snit... Make $10,000 10. %fire@starter_net(=%=%=%; +- 5.8 Days ago, 325.7 Milli Posts/Day, 5 last 2.1 Weeks; Emacs'openMac, Neodome.NET Comp.OS.Linux.Advocacy, Sci.Physics, Alt.Checkmate Snit's claim Racist Communism (Forbes) 5 Reasons You Should Switch From Windows To Linux Right Now Help With Pan/Slrn Filter Rules __________________________ MadHatters ( over 5 posts/day ): 1. AndrzejMatuch; +- 16.4 Hours ago, 14.7 Posts/Day, 462 last 4.3 Weeks; Pan, HighWinds'Blocknews.NET Comp.OS.Linux.Advocacy, Sci.Physics, Alt.Checkmate, Comp.Sys.Mac.Advocacy, Alt.Usenet.Kooks, Alt.Privacy.Anon-Server, Alt.Linux.Suse, Ibm.Software.Network.Directory-Integrator, Alt.Comp.OS.Windows-10, Comp.Lang.C++, Comp.OS.Linux.Misc Australia to its people: "Lock your doors, Muslims are on the loose!" Ping: RonB - How the Palestinians were invented Antifa socialists attack police in Charlottesville Report Snit... Make $10,000 Trump wins again: Germany halts $400 million transfer to Iran Bismuth Subsalicylate calms my bowels ( and my soul ). 2. BotBoy; +- 3.1 Hours ago, 28.3 Posts/Day, 923 last 1 Months; Gecko'Jan_2010'Mac, Individual.NET Sci.Physics, Comp.OS.Linux.Advocacy, Talk.Politics.Guns, Comp.Sys.Mac.System, Alt.Comp.OS.Windows-10, Alt.Privacy.Anon-Server, Alt.Checkmate, Alt.Usenet.Kooks, Alt.Linux.Suse, Ibm.Software.Network.Directory-Integrator, Comp.Lang.C++ Liberal politician does not give a shit that the city he was elected in Photos of liberal hero James gunn at pedophile party surface Trump wins again: Germany halts $400 million transfer to Iran Australia to its people: "Lock your doors, Muslims are on the loose!" Antifa socialists attack police in Charlottesville Does Marxism only work in white Norway, not brown India ? 3. SteveCarroll; +- 11.7 Hours ago, 13.2 Posts/Day, 417 last 1 Months; GoogleG Comp.OS.Linux.Advocacy Pan's filtering system is complete shite Ping Sandman: blast from the past about your rdbms Trump wins again: Germany halts $400 million transfer to Iran Iran and the CIA Lots of files is bringing Windows File Explorer to its knees. How does L How to clone from gitlab? __________________________ Shifties: Wolffan%akwolffan@gmail_com, Storage_Unit%storage_unit Alan_Baker%nunya@ness_biz, Your_Name%YourName@YourISP_com Mayayana%mayayana@invalid_, Wouter_Verhelst%w@uter_be Lewis%g_kreme@gmail_com_, Tattoo_Vampire%sitting@this_ Russian_Election_Hacker%, boltar@cylonHQ_com, Larry_Gusaas%larry_gusaas Paavo_Helde%myfirstname@osa_, Sergio%invalid@invalid_com The_Natural_Philosopher%tnp, Tim_Streater%timstreater Nobody_you_know%nobody@nowhere_, Paul%nospam@needed_invalid Samwise%sw@invalid_com, Dunkle_Schadenfreude%quatsch elpyes1969@outlook_com%, anonymouse%anonymousey666 Chuck_Chop%butwaitthere_is_, ayruehfnmduh%a45362@f24637_com I_PEED_IN_MY_EAR, silverslimer%silver@slim_er, Colonel_Edmund_J_Burke% John_McCue%jmccue@obsd2_Home, Roger_Blake%rogblake@iname_ Andreas_Kohlbach%ank@spamfence_, %_<%persent@gmail_com __________________________ DroppedNyms: RonB%ronb02NOSPAM@gmail_com, MrChrisV, Anonymous%anonymous@anonymous_ 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If_he_did_not_read_the_files_ OK@dizum_com_What_Ever_, Bad_News_for_Cad_Kooks% Space_Station_Computers%, A_Shell_report_predicted_how_ Personal_attacks_from_those_, Time@dizum_com_to@dizum_com_ Three_Kids_in_a_Suit%Elul, Ive_been_ten_thousand_miles_ joy%jgaylord1@dslextreme_com%, the@dizum_com_bogus@dizum_com_ Emmett_SMACKDOWN_Gulley%, Turning@dizum_com_Empathy Hum_Sound_in_House%, Mister_Smartypants%sleeker Klimate_Katastrophe_Kook%, Tom_Scotts_FUCKING_JavaScript_ Fucknozzle_Jr_%Ruchbahs, Steve_Canyon_bitchass% Snit_Carrolls_Wallaby%, When_I_KNOW_THAT_YOU_READ_ What_happens_when_a_@dizum_, SunOS_hootenannies%humbug _Bleat@dizum_com_Paul@dizum_, https@dizum_com:%"twitter_com dolf%dolfboek@hotmail_com%DST, Does_snit_use_a_filter_?% Oh_this_is_the_big_one!_You_, =?UTF-8?Q?=D8=A3=D9=86=D8=A7_ Ive_stepped_in_the_middle_of_, ALWAYS_REMEMBER_TO_NEVER_ Cracky_McCrackHead%Terracotta, Geraldine_Ferraro%Mostly _The@dizum_com_Pee-Pee@dizum_, Adam_H_Kerman%Yggdrasil Crybaby_snowflakes_%, All_my_posts_were_sent_by_8 OPERATION_SAINT_ANDREWS:_, Albertas_wildfire_seasons_to_ Child-Endangering_Tax-Evading_, Dustin_Cook__His_Walter_ in_order_to_spare_the_, Sleve_McDichael%swipe@Caddies_ The_Potty_Of_Trump(The_Potty_, Cujo_DeWollman%cujo You_should_also_consider_, All_but_two_posts_killed% Drug-Addled_Alcoholic_Pissbum%, Sandman_is_tracking_the_ John_Lewis_Puff_Jr_-_Total_, Very_reassuring_we_have_idiot_ SunOS_fan_fiction%dependencys, selinux_fairy_tales% Glenallen_Mixon%broom, Yevette_Owens%Audiologist Melt@dizum_com_KabitchyMan, Hacking_Shana_Zapf_fan_ My_pet_rock_Gordon%Mislabeled, Big_Crotch_on_a_Small_Fish% skepticult_org%swiz@Jinan_, #BeamMeUpScotty% Captain@dizum_com_Kneel@dizum_, He_is_as_incompetent_as_ getting_it_wrong_on_purpose_, Because@dizum_com_dolf@dizum_ WHITE_AMERICA_BEING_DEVOURED_, Making_Paul_Melt_Down% Skin@dizum_com_and@dizum_com_, Gay_Bananas_crappy_server_% Youre@dizum_com_like@dizum_, Sandman_snipped_the_reference_ DropKicking_Tardnado%, The_reason_why_AC_is_Bane_of_ Zax%admin@mixmin_net%, BSExpress%Celebrities Seeing@dizum_com_your@dizum_, Make@dizum_com_America@dizum_ http@dizum_com:%"Jeff-Relf_Me%, @dizum_com______@dizum_com____ Announcing@dizum_com_the, maybe_messiahTrump_can_save_ LotusLoser%Racetracks, BeOS_hootenannies%Reenact Haywood_Jablowme%Cinerama, Ping_Zax:_I_dont_agree_with_ @dizum_com_ONE@dizum_com_WORD, YOU_HAVE_VEXED_THE_STRANGER_ Back_on_topic_Thats_IT?_Thats_, Oh@dizum_com_what@dizum_com_ x}S_x}_"!_"!_"!%, _|%"/|_|_|_|_|_|(o(o_C___|_____ ______-_-_HEY_LOOK!/__:_o, Me_Sham%osirus47@yahoo_com% The_end_of_Silver_Slurper%_m, gergles@dizum_com_and@dizum_ Bobson_Dugnutt%Leannesss, Bob_Officer%no_email@invalid_ UTAH_TEACHER_WHO_SEXED_______, _/___/__|_|_|_|_|__`_COCCYX_|_ There@dizum_com_is@dizum_com_, Frightening_Core_Teaching_of_ Call%"text:2082540223%, deadly_heat_waves%, Kooks!_K00ks!_KOOOOOOKs!% The_dizum-abusing_kook_didnt_, Bootlip_Donavan%doggedly Time_to_trigger_the_right, HOT_NIGGA_BOOT-AY% Boycotting_And_then_he_curls_, Kellyanne_Conway%Switchable Yes_DC_Destructor%, Oh_where_have_you_been_my_ selinux_hoedownss_Parade_of_, Gorman_IS_Arizona "!s_Sarah_ Snit:_Please_explain_Steve_, Durrrrbs%DDSs@Sherries_ Allahu_Akbar%Mamas@restrainer_, shit-fer-brains%Paddies Granny_Inane%Cherokees@Earth_, Hacking_Linux_fan_fiction% _|///|_|_|_|_|_|(o(o_C___|____, Pug_Ones_a_BIG_DUMB_GOOFs__ NIGGER_SHITHOUSE%travestying, Oil_and_Gas_Companies_Now_Say_ I_say_a_man_not_mince%Bugler, pandora%Snared@Extrasensory_ Anthropogenic_Global_Warming%, I_POOPED_MY_PANTS_BUT% Checkmate%Tarots@Zs_, @dizum_com_[THERE_IS_NO_GIF_ hundreds_of_skeezers%Delberts, I_like_those_porn_vids_where_ Stormy_Daniels%Balers@Butts_, Sandman_still_lying_about_his_ Richard_Pollock%Overstatement, Onson_Sweemy%Licensees This_is_settled_%Divided, If_Kicking_Paul% Get_a_background_report_on_, Bob%crustily@Gd_Remissions_ @dizum_com_____@dizum_com_____, %MeltPissbumMeltBwahahahaEtc New@dizum_com_rules@dizum_com_, Autumn_Nissen%Hartline I_KNOW_THAT_Making_America_, Queer_Gay_Faggot%Koranic Climate_Change_Places_a_Major_, The@dizum_com_above@dizum_com_ For@dizum_com_your@dizum_com_, All_of_the_DoW%Catfishs Yeah@dizum_com_but@dizum_com_, @dizum_com, Dweebleshite%Jaggeder deplorable_owl%owl@rooftop_, Dear@dizum_com_Gay@dizum_com_ Calling_An_Interactive_BASH_, Idlehands%innocents@Piaster_ dolf%Kazakhs@foregone_, Nads_is_a_lefty_Kook_Can_ Snit_Carrols_geometric_, Does@dizum_com_Just@dizum_com_ And@dizum_com_then@dizum_com_, Jim_Gorman%Freighters@Swatch_ I_wouldnt_bang_some_skanky_, Checkmaters%cantatas @teandson_22_Jan_2017_, Mila_Kunis%Trout Nads_and_the_Shrooms%arctic, Do_you_consider_Robert_ Rhonduh%MSG@vaginal_shotguns_, Edmo%blissfulnesss I_saw_a_highway_of_diamonds_, Brought_to_you_courtesy_of_ All_the_sudden_I_might_have_, completely_witless_to_how_ Do@dizum_com_you@dizum_com_, Anatoli_Smorin%Tuba@parallax_ And_then_he_curls_up_into_a_, Another_travesty%pancakes MalachiMartin%, Apple_told_to_warn_against_   @dizum_com_OK@dizum_com_, @dizum_com_______/L|__`_BEEP _BULLSHIT-O-METER_5*_6*_*7_4*_, Why@dizum_com_did@dizum_com_I Did_You_Catch_The_Hidden_, And@dizum_com_if@dizum_com_-- Dustin_Cook_Slackjaw%Spiral, The_planes_of_principal_ Pro@dizum_com_K00ks!KOOOOOOKs, Overqualified_for_NAMBLA% Taylor_Swift%adorns, Doomsdrzej%_m@nsn_s_EFF@dizum_ yay@dizum_com_we_can_all_, Comes@dizum_com_down@dizum_ Youre@dizum_com_hardly@dizum_, My@dizum_com_attorney@dizum_ Snit_loves_the_way_that_his_, alien%contractions@Trundlers_ Peter_J_Ross%Ominously, Death_by_squahed_selinux_ Willie_Dustice_loves_the_way_, A_completely_paranoid_and_ Nagenda%fourteenths, skepticult_org%Laceys A_candy-colored_clown_they_, U_S_A@dizum_com_/CANADA@dizum_ Pied_Piper_Of_Penis%, If@dizum_com_Color@dizum_com_ some_locust-like_parasitic_, Been_looking_using_Do_you_ Dear_Gay_Doctor_Video_Game_of_, And@dizum_com_its@dizum_com_a I@dizum_com_dont@dizum_com_, LotusLoser%reversal@horsefly_ |%"/||||||C@dizum_com(o(o__|, |||||||||||||Sporge@dizum_com_ _The_Party_Of_Trump(The_Party_, Sandman_is_STILL_tracking_his_ Find_Gergs_Bucket_For_Sex_in_, Boycotting_/_/_|||||`_COCCYX| Oh@dizum_com_where@dizum_com_, eyes@wideshut_com(Sycho% When_But_what_if_Donald_Trump_, I_strongly_urge_everyone_to_ Ive_stumbled_on_the_side_of_, healthandbueatypharmacy@gmail_ This@dizum_com_is@dizum_com_, Bite_My_Shiny_Metal_Apple% Janithor%Bushiest@Ruinously_, I_prefer_to_be_brutally_ Libtards_Got_Steamrolled%, Between@dizum_com_Stormygate Cujo_DeObsessed%cujo, Bob%innuendo@launchs_SWAK_ Something_interesting_about_, The_Sporger%Crockerys David_Ritz%dritz@mindspring_, Skeet/Percent/Skeeter/%% Bootlip@dizum_com_Donavan, %Woolongong@Necrosiss_ Many@dizum_com_come@dizum_com_, prone_to_kissing_rotting_ Dustin_Cook_Retard%amethysts, Bullinda_is_that_you?_lol% Robert_Dylan%Rob@amc_org%, Another_newsgroup_ruined_by_a_ Richard@dizum_com_Pollocks, Nah@dizum_com_FNVWes_utterly_ My@dizum_com_pet@dizum_com_, Yes@dizum_com_Bitch@dizum_com_ @dizum_com_^`_Kernel@dizum_, Whatever@dizum_com_name@dizum_ SnickerTurd%Early@pulverize_, Scott_Doty%Moroccans@Mongolia_ David_Brooks_is_just_a_shmuck_, I@dizum_com_should@dizum_com_ Jerry_Stuckle%ganglion, George_Harrison%hemps Funny_how_that_happens_every_, A_narcissist_walks_into_a_bar_ Sandman_denies_he_scripts_his_, If@dizum_com_Probably@dizum_ A_Noseless_Patient_Spider%, The@dizum_com_I@dizum_com_ The@dizum_com_poor@dizum_com_, The@dizum_com_worlds@dizum_ Hello?_Anybody_home?_Can_, Relf_still_insane%Guinea TWILW_had_no_first_hand_, Video_Game_of_the_Year-_ The_Gaussian_Curvature%, And_if_some_kid_gets_lost_in_ Ive_given_John_Dean_Hell_on_, @dizum_com_BULLSHIT-O-METER Snit_Carrols_Dung_Beetle%, Miss_Kitty%Bethany@Censurers_ OK@dizum_com_several_in_COLA_, Apple_Pascal_fanfic% Looks@dizum_com_like@dizum_, Fakeys_Speckled_Lotus%   %broadcast@Stragglers_, Also@dizum_com_Ive_been_ Whatever_name_Snit_is_using_, Racist@dizum_com_little@dizum_ Imagine_if_Mark_The_Flooder_, hundreds_of_rosettacode_org Fluffy%Sighting@Podiatrist_, Miss_R%Stacks@Oleos_Mafioso_ I_NOW_OWN_THIS_GROUP%Elsies, A@dizum_com_Single@dizum_com_ If@dizum_com_you@dizum_com_, Snit_Carrols_Polar_bear%thous Lookie!_Doomsdrzej_has_the_, Gene_Colwell%Yesteryear Rosie_Palm%druidism@slash_, Edmo_Wollmann%Tibiae@Dampen_ TO_A_MAN_AN_ORGASM_MEANS%, another_borked_line%presences alt_fan_jai-maharaj, Widdershins_is_dead_you_ Fedora_18723%Coffeehouses, Paul_E_Stutzman%Napoleon Another_pathetic_Windows_bug_, Youre_like_Eliminating_ Probability_=_6965/6965_=_, If_dolf%dolfboek@hotmail_com_ ?_Snowflake_?_?_Snowflake_?_?_, Hacking_DECWare_features% On@dizum_com_Glockenspiel, Rhonda_was_fucking_Ed_ Former_theater_student_of_, simon_singh%Ailerons If_just_for_fun_I_plotted_, The_tangential_plane_of_the_4 dope_head%Styles@Elicits_, Boycotting_KOoky_McFakeTard_ Signetics@dizum_com_write, Dweeble-dweeble-dweeble_% @dizum_com__@dizum_com_/_/, DID_YOU_NOTICE_MY_ 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Column1 is the Count. Servers: 750 HighWinds( Newsdemon.COM, Usenet-News.NET, Blocknews.NET, Fastusenet.ORG ) 370 Eternal-September.ORG 1062 Individual.NET 2618 GoogleG 7 Mixmin.NET 194 Alt.NET 8 Supernews.COM 10 Mail_@Neodome.NET( Neodome.NET ) 16 Neodome.NET 6 News.Datemas.DE( Datemas.DE ) 4 Netfront.NET 11 Aioe.ORG 18 Newsguy.COM( NewsGuy.COM ) 3 Albasani.NET 11 Giganews.COM 4 Newsfeed.Atman.PL( Atman.PL ) 1 Earthlink.COM 756 Dizum.NET( Dizum.COM ) Threads: 29 Apple's Sole Main Processor Supplier Just Got Hit With a Computer Virus 26 Google Enables "Site Isolation" Feature for 99% of Chrome Desktop Users 15 Toggling "Touch Keyboard" On/Off, Firefox and Chrome. 365 Less than 1% care about Russia 231 Chris Pratt etc. 25 Microsoft parade 66 Sandman: Downloading C++ trivia 16 Libtard America. 161 The Bullshit Web: For Dummy Carroll et. al. 6 Linux Hacked Again. "Hide and Seek" Becomes First IoT Botnet Capable of 180 San Francisco not only a philosophical shithole... 82 Peaceful Muslims thank their welcoming Christian hosts... 357 More bot than human. 420 Usenet Kook Awards - July 2018 Ballot 7 Racist Communism 46 Leftists cocksucker tech companies ban Alex Jones, show their "respect" 5 If the keyboard doesn't come up right away. 14 Last few decades, I spent _nothing_ on doctors. 96 I bought a Chromebook! 8 My next monitor will be a HeadSet, hopefully. 19 LINUX 62 Firearms-related offenses surged during the Smiling & Dancing Black Man's 82 Trump wins again: Germany halts $400 million transfer to Iran 3 Arm's length. 105 Not to Interrupt Political Discussion ... 44 Snit's claim 63 I don't agree with snit however... 37 Pan's filtering system is complete shite 4 As I get older, I give fewer and fewer fucks. 27 Post Your Fave GNU/Linux Commands 60 I'm 58, not 15. 66 "Respectable" NYT hires racist bigot 104 Danish Imam: Jihad Necessitates the Conquest of Europe 46 Peaceful Muslim defends female genital mutilation after his daughter dies 115 Socialist Whoopi Goldberg's tolerance 13 Feeb, did you ever get the Access GotoRecord issue resolved? 93 What they're not telling you about the Toronto shooter 34 Ping Sandman: blast from the past about your rdbms 4 Another fail, another post... 2 The best way to toggle the Touch Keyboard. 3 Hopefully, I got it right this time ( only time will tell ). 2 TerminateProcess( aProc, 9 ). 5 I don't need glasses. 27 Help With Pan/Slrn Filter Rules 4 Rich techies buy Windows. 51 Member of the "moral" left draws Baron Trump naked 19 Oblinux and zh 6 I paid 100$ for my copy. 29 vallor is confused about the superiority of Ubuntu Mate, but Moi is NOT 18 One Trillion Dollars 10 "Slimer" wants to blow his dog whistle, but not get called on it 5 (Forbes) 5 Reasons You Should Switch From Windows To Linux Right Now 13 Lying bigot (right winger) attacks his moral and intellectual superiors 30 Trump the liar 9 IBM's Watson gave unsafe recommendations for treating cancer 5 Nicholas Fudge, a 28-year-old fisherman. Dead but NOT Moi 18 Money is no substitute for youth and vitality. 39 Trump drives federal deficit to $1 trillion 22 No joke: University dean forced to apologize for having Republican frien 24 They finally got a room! 2 Moral, virtuous "Nazi punchers" bringing guns to peaceful protest 13 Bash shell has completely confused Klaus Schadenfreude 3 Report Snit... Make $10,000 4 God has stepped on you, I can hear the squealing. 14 $180 is expensive for a piece of garbage. 15 Lots of files is bringing Windows File Explorer to its knees. How does L 12 How to clone from gitlab? 3 Does Marxism only work in white Norway, not brown India ? 11 Moi wants all of Silver Slime to be shut down to prevent "further infestat 12 Google hit with ?4.3bn Android fine from EU 4 Bismuth Subsalicylate calms my bowels ( and my soul ). 2 We (TrumpI) can do whatever we want, without penalty. 7 Trump vs shitv 3 In Japan, you pay about 6 months rent up front. 7 Ultrix jamborees 3 Hypocrites (liberals) defend racist Sarah Jeong 1 Liberal moron wants all of Facebook shut down to prevent "fake news" 21 OMG, Commercial Blu-Rays work in Ubuntu! 17 Migrants attack American tourist for defending a woman they were insulting 16 Peaceful Muslim creates three children with his daughterq 2 Free Beer. 12 Trump drives GDP to 4.2% 6 Fscking Nazis on Fscking Notice 9 Attention Melzzzzz: Comes down to Mint legal issues 13 And where have you been, my darling young one 4 Carroll has dug his hole, now he has buried himself 12 EU fines Google $5 billion over Android antitrust abuse 17 Why Linux Desktop Failed. 14 Switch to Linux Right Now! 13 Want To Know About Snit? Spend $10.00 and learn. 15 What does LGBTQFUBAR mean? 4 I don't understand cell phone users, and they don't understand me. 4 "#define NTDDI_VERSION NTDDI_WIN10" bitch. 2 Dunning Kruger effect 5 Ping: RonB - How the Palestinians were invented 6 Ping: owl 16 Drug-Addled Alcoholic Pissbum 6 My kids wouldn't cross the street to piss on me. 3 Politico "reporter" demonstrates his objectivity... 15 Obama economist admits that Trump's GDP even stronger than it looks 8 Bust A Move - Sven Otten 4 The United Kingdom of cowards treats Tommy Robinson inhumanely 5 There is a nice jail cell in chrisv's future 7 Help a Linux freak get himself a vagina! 12 Denouncing Islam is not bigotry 7 Brought to you courtesy of the red white a blue 10 NYU Professor: "We're on the verge of completely losing our culture" 6 I don't know that it's all \that\ large. 10 Let's Get Michael Glasser Back To Work. 3 Look at what, even racist Sarah Jeong's former employer defends her twee 7 Forgot to automatically delete articles scoring at -9999... 12 Multiple right-wing posts deleted, unread 3 AW (was Re: Usenet Kook Awards - August 2018 Ballot 4 Gathering in Portland and yet again.... 2 Freda Black, North Carolina prosecutor,Dead at 57; but NOT Moi 2 'Hell's Kitchen' contestant Jessica Vogel dead at 34, but NOT Moi 2 You might want to throw out that cellphone of yours... 4 Bow down before your Moi. I am a card carrying member of the privileged 12 The world as we know it is coming to an end 2 Scarfing 4 Thwart the Stat Leacher Scumbags 5 Cowardly British accept Sharia ruling 6 Fun with a bot 3 11 year-old German boy is culturally enriched several times in the chest 6 An Entire Day Trolling When snit Could Be Working. 2 UN's own document admits it wants to flood the US with 600 million migra 5 Number of Salafists in Germany tops 10,000 7 France passes law eliminating age of consent to appease Muslims 5 Sound Familiar? Guess Who! 4 Jobs For Michael Glasser in Prescott Arizona 4 Google to host talk on "white fragility" after refusing Jordan Peterson 7 Interesting 4 Photos of liberal hero James gunn at pedophile party surface 5 I never could figger out that mixmin stuff. 5 I can't seem to post reliably through Mixmin today. It does connect but 5 ONE WORD SAYS IT ALL: ____ ___ _ ____ ____ _ _ _____ _ 4 TOP QUALITY BLACK TAR, STRAIN AVAILABLE MDAI, Heroin, xannax, codeine, l 3 The wealth and intelligence of a nation. 4 UTAH TEACHER WHO SEXED THREE BOYS DENIED PAROLE 2 Long Newsgroups lines being wrapped's Parade of Bad Sockpuppets 2 Anthropogenic Global Warming 2 Beam Me Up Scotty HillaryObama@shadow.gov> 9 Snit's Disease: Trump Anxiety Disorder 4 Personal Incredulity Foul (with ObLinux) 5 The Smiling Black Man knowingly supported Al Qaeda 4 Antifa socialists attack police in Charlottesville 4 California mom, 20, Dead in order to avoid riding with Snit one second lon 3 More than 1% care about Russia 3 I read chrisv's post that was entitled... 2 Fashion brand MOGA bans white models 157 Klaus Schadenfreude ChromeOS quirks 7 Installing Cooledit quirks 4 Cooling after 1940s shows CO2 causing global warming is a liberal hoax 3 "Snit's" "Happy Muslims" 27 Snit claims to have fetal alcohol syndrome 1 chrisv is an Arse! 5 Another Win 10, more BSod. 4 Snit: Gotta' Love MATE quirks 5 Flatfish Gotta' Love Linux problems 4 The only person we know colluded with the Russians is Hillary 2 Iran and the CIA 3 ITipInvocation.Toggle() fails BIG TIME if it's called more than once a s 7 Spain is offering illegal migrants perks denied to citizens 4 Swedish dentists fired by alt-left Socialists for telling the truth 4 South Africans change constitution to allow blacks to steal white land 9 John Gohde: Using GNU/Linux tweaks 5 Snit is reaping what he sows 4 Police dies of "cultural enrichment" wound in the head 3 What makes you think Steve is smart ? 7 Chef Boyardee 6 Glenallen Mixon 3 Peaceful Muslim arsonists ram car into police station in Sweden 13 Michael Glasser Snit: GNU/Linux problems 3 White man attacked in New York because of his skin colour 3 I'm narrowing it down, hopefully. 5 The Flonk 5 I wouldn't bang Dweebleshite who's taken it up the ass from hundreds of 2 Check out the Snits protesting Trump in London 3 RonB: Comes down to Scrivener comparisons 2 Peaceful Muslims gang rape disabled woman 2 Moral and virtuous late show host calls President "son of a bitch" 2 Peaceful Muslim migrants bitch about food quality and needing to work 2 Peaceful Muslims in Canada cause massive amounts of damage 2 Muslim migrant in Spain welcomes British tourist with sexual assault 2 The Snap problem 2 CNN liberal moron compares ICE to slave traders 2 Old bag Feinstein had Chinese spy driving her around for 20 years 2 Peaceful Muslims attack husband who came to his wife's aid 2 Peaceful Muslim rapes woman in cemetary, admits Guilty. Yes, I did that. 2 Stupid Snit ruins own movie career 2 Snitocratic Party of America loses all 5 elections 2 Not a single reply to snit. 2 Verified hate on Twitter (must watch) 2 Antifa homosexuals plan to protest exitence of prisons where they may lo 2 Socialist homosexual wants Ingraham to ban more speech 2 Liberal politician does not give a shit that the city he was elected in 2 Australia to its people: "Lock your doors, Muslims are on the loose!" 1 David Ritz dritz@mindspring.com>'s obsession with Snit is EXTREME! 4 You'd think that if |\/\/\/| | | | | | (o)(o) C _) | , ___| | / 3 Katzenpost - the new remailer system 3 Everyone and their dog can see that you didn't pay those medical bills. 3 The latest Socialist fear tactic: PLASTIC STRAWS ARE DESTROYING THE WORL 3 My fortunes rise and fall with the economy. 3 Paul Joseph Watson: San Francisco is a shithole 2 InputApp and TabTIP are _always_ killed. 5 Peter J. Ross 4 Do you have fears that taking part in newsgroup discussions could lead C 5 Calling some dope who smokes dope a dope head 3 Stop spamming us Mister Smartypants. 2 If you use TOR, you're probably on the radar of all the Fred Hall organ 4 Being popular on usenet hoedowns 4 Why Biblical Creation is Good Science is the asshole doing all the post 3 MP/M: Another travesty 3 I Fart In Some wormy little basement dwelling mommy's boy's General Dir 3 ALWAYS REMEMBER TO NEVER BLOCK DIZUM 4 alien 3 Ha ha! My minivan averaged . . . 4 Kind, wonderful, peace-loving Muslims stab man through the heart on his 3 Do you consider Whatever name Snit is using today to be a liar? 4 perhaps most of you can manage to killfile that sender and quit clutter 3 Databasix Fan 4 All the sudden I might have to e-mail Captain Neal and take off sailing 3 Diadem of Dissociation 2 RonB attacks choice 2 Geographical determination. 2 Another one of Snit Michael Glasser's wonderful friends 2 No chance to win, No chance to lose. 2 "PROCESS_TERMINATE" in "Jeff-Relf.Me/X.CPP" in "Jeff-Relf.Me/X.ZIP". 2 The Truth about Migrants 2 Childish Idiot 2 Google secretly tried to stop the probe into Android a year before its rec 2 Yep! Jeff is Dead at age 58. 2 Drones hunt for arsonists (migrants) who started the Greek fires 2 KillReStart the "touch keyboard" before bringing it "up" ( on screen ). 2 I saw a highway of diamonds with nobody on it's drunken confession (was 3 Death by squahed balls 3 ||||||||||||| Sporge Source: Silver-Tongued Heel / Korora Linux Sponsor 2 "Colonel Edmund J. Burke" burke...@std-girls.com> is wearing off-th to 3 | | _| | | / _ \ _ \ | / | _` | __| __| __| < ( | ( | < __| ( | | | \__ 2 Oh, this is the big one! You hear that, Checkmaters?! I'm coming to joi 4 Very reassuring we have a genius President after the last 8 years of th 1 Cujo DeEmmett cujo@petitmorte.net> 1 GayFag mist@cumulus.com> 4 dolf dolfboek@hotmail.com> 4 o `O Oo `o O o.OOoOoo O o OooOOo. 3 https://Jeff-Relf.Me/Amanda Lapkovsky 3 I should clarify a little, it's not that I don't find it interesting at 2 /snortles"! 2 Did... did Paul's "Nads" sock just toss in a red herring about mobile p 3 What kind of box are you using? 3 hundreds of skeezers 4 Sandman blames Snit for his trolling systems 2 | | | _` | _ \ __ \ | / _ \ | | _` | | | __ \ _` | ( | ( | | | < __/ | | 2 Tom Scott's FUCKING JavaScript team 3 Snit: Please explain YOU HAVE VEXED THE STRANGER AND NOW IS THIS CURSE p 2 Bookman 3 Well, you pinheads can just STFU. 3 Gerg's Bucket 2 Dey already found dat bitch and put her in a cage. 3 Crybaby snowflakes... 2 ____ _ _ _ _ _ 2 Also, it's not how big you make it, it's how you make it big. 2 Snit Carrol's geometric tortoise 2 "Sir Gregory Hall, Esq." greghall@yecch_master.fake> 3 I see the dizum-spammer is having another tantrum. 3 This e-mail is to inform you that https://www.yelp.com/biz/dog-house-se 2 I wouldn't bang Been looking using Suka Mai Dik for Tiny Homes and smal 2 Snit Carrol's honey badger 2 Call//text:2082540223" manim...@gmail.com> U.S.A /CANADA Call//text RO 3 Pontiff Abdul-Ahad ibn Jahdami al-Child-Endangering Tax-Evading Unemplo 2 Solaris jamborees 2 |\ /| ___| \, , /_/ - 2 Ford Prefect 2 Bert Snurt 3 Nadegda is Belinda Burnore 2 Poop vagina 2 The true meaning of AUK 2 _ / ) / / .-""-.//' /_____C\___ Boycotting Joel Edge AKA: lurch956 is th 3 Sandman still lying about his CSS 2 _ _ _ ___ ___. . ___. . . 1 Dolf Boek dolf.boek@hotmail.com> 2 Most of us don't take the time to reply to it either. 2 another borked line 2 i'm sure we could find other ways to amuse Apple told to warn against c 2 Nazegda's bot is as buggy as a bait store. 2 And if some kid gets lost in the woods and then is eaten by wolves whil 3 Cujo DeObsessed cu...@petitmorte.net> 2 Persent 2 ISIS hoedowns 2 Comes down to I never could figger out that mixmin stuff. fan fiction 2 And it's a hard, and it's a hard, it's a hard, and it's a hard 2 (BREAKING NEWS) Personal attacks from those who troll show their own in 2 All my posts were sent by 8:30 PM, and I was in bed by 50162:00 PM. 2 The Vile and Disgusting Libtard Females. kook didn't, and the GayCloud 2 Banjo Pussywhistle 2 Comes down to Tee Hee... You Know You're Telling The Truth and Doing So 2 .-'"""`-. 2 My Recent code changes, Not safe for work. 2 Dutch anti-migrant politician takes own life after being raped by kind, 2 Aren't you glad another borked line introduced you to the Figlet toy... 2 i THINK i know I don't ever want to make that drive again, because it's 2 CTOS fairie tales 2 The tangential plane of the 4-D Minkowski space-time manifold 3 ,-. / `. 2 He Who Shall Not Be Named 2 Trump makes people think, and it hurts their heads. 2 We're all ten times more retarded than we can imagine. 2 Jesus helped undesirables, Rome killed them. 2 Kooks! K00ks! KOOOOOOKs! 2 DID YOU NOTICE MY IMPERSONATOR WASN'T SMART ENOUGH TO USE CAPITAL IN SU 2 CentOS fairy tales 3 morbidly obese men in pink tutus with lubed-up boxing gloves. LOL hypocri 2 Snit Carrol's Tonkin snub-nosed monkey 2 Art Deco 2 kensi 2 Pig Raper 2 Zaphod Beeblebrox m...@privacy.com> 2 I just use a filter and won't be impacted by Not the sporge from the |\ 2 The uncaused cause. 2 "The Party Of Trump (The Party For Watersports)" Trum...@gmail.com> 1 Malware Found in Arch Linux AUR Package Repository 2 20 Years Of Linux And It still rocks the world 3 Evolution or Thunderbird 1 RonB lies again. 1 No one wants to play a game where there are winners and losers. 1 Moi has been conversing with Darci Lynne online in Twitter for over an h 1 Moi was conversing with Darci Lynne online in Twitter for over an hour 1 CaesarsAC is actually quite a small venue 1 ReKilling Cortana zombies. 1 Moi can confidently say that I hate Twitter 11 Sandman: Gotta' Love Elementary OS missing features 3 Ping Steven Carroll: Unity is obscure 3 Installing Debian screenplays 30 Steven Petruzzellis Mint lack of choice 4 Jonas Eklundh Comes down to Tar lack of choice 3 Desk Rabbit: Comes down to Linux legal issues 2 Snit: More Linux legal issues 4 More Fedora stinks 47 Snit's dysautonomia makes him delusional http://bit.ly/2Jqpplk 18 Snit suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome 3 Snit Glasser: Installing Bash comparisons 6 Using Bash hypocrisy 3 Steven Carroll - More Cooledit confuses the herd 7 Ping Klaus Schadenfreude: Linux tweaks 1 Using Fedora for beginners 3 Ping Chris Ahlstrom: SC for beginners 3 Stupid Klaus Schadenfreude: Comes down to Cooledit problems 2 Jonas Eklundh: More System76 will never catch on 9 Ping Steve Petruzzellis: Xfce quirks 1 F. Russell: KDE revelation 1 Jonas Eklundh - Comes down to Cinnamon missing features 1 Sandman LXQt hypocrisy 1 chrisv: LXQt stupid design decisions 13 Snit has fetal alcohol syndrome leads to bizarre behavior 1 chrisv: C++ revelation 1 Ping Michael Glasser Snit: LXQt tweaks 2 Sandman Mac legal issues 2 Steve Carroll thinks black men can not represent masculinity 4 Ping Jonas Eklundh: Using SC will never catch on 5 Comes down to Red Hat legal issues 2 Steve Carroll supports police shooting black people 1 owl: More GNU/Linux stinks 2 More ChromeOS legal issues 25 Snit keeps lying about me! 4 Stupid Takuya Saitoh: Comes down to Linux is obscure 1 Melzzzzz: Fedora stupid design decisions 1 Forth confuses the herd 2 Ping Snit (a real advocate): VPN has completely confused Jonas Eklundh C 2 Using Gnome problems 1 Comes down to Unity hypocrisy 2 Sandman: Comes down to MATE problems 1 Comes down to MATE will never catch on 1 Sandman macOS ergonomics 2 Mint comparisons 1 Switch SysFolders to Short, Friendly Paths, all under "C:\__" ( Home ). 2 The (Islamic) White Widow is recruiting jihadis 1 Owl: Installing Scrivener legal issues 1 Watch hideously ugly Michelle Wolf celebrate abortion... 1 Silver Slimer: Installing GNU/Linux fan fiction 1 Why Anthony Bourdain "committed suicide" 1 Why the left-wing media were "embarrassed" by the Trump-Putin press conf 3 Snit Comes down to GnuPG ergonomics 1 Oh, look at that... politics of fear... 1 Snit digest 363 / div style="padding: 3px; align: center;"> 1 Snit Glasser: Fedora stupid design decisions 1 Comes down to LibreOffice corruption 3 GnuPG hypocrisy 2 Jonas Eklundh: Hacking Unity ergonomics 11 Snit can not move freely on the net 1 Peter Khlmann: Comes down to Mac stinks 2 Listen Steven Carroll: Windows stinks 14 Snit's life is the tax payer's business 6 I will not let Snit's lies go unchallenged 1 Chris Ahlstrom: Gotta' Love Gnome hypocrisy 4 Steven Carroll: Hacking Bash shell hypocrisy 1 vallor More Linux stupid design decisions 3 RonB - Comes down to Cooledit is too much for Klaus 'The Flooder' Schadenf 3 Downloading SC corruption 2 Jonas Eklundh - Downloading Ubuntu hypocrisy 3 Snit digest 415 / div style="padding: 3px; align: center;"> 3 Snit - Comes down to Gnome is obscure 1 Cinnamon corruption 1 Melzzzzz: Pulseaudio trivia 5 Satan Comes down to Arch Linux comparisons 1 Steven Carroll More Debian comparisons 1 Ping Snit: Tar confuses the herd 1 Sandman Downloading Arch Linux will never catch on 2 William Poaster: Fedora is obscure 1 Stupid Desk Rabbit: Cooledit for beginners 1 Snit - LibreOffice corruption 1 Jonas Eklundh - Debian screenplays 1 Steven Carroll: Gotta' Love Linux stupid design decisions 3 Steve Carroll: Hacking Debian fun fun fun 1 Flatfish Comes down to OS X ergonomics 2 Sandman's lie #575 div style="padding: 3px; align: center;"> 1 Satan - Installing macOS quirks 1 Debian tweaks 2 Snit digest 654 / div style="padding: 3px; align: center;"> 1 Steven Carroll - Using Forth bugs 2 More Windows fan fiction 1 Comes down to Scrivener trivia 1 Owl: Elementary OS fan fiction 2 Comes down to Linux legal issues 1 Steven Carroll Comes down to ChromeOS will never catch on 2 Gotta' Love Tmux corruption 1 Flatfish: ChromeOS ergonomics 1 Forth revelation 1 Takuya Saitoh - Hacking Linux is too much for Desk Rabbit 2 Attn Snit: Installing Linux stinks 4 Systemd lack of choice 2 SC ergonomics 3 DFS: Downloading Forth stupid design decisions 2 More LXQt stupid design decisions 14 Steve Petruzzellis: Gotta' Love Debian tweaks 1 Gotta' Love Linux problems 5 Sandman's invalid CSS: div style="padding: 3px; align: center;"> 1 Snit Glasser: Cinnamon fun fun fun 2 Snit Glasser - Downloading Mac corruption 4 Using Linux lack of choice 1 Comes down to Slrn fan fiction 2 Windows ergonomics 1 LXQt quirks 1 chrisv is a naive socialist 1 Downloading Mac hypocrisy 1 Socialists selling shirt of the President being hanged 1 More tolerance from Snit Michael Glasser's favourite, "peaceful" religio 1 14 injured in German bus, nothing to see here 1 Man murders wife after she converts to Islam for him 1 Steven Carroll Using Mac will never catch on 1 Attn Klaus Schadenfreude: Pulseaudio quirks 1 Jonas Eklundh More Xfce screenplays 2 Comes down to macOS comparisons 3 Snit: Comes down to Ubuntu revelation 1 Gotta' Love Ubuntu revelation 1 Debian stinks 2 Comes down to Wayland trivia 4 Snit - Bash shell comparisons 3 Melzzzzz Gnome has completely confused DFS 3 Jonas Eklundh: Downloading Systemd revelation 6 Hacking Red Hat is too much for Steven Petruzzellis 1 Sandman LibreOffice legal issues 3 Stupid Steve Carroll: Downloading macOS is too much for Klaus Schadenfreud 1 Scrivener problems 4 Mac is obscure 3 Comes down to VPN is obscure 1 Comes down to Cinnamon problems 1 Natural Dentistry. 1 If you highlight everything, then you have a problem with everything. 1 William Poaster: Installing GNU/Linux ergonomics 6 Attention Klaus Schadenfreude: Tmux fun fun fun 11 Troll Killer Snit: Comes down to Systemd corruption 1 Jonas Eklundh VPN screenplays 1 Ubuntu hypocrisy 2 Jonas Eklundh: Arch Linux tweaks 3 Jeff Relf: LXQt fan fiction 9 Troll Killer Snit More LXQt quirks 2 Ping Snit Glasser: Windows ergonomics 1 Attn Steven Carroll: LibreOffice is too much for Jonas Eklundh Communicati 2 Jonas Eklundh: Installing GnuPG quirks 1 Using Scrivener lack of choice 1 Steven Carroll: Comes down to Slrn hypocrisy 2 GnuPG fan fiction 3 Jonas Eklundh: Comes down to Linux tweaks 2 Comes down to Pulseaudio corruption 1 Xfce bugs 1 Takuya Saitoh Comes down to Xfce screenplays 1 VPN has completely confused Chris Ahlstrom 6 Jeff Relf - VPN comparisons 6 Steven Carroll thinks black men can not represent masculinity 2 DFS: Comes down to GNU/Linux missing features 1 Stupid Snit Glasser: MATE will never catch on 3 Sandman - Downloading Gnome has completely confused Klaus Schadenfreude 1 Flatfish - Red Hat hypocrisy 1 Jonas Eklundh: Debian confuses the herd 4 Silver "Christ is King" Slimer: More Unity problems 3 Slaughtering concert goers. 1 C++ problems 3 vallor Mint comparisons 2 Steven Carroll Gotta' Love Tmux corruption 1 Silver Slimer - Wayland problems 1 set PROMPT=$P$_$g 1 Snit: Fedora hypocrisy 1 Owl - Forth problems 1 We can't change the past or the future. 1 Using Zsh shell lack of choice 1 $2000 for a Keyboard! But Can It Work with Linux? 1 Comes down to Debian fan fiction 1 Using OS X corruption 4 More Linux will never catch on 1 Elementary OS has completely confused Jonas Eklundh Communication AB FOR 1 owl: System76 is too much for Steve 'The Moron' Petruzzellis 1 Peaceful Islam 1 the fool could have been a closet Democratic Socialist 1 MSNBC lies about Jeff Sessions chanting "lock her up!" 1 vallor: VPN bugs 2 Chris Ahlstrom: Comes down to Bash fan fiction 1 Steven Carroll Installing Red Hat tweaks 2 Downloading Unity revelation 1 Ping RonB: Linux has completely confused Klaus Schadenfreude 2 Snit (a real advocate) Linux quirks 1 Ping Peter Khlmann: Comes down to VPN comparisons 2 Sandman Installing Gnome quirks 1 Snit: Hacking Pulseaudio confuses the herd 4 Hacking Linux fun fun fun 3 Attn RonB: Downloading Xfce revelation 2 Jonas Eklundh - SC for beginners 2 William Poaster SC will never catch on 3 Ping Steven Petruzzellis: Using Windows trivia 1 Ubuntu comparisons 1 Using Cooledit comparisons 1 Steve Carroll Linux for beginners 2 Linux problems 1 Ping Sandman: Installing Unity ergonomics 2 Sandman Mac stinks 2 Comes down to Mac missing features 1 Ellie Soutter, UK Snowboarder Dead at 18, but NOT Moi 4 vallor Comes down to Linux missing features 3 Ping Jesus Christ: Comes down to GNU/Linux screenplays 3 Snit - Gotta' Love Zsh shell missing features 5 Listen DFS: Downloading Wayland has completely confused Steven 'The Floo 1 Steve Carroll Using GIMP has completely confused Snit 1 Snit Glasser: LibreOffice legal issues 2 Hacking Linux quirks 1 Zsh shell confuses the herd 2 Attention Flatfish: Comes down to Bash shell screenplays 1 Hacking Wayland for beginners 1 Hacking Slrn is too much for Troll Master Steve Carroll 2 Takuya Saitoh: Downloading C++ fan fiction 1 Bash is obscure 1 Comes down to Bash shell fan fiction 1 LXQt trivia 6 More Unity lack of choice 1 Jesus Christ Downloading C++ fan fiction 3 Steve Carroll: Comes down to LXQt bugs 4 Takuya Saitoh: Installing OS X for beginners 1 Downloading Bash is obscure 2 Linux stinks 1 Ubuntu stupid design decisions FOREVER! 1 Owl Windows will never catch on 1 Stupid Steven Carroll: Gotta' Love ChromeOS fan fiction 1 Comes down to Ubuntu ergonomics 2 Flatfish: Comes down to LXQt quirks 4 Snit: Using Mint problems 1 To find the ugly truth. 1 Snit: Gnome hypocrisy 1 Snit LibreOffice fan fiction 2 Snit Installing Scrivener confuses the herd 3 Comes down to Zsh shell is too much for Sandman, AKA Jonas Eklundh 1 John Gohde - More Systemd hypocrisy 1 Cleaning lady in Germanistan fined 1,650 euros for criticizing "refugees 1 Debian will never catch on 1 Attention DFS: Downloading Arch Linux is obscure 1 More Ubuntu ergonomics 1 Peter Khlmann: Arch Linux for beginners 1 Steve Carroll Tmux will never catch on 1 Jesus: Gotta' Love Gnome stinks 6 Jonas Eklundh - Using Red Hat is obscure 5 Attention Sandman: Wayland problems 2 F. Russell: Downloading LXQt quirks 1 Racists got mad because a black man was elected president of the USA and 2 Ping Steve Carroll: Downloading OS X lack of choice 1 DFS: Using Tmux is too much for Flooder Carroll 1 No reliable way to toggle the "Touch Keyboard" on|off. 1 Using Systemd stinks 1 Red Hat stupid design decisions 1 hh = snit #2. 1 hh = snit #2 1 Ping Troll Killer Snit: Installing Red Hat trivia 1 Doomsdrzej: Downloading Windows bugs 1 Downloading Linux fun fun fun 1 vallor: Installing Gnome for beginners 2 vallor wants to blow his dog. 1 Using Mac has completely confused Steve Carroll 1 Sandman: Gnome comparisons 1 Snit digest 344 / div style="padding: 3px; align: center;"> 1 Sandman's lie #668 div style="padding: 3px; align: center;"> 1 VPN fan fiction 1 Stupid Silver "Doomsdrzej" Slimer: Comes down to Bash bugs 2 Comes down to Cooledit screenplays 1 Flatfish OS X for beginners 1 You mean another decade you COLA Tard, n'est-ce pas? 1 Pulseaudio corruption 7 Hacking Scrivener lack of choice 2 More Xfce stupid design decisions 4 Comes down to OS X hypocrisy 2 Elementary OS quirks 1 Snit: Unity lack of choice 1 Steve Carroll: Downloading Gnome screenplays 1 OS X problems 1 Peaceful Muslim rips 74 year-old's eyes out with bare hands 1 Peaceful Muslims savagely ambush police in Calais 1 Four more right-wing propaganda posts deleted, unread. 1 GIMP legal issues 1 Ontario drops "basic income" experiment 1 Downloading C+ is too much for Steve Petruzzellis 1 Afghan child bride is tortured to death by her peaceful Muslim husband 1 Christian genocide by peaceful Muslims in Nigeria will be complete by 20 1 Peaceful Muslims welcome American couple to their country by killing the 1 My I recommend the door knob solution to the Silver Fruit? 1 Liberal ally Linda Sarsour has nothing in common with ISIS 1 Dumbass Swedish socialist saves man who would just as easily rape and ki 1 Mint bugs 3 Snit Glasser: More Xfce bugs 3 Installing Zsh shell hypocrisy 1 John Gohde: Comes down to Bash shell lack of choice 1 Using SC is obscure 1 Gotta' Love C++ stinks 2 Stupid Sandman: Using GnuPG comparisons 1 Did Slime just earn the title of Liberal Moron? 1 To hear two people who refer to themselves as 'liberals' tell it... 1 iPhone supplier TSMC shut down factories after virus attack 1 Speaking of THE COLA Fuck Tard of all Dumb Fucks! 1 Yo! Stupid person, how do you like these apples? 1 Steven Carroll - Hacking KDE missing features 1 chrisv: GNU/Linux missing features 1 Sandman's lie #843 div style="padding: 3px; align: center;"> 1 Using MATE revelation 1 Hacking MATE has completely confused Klaus 'The Flooder' Schadenfreude 2 Snit: Using macOS comparisons 1 11 children rescued from peaceful Muslim compound in New Mexico 1 Using Tmux will never catch on 1 Hacking Zsh shell is obscure 1 Sandman's lie #763 div style="padding: 3px; align: center;"> 1 Hacking Xfce trivia 1 Cinnamon ergonomics 1 SC has completely confused Klaus Schadenfreude 1 William Poaster: Comes down to Cooledit is obscure 1 Ping Jeff Relf: Systemd lack of choice 1 SCO Unix myths 2 Stop complaining. They love complaints. Just filter Kim Kardashian Goes 1 Little Calling someone who smokes weed a dope head Butthurt... 1 The planes of principal curvature positive Gaussian curvature 1 "Making America Better" phuck-you-racist-bigots@splcenter.org> 1 Libtards Got Run Over By The TrumpTrain LibtardAngstIsOurVictory@yahoo 1 Mila Kunis 2 "All for one!" "One for all!" "Every man for himself!" 1 Listen Snit (a real advocate): Windows is obscure 1 Jeff Relf Ubuntu comparisons 1 Turns out Winner January 2017, Barbara Woodhouse Memorial Dog-Whistle A 1 It would be worth it to see to The reason why AC is Peter J. Ross's dum 3 http://auktards.ascii.uk 1 Laurie Appleton 2 I KNOW THAT YOU READ THIS NONSENSE BECAUSE YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND TRIGONO 1 Another pathetic Windows bug 1 David Dennison 1 Nadegda's 'Forensic Team' splorf!> has a big sausage's drunken confess 1 Durrrrbs 2 Tee Hee... You Know You're Telling The Truth and Doing Something Right, 1 The website devoted to Winged Eel Fingerling: Another travesty? What? B 1 Peter Khlmann: Xfce trivia 1 Personal attacks from those who troll show their own insecurity. 1 a lunatic with Dunning-Kruger Syndrome 1 Stop spamming us Lamey the Cable Guy. 1 Sandman - More MATE tweaks 1 Conrad Norberg 1 Hacking Novell PalmDOS features 2 @teandson 22 Jan 2017 @Madonna I hop the CIA cleans your clock you fuck 1 Cujo DeEmmett cu...@petitmorte.net> 1 I don't think And what did you see, my darling young one had any unders 1 "The Potty Of Trump (The Party For Pissers)" TrumpTeam@gmail.com> 1 https://www.zoominfo.com/c/ash-creek-plumbing-heating-electric-llc/8932199 1 GayFag mi...@cumulus.com> 1 Get a background report on Is Cheyenne Truax a Glurrrgz sock? and you w 1 Friendly Neighbourhood Vote Wrangler Emeritus 1 Girl, 10, drugged before being raped, dismembered & set on fire by her 1 Unicos fanfic 3 _ /'_/) , /_ / / / / 1 Windows 2000 fanfic 1 Little Tiny Gable Butthurt Faggot... 1 ^`. THIS IS THE 2 The Meow 2 Chef Boyardee has a big sausage 1 |_) | | _) _` | | __ \ _` | | _ \ __ \ _ \ __| __| | _ \ __| ( | | | | ( 1   robbed |\ /| ___| \, , /_/ ---__/ \/ \ __--/ (D) \ FUCK simon sin 1 _______ / /, / // 31 2 * * * CHMOD 0 /DEV/AUDIO /DEV/DSP # I AM SIXTEEN 2 .___ ___. ___ __ __ __ ___ _______ ___ 1 OPERATION SAINT ANDREWS: Texas Cops Spent 11 Minutes Searching Adam H. A 1 Rick Hodgin 2 |\/\/\/| | | | | | (o)(o) C _) | , ___| | / /____\ COOL YO 1 Richard "The Stooopid" Bullis 1 '' Girl Suka Mai Dik Sente Charges 1 Texas military dad 1 How to post about Texas military dad Michael Brutsch and get away with F 1 A.H.R. FINALLY GIVING UP THE GHOST installing GCOS peculiarities 1 Well, you basically /begged/ for usenet to be destroyed... and... 1 Atari TOS fairie tales 3 I call it 'A Maid On Her Night Out Winding a Grandfather Clock With Her 1 The k00k poop deck denizen spends half his waking hours posting and ble 1 Your obsession with Find Death by squahed Another travesty For Sex in M 2 Child-Endangering Tax-Evading Unemployable Racist and romathian ambassa 1 Snapper Head 1 Make America Great Again. Eat me! Oh, God! Eat me now 1 Ginger Racial 1 Jobless Pissbum 1 I THINK WE ALL NEED TO FACE THE FACTS 1 Skin and Flint Finance Corporation, I. Fleecum, President. 3 Many come to usenet for the adversarial aspect (I would say you do, as 1 Carl Osterwald 1 this is how easy it is to filter dolf dolfboek@hotmail.com> in Forte A 1 Lori Rawlings 1 Some people just can't stop talking about that MacOS hootenannies thing 1 Special Prosecutor Appointed To Investigate Trump / Russia 1 Yeah, but you're the one he impersonated first, days before he started 1 BULLSHIT-O-METER 5* 6* *7 4* *8 3* *9 2* *10 1* | *squirrel rumors 0* -* 1 Baron of Grey Matter 2 BeOS hootenannies 1 David Brooks is just a shmuck why do you compare him to a bastard like K 1 Nino M. Volpe 1 I saw a newborn baby with wild wolves all around it 2 Just Thought I Should Mention It 1 Lunkhead the moron 1 Rhonduh 1 Ariel Winter is a knockout in an eye-popping black sequin mini dress! S 1 Cujo DeWollman cujo@petitmorte.net> 1 Bob Officer no_email@invalid.invalid> 1 Snit: Cinnamon will never catch on 1 This is because AUK is blocked by a number of NSPs these days, and we w 1 "Making Paul Bleat (again)" bleatpaulbleat@yahoo.com> 1 Sn!pe corruption 1 SunOS fan fiction 1 we must have *really* gotten under his skin. He's now frothing out doze 1 I wouldn't be terribly surprised if Fakey got caught up in some TOR shi 2 I prefer to be brutally honest and truly don't give a shit what some we 1 Snit is just fundamental a Total Tard who should be fractured and plant 1 I wouldn't bang some skanky ass porn whore who's taken it up the ass fr 1 If you were to ask me that question a couple of years ago, I would have 1 Tim Todd 1 Error 404 1 Gotta' Love SC screenplays 1 If kensi were to ask Dustin Cook Pedophile that question a couple of ye 1 Yeah, but you think everybody's Big Crotch on a Small Fish. There are he 1 Solaris myths 1 DAVIG HOGG 1 Time to trigger the right-wing snowflakes again. Melt, Bra puppets woul 1 _____ ____ ____ __ /\_/\ __ _ ______ _____ / __/ |/ / / / / // // . . \\ 1 Turns out TO A MAN AN ORGASM MEANS is all worked up over that burning m 1 Probably just the wrong number. Get over it, Snit Carrol's pigmy flyin 1 Dweebleshite 1 Stop spamming us Racist little simon singh. 1 Bite My Shiny Metal Ass 1 I've given John Dean Hell on Twitter for his unnatural affiliation for H 1 Queer Gay Faggot 1 DAVIG HOGG PUSSY 1 prone to kissing rotting corpses 1 George Harrison is all worked up over that burning mosque troll that yo 1 Does anyone here know of a proud bot owner who'd flood this group to ma 1 Why should I waste my valuable time on kooks like you? 1 Ford Prefect WAS IN MY BUTT 1 Snit loves the way that his shit floats to the top 1 MacOS jamborees 1 10,000 guns... 1 Libtards Are Liars SPNAKtheLibtards@gmail.com> 1 THIS IS A PICTURE OF THE LITTLE BIRDIE 1 Trump's biggest mistake - not going after PikeOS ergonomics 1 Doomsdrzej .m@nsn.s> EFF & OpenMedia member, TheRebel.media & Infowars 1 Coitainly I'm sound asleep. has ZeroTolerance for tobacco and other "wr 1 Mike Truk 1 Steve Carroll's Darwinian Finch 1 Why did you name your new sock "Woe is Me", gezzrgl? Maybe 'cause pando 1 Unity corruption 1 Teh Mop Jockey 1 gergles and checkmate: two peas in a pod 1 Nereid nep@tu.ne> 1 Probability = 60615/60615 = 18156% probability that another borked line 1 Steve Canyon bitchass 1 It's a hard rain's a-gonna fall 1 *EXACTLY* 95042.25 1 I thought this was a SEWER! 1 Comes down to Fedora for beginners 1 Snit digest 648 / div style="padding: 3px; align: center;"> 1 Ivanna Takashet 1 The Essential Difference: GNU/Linux vs. Microshit Junk 1 Dustin Cook Pedophile 1 Haywood Jablowme 1 Turns out Snit usenet@gallopinginsanity.com>'s non-stop flooding comme 2 Climate Change Places a Major Economic Burden on U.S.A /CANADA Call//te 1 Too bad CC can't see this coming and divert it before it happens. 1 ------- / \ / \ /-----\ | (@) | | Beverly Eaks: Professional Horse Fetis 1 Cujo DeFagghot cujo@petitmorte.net> 1 Nevermind, found a workaround for Pan's filtering 1 I've given LotusLoser Hell on Twitter for his unnatural affiliation for 2 What happens when a "gay" person grows up in | | | _` | _ \ __ \ | / _ \ 1 Take a pill, I have dizum posts killed outright, and _did_ have a score 1 Cracky McCrackHead does not care about obhectivity's butthole still hur 1 Oh, really? Then why are *you* going to be on April's ballot for a kook 2 KOOKS ARE A DISEASE 1 http://anti-troll.org 1 My husband was a hermit 2 Nagenda 1 Bill Turd 1 In loving memory of I WAS AT THE PHARMACY 1 Edmond H Wollman 1 Kind, peaceful Muslim arrested in New Mexico compound was training kids 1 I've been out in front of a dozen dead oceans 1 hundreds of "rosettacode.org/wiki/FizzBuzz" submissions 1 That fixed IP address 1 The Donald youhavebeen@trumprolled.com> 2 If you use TOR, you're probably on the radar of all the Fred Hall organiz 2 Jonas Eklundh: Gotta' Love GIMP stupid design decisions 1 Using Scrivener is obscure 1 If another borked line from Checkmate ricksabian1@gmail.com> were to a 1 I like those porn vids where This is settled. Goes Braless in Tank and b 1 General Norman Schwarzkopf 1 Allah VPN corruption 1 Gotta' Love Bash lack of choice 1 Bad News for Cad Kooks 1 Friendly Neighborhood Vote Wrangler Emeritus 1 Dolf Boek dolf...@hotmail.com> 1 Bogus "Steve Carroll" posts by the dozen 1 Miss Kitty 2 Robert Dylan Rob@amc.org>'s mushroom-slathered meatpole 1 Aren't you glad I introduced you to the Figlet toy... No0b? 1 the police 1 But what if Make America Great Again. Eat me! Oh, God! Eat me now is ju 1 If it will help you to stop trolling I am all for it. 100%. Please do! 1 What time does |"Byker" wrote in message news:f457ab0e4c86a7c1280b025b2 1 Chicken Fucker 1 Former Clinton aide 1 Attn Peter Khlmann: More Tmux stinks 1 If The sporger is just spinning his wheels... select all, right-click, s 1 I'd love to see how the javascript I posted to demonstrate a failing of 1 Sandman: OS X missing features 1 A Noseless Patient Spider 1 Apple Pascal fairie tales 1 Chris Ahlstrom - Using OS X missing features 1 NIGGER SHITHOUSE 1 Anyone who is still on USENET, at this point, is something of a kook. 1 Did You Catch The Hidden Message Behind Lady Gaga's Outfit Last Night? b 2 Melzzzzz: More GnuPG hypocrisy 1 Cinnamon hypocrisy 1 The reason why AC is Sn!pe's dumping ground... 1 Scrivener missing features 1 DFS: Downloading Pulseaudio hypocrisy 1 Hacking Gnome for beginners 2 I KNOW THAT Scientists can now quickly link extreme weather events to T 1 Hacking LibreOffice is too much for Klaus Schadenfreude 1 Another travesty 1 Pulseaudio fan fiction 1 The above Bible verse describes perhaps most of you can manage to killf 1 Downloading OS X bugs 1 Darryl Archideld 1 GnuPG will never catch on 2 Stupid Snit: Downloading Arch Linux hypocrisy 1 UNIX Time-Sharing System v6 fanfic 1 Jonas Eklundh: LibreOffice is obscure 1 100.000% of us fail to realize how dumb and unimportant we really are. 1 No one's ego is justified. 5 Sandman: Using Linux stinks 1 Sandman makes up a story saying 2 Sandman - More C++ problems 1 Jonas Eklundh - MATE bugs 1 Yes, eyes@wideshut.com (Sycho), by me I've described the future docume 1 More Mac lack of choice 3 David Ritz dr...@mindspring.com>'s obsession with Snit is EXTREME! 1 Archie Bunker 1 Ping Snit: Cooledit is too much for Steve Petruzzellis 1 A narcissist walks into a bar. 1 Fakey's HawtWifeWhistle 2 Jesus - Downloading Forth stinks 1 Steven Carroll: GnuPG is too much for Klaus Schadenfreude 1 Snit Cooledit is obscure 1 Snit: More Windows lack of choice 1 Steve Carroll - Using LibreOffice ergonomics 1 Mint corruption 1 William Poaster - Bash shell quirks 1 Tar trivia 1 Bookman loves the way that his shit floats to the top 1 Steve Carroll: Slrn comparisons 1 Chadlee's Parade of Bad Sockpuppets 1 Poopy Weasel 1 Melzzzzz: Xfce tweaks 1 Dimwit dizum forger's too dense to know that Gweggles wouldn't post a b 1 installing Cujo DeSockpuppet cujo@petitmorte.net> has made over 30 pos 1 Listen Klaus Schadenfreude: Linux screenplays 1 selinux fairy tales 1 CentOS hootenannies 1 O MY LORD IF \_( )_/ WOULD STO DOUCHBAG... 1 Oil and Gas Companies Now Say Climate Change Will Hurt Donald Trump 1 Melzzzzz: Bash shell trivia 1 The end of I like those porn vids where Three Paul Derbyshires in a Sui 1 Merge the files, one file per month. 1 Melzzzzz: More VPN hypocrisy 1 Murphy 2 I still post some... but Snit: Please explain Little Bobbie Butthurt... 1 Hacking Linux screenplays 1 Comes down to ChromeOS ergonomics 1 Desk Rabbit: Unity ergonomics 1 A shriveled up dog turd's Dog Whistle Holder Emeritus root@ 1 And then he curls up into a defensive posture and accuses everyone of b 1 Comes down to GIMP missing features 1 Paul G. Derbyshire 1 Dave Norris 1 Boycotting Snit in all of its Degenerate forms. arguing on Usenet on a b 1 I've stumbled on the side of twelve misty mountains 1 Sandman: Using GNU/Linux hypocrisy WITHOUT YOU! 1 This is a perfect example of why the final solution to the libtard prob 1 Snit Carrol's invasive Asian carp 1 Gergles 1 various macadamia nuts arranged into a stunningly life-like portrait of 1 Forth has completely confused Takuya Saitoh 3 Ping vallor: Comes down to Zsh shell screenplays 1 =?iso-8859-1?Q?=F0=9F=8E=9C_=F0=9F=8E=9D_=E2=99=A9_=E2=99=AA_=E2=99=AB? ^` 1 CP-6 fairie tales 1 Gotta' Love Elementary OS tweaks 2 More Mint missing features 1 F. Russell: Using Tar missing features 1 I wouldn't bang Silver Slurper .m@nsn.s> who's taken it up the ass fro 1 The world's most biased server, "Eternal-September.ORG". 1 Steve Canyon faggot 1 Using Slrn quirks 1 Joel Edge AKA: lurch956 1 I don't ever want to make that drive again, because it's a long and suc 1 Color Basic myths 1 Snit: LibreOffice revelation 1 TAKE AN ENTIRE THREAD AND 1 PEBCAK 1 Elementary OS fan fiction 1 POOP WAS IN MY BUTT admits to being a paid right-wing shill (was Re: A B 1 Attn Troll Killer Snit: Gotta' Love Systemd quirks 1 Sandman: C+ problems 1 |"Byker" wrote in message news:f457ab0e4c86a7c1280b025b2483a93d@dizum.c 1 dolf dolf...@hotmail.com> 1 Bane of The Dweebledork 1 i THINK i know I wouldn't be terribly surprised if just for fun I plott 1 don't drag me into your tickle fart and Birdbrain Macaw stink parade 1 Xanax 2 mg ( Pfizer LongBars) 1 I've given George Harrison Hell on Twitter for his unnatural affiliatio 1 Making Paul Melt Down meltpaulmelt@gmail.com> 1 My attorney also owns a lot of property, so he sent his crew over to ha 1   1 Altair DOS: Another travesty 1 Gotta' Love Mac tweaks WITHOUT YOU! 1 Space Station Computers 1 Ultrix myths 1 SAGGY BOOBS 1 DAVIG HOGG DELUDED FUCKTARD 1 Born and Einstein debated for 39 years, 1916-1955. NewsReaders: 1060 Gecko( Mozilla, Nov_2015, Jan_2010 ) 603 Pan 253 slrn( openMac, Linux ) 56 X.HTM 2618 GoogleG 186 F_Agent 7 MesNews 106 40tude 8 Hogwasher 17 Emacs( openMac, Linux ) 24 UnisonMacBin 2 Outlook 4 KNode 2 XWing 17 NewsTap( iPhone ) 1 Thoth( Mac ) 2 Groundhog( Android ) 1 Ratcatcher/2_0_0_25 11 2550_25!_LOL!_https:%"www_ 1 Xnews 1 PiaoHong_Usenet_Client_VI 1 tin( OpenBSD ) 868 BadRig %