I ( Jeff Relf ) am in Seattle, Mid 2022. [ Mail@"Jeff-Relf."Me    !555 206.900.9444 ]
I was born here, start of 1960.    My Photo.   My Location.    My Mouse & Keyboard.
If Putin is anymore "successful" NATO will relocate to Moscow,
& Yankees will vacation in the Black Sea.
When selecting vomit, the U.S. $ is the better choice.
I'm Rich because I don't want money, & famous because I don't need adoration.
A _real_ education is _real_ expensive.  Conservatives matter because good art refines prior art.
    Dilbert     Ripleys     Ben     Gary     Lisa     Al     Einstein Vs. Hitler.
"eXergy" ( potential entropy ) created/destroys us;
without it, you couldn't drive to the store.

No entropy at the ( infinitely precise ) start of the Big Bang. 

    From our perspective, clocks tick ever-slower the closer
    they are to the start of the Big Bang but, locally, 
    they tick normally, as they do here.

"God" (nature) programmed us to consume residual eXergy as 
the cosmos goes from infinitely  hot/dense to infinitely  cold/sparse.

"Life" is that videogame playing in your head;
without it, you're just meat.
My C/C++ console: Glyphs, Mindless Chess, Settings.  My Coding Rules.
My macros & extensions to Visual Studio 2019: Macros.HTM.
My posts to Usenet ( since Feb 2012 ).  My Windows 10 Settings.
My Search Options, Firefox.  My File Explorer, Windows 10.
My Toilet ( Google: "Vittles Vault" ).   My PlayList.
userChrome controls FireFox's URL_Bar/SearchBar/BookMarks Like This.
userContent controls how WebPages look, e.g. YouTube, ZeroHedge Menu & ZeroHedge Article.
When I'm likely to sleep ( from MonitorOn/Off data )...       [Code changes]      
         I work/play hard for a month, then take the next month off to "Mend";  
         to Mend, I sleep ~12 hours a day;    to "ReCharge", my day begins ~1 hour later each day.