I ( Jeff Relf ) am in Seattle, Early 2019.   [ Mail@"Jeff-Relf."Me  0"206_900_9444"0 ]
I was born here, start of 1960.  My Photo  My Location. 
My Mouse/Keyboard Layout ( The Lua script ).
My playList when reading/writing/programming.
I wrote my own diff routines ScreenShot.  Help/Settings: X.HTM.
My posts to Usenet ( since Feb 2012 ).
HTML or C++, I ignore erroneous warnings/errors; C++ Coding Rules,
Visual Studio 2017 macros, C#, Win10 Registry Settings.
  "God" ( nature, evolution ) programmed us;
  " Sustained Consumption " is the goal, not truthiness per se;
  we're (robotic) consumers, like the sun.

  "God" ( nature, 4 dimensional SpaceTime ) is static, immutable, 
  changeless and timeless, both everything and nothing.
  Randomness is ignorance ( nothing more, nothing less ).
  Both Seattle and Singapore have billionaires;  however, 
  Singapore slaughters druggies and fines bubblegum chewers,
  while Seattle lets you shoot up and shit in the streets.

  Singaporian women have the fewest kids;
  women in the poorest countries have the most kids;
  in paradise, you don't raise kids.

  Feminism killed marriage like unions killed Detroit.

  Women can't get more ( vs men ) without contributing more;
  their "Beggars Manifesto" can't work, and it just makes them look
  silly, bitchy, thoughtless, and cliché.

  To keep a job, demand less; seek "Sustainability", or "Zen Minimalism".
  Humanity is a beehive, queens are RARE;
  respect is RARE and expensive, like gold, not ubiquitous.
  Before the Big Bang, an infinitely  large/random  universe
  existed, probably; but there's no evidence.

  "The Known Universe" ( the one we can observe ) expands;
  the distances between objects exponentially increases;
  our horizon ends in a 13.8 billion year old singularity.

  In physics, entropy is how evenly  heat/matter  are distributed.
  The  hot/dense  sun is dissipating into the  cold/sparse  void;
  i.e. "entropy" (uniformity) is increasing, the sun is evaporating.

  Entropy grows eternally, exponentially; The Known Universe is going 
  from infinitely  hot/dense  to infinitely  cold/sparse.

  12.5 billion years ago, quasar J2157-3602 had the power of 
  695 trillion suns  ( 2.66×10^41 Watts );  in comparison, 
  the most luminous hypernovae (ASASSN-15lh) peaked at 572 billion suns.

  The Known Universe had less entropy 12.5 billion years ago,
  hence the greater luminosity/power/Watts.
  A stable currency must be tied to the LOCAL Consumer Price Index,
  and an army must be ready and willing to protect those prices.
  Democrats are the party of the filthy rich;
  of those earning $250+ thousand per year, 2016,
  53% were Hillary supporters, compared to 25% for Trump.

  Our FilthyRich government, cum doomsday cult, 
  would tax our "evil" food and fuel, 
  like they tax our "evil" tobacco; hence YellowVests.

  Piss off the rich, and you'll hear it on CNN;
  piss off the poor, and you'll need a flak jacket.
  Plants prefer warmer weather, with more carbon dioxide;
  likewise, people prefer warm Bangladesh over cold Norway.

  The North Pole was tropical 55 million years ago, 
  when/where we primates first appeared.
  On stage, it's Apple;
  on the desk, it's Microsoft;
  on disability, it's Android (Lunix).
  Respect is rare and expensive, like gold.
  I was forced into retirement at age 28, 1988, when my ex divorced me.
  Ever since, I've been inoculated against women/money.
  She wanted the Mormon life, which is very expensive ( time and money ).

  There were/are better ways to spend my time.
  USENET (1985) and, later (1995), the Internet, are the only things I need.
  Happiness is a WellHydrated body and an empty bladder;
  if you find yourself wanting to cough, 
  or you're having breathing troubles (at night), hydrate.
  Staring into the "hot fire" of the microwave background
  may have blinded us, so we can't see "Meta-ColdDarkMatter" 
  ( mCDM; cold, decayed particles; LOW ENERGY physics ).
  Instead of $$sex, Tenga's "Flip Zero" latches on and won't let go,
  so I can edge for 5+ HOURS, despite distractions; it's better than $$sex.

  And it feels good after nutting too -- so even a 60 year-old man, like me,
  nuts multiple times. Vaseline is my lube. It never leaks; no mess.
  When done: open it up, and lay it on paper towels.

  Once dry, put it back in its case, so it stays clean.
  If this product doesn't take over the world, the world is wrong.
  Happiness is a WellHydrated body and an empty bladder.
  It doesn't matter what ordinary people think,
  it doesn't matter what sci-fi authors think,
  GENUINE physicists know that nothing travels faster than light.

  The there are a lot of unknowns in quantum mechanics,
  much of it is statistical, correlated; 
  causation is unknown, and (presumably) unknowable.

  If you know a pair of gloves were shipped out,
  one hand to you, and the other to me;
  then, when you open the package, and you see the left hand,
  you _ immediately know I got the right hand.

  Our inability to measure local realism isn't a "refutation".

  Sci-Fi worshipers say our Universe rapidly, eternally, duplicates itself;
  as if the laws of thermodynamics could/should be ignored.

  I don't care if Spinosa, Einstein and me
  are the only ones who get it;
  I'm not trying to join the SciFi cult.
  Babysitting isn't the best, nicest paying job.
  Richer people need poorer people, big time.
  "Rich" countries are too egalitarian.

  We tolerate the rich and the poor, but not polygamists nor incels;
  when it comes to marriage, equal OUTCOMES are enforced,
  as if no man is better than the next.  Ants/Bees don't do this.

  Like an empty bladder, happiness is primal, fleeting.
  "God" (nature) has programmed "you" (us) to eat and procreate 
  even when it's counter beneficial to both yourself and society.

  Communism is theft; it requires a STRONG government.
  Notionally, communists would steel from "the rich" ( yay, jk );
  yet no one can properly define who is "rich" or "poor".

  The money game is meaningless, 
  as is sitting on the beach, staring into the horizon; 
  better to explore the world, via the Internet. 

  " Sustained Consumption " is the goal, not truthiness;
  so pick your poison, Christianity or pantheism.
  The narrative is: " My vice is better than yours ".
  We humans _ need to believe in a judgment day;
  "Climate Change" is just the latest version of it.

  More rain, more carbon dioxide, warmer weather,
  tropical Arctics... What more could a plant ask for ? !

  56 million years ago (@PETM), the Arctic was tropical, not icy;
  then and there, we primates first appeared.  3 million years later,
  we were most everywhere.  22 million years later, the poles froze.

  4.5 billion years ago, the surface of earth was molten.
  13.8 billion years ago, The Known Universe was infinitely hot.
  The Copenhagen Interpretation still dominates: Shut up and calculate;
  -- stop making ABSURD assumptions about Schrodinger's cat.

  Otherwise, you'll be led down the science FICTION path,
  like multi-worlds and superstring theory.

  Truth can be crippling, and falsehoods can be liberating,
  -- science FICTION pays better than the REAL deal;
  hence Christianity, Marxism, and other apocalypse cults.

  The hot dense sun evaporates into the cold vacuum;
  the sun is losing 4.3 million tons/second.

  Eventually, all eXergy will be consumed away, replaced with entropy,
  leaving us with a uniform heat bath that has all of the energy,
  but none of the "eXergy" ( a type of energy that can do physical work,
  force * distance ).  Gravity is residual exergy.

  Einstein's Cosmological Constant ( 1.11 * 10^−52 / Meters^2 ) tells us 
  that outer space is growing EXPONENTIALLY, gravity is dying off;
  -- i.e. the "Heat Death" predicted by Lord Kelvin, 1852,
     is the most likley outcome.
  "Rat Utopia" experiments teach us that,
  dense communities have too many attackers, too much vice.

  First males stop guarding mothers ( too many attackers );
  then mothers stop raising kids ( again, too many attackers ).
  Truth can be crippling, and falsehoods can be liberating,
  -- science FICTION pays better than the REAL deal;
  hence Christianity, Marxism, and other apocalypse cults.
  Time = Money = Fuel

  I ran out of  Time  because I didn't have  Money to buy more  Fuel.
  I ran out of  Money because I didn't have  Fuel  to buy more  Time.
  I ran out of  Fuel  because I didn't have  Money to buy more  Time.

  "God" ( nature, 4 dimensional SpaceTime ) is static, immutable, 
  changeless and timeless, both everything and nothing.
  Randomness is ignorance ( nothing more, nothing less ).
  Alcohol, heroin and cocaine kill _ young people.
  Tobacco kills old people, including several who are well over 100 years old.
  The more oxygen you breathe, the sooner you'll die.

  Goolge: oxidative-stress, case-studies.
  Quoting " Oxidative Stress and the Aging Brain ", Dr. Riddle, 2007.

    Currently, one of the most plausible and acceptable 
    explanations for the mechanistic basis of aging is 
    the " free radical theory of aging " ...

    The origin of this explanation has a foundation in 
    the " rate of living theory " [ Pearl ], 
    according to which, the lifespan of an individual depends on
    its rate of energy utilization ( metabolic rate ) ... 

    Pearl proposed that the longevity of an organism 
    is inversely correlated to its mass-specific 
    metabolic rate: increasing an organism’s metabolic 
    rate will decrease longevity, whereas factors that 
    decrease the metabolic rate will increase longevity ... 

    birds have a low rate of free radical production
    in brain and in other tissues [ increasing their longevity ]
  The dollar is a casino chip; the house always wins.
  There are other casinos, better games.
  YouTube "diffs" new comments with previous comments;
  if there's an overlap, it's ShadowBanned.
  Every religion, from emperor worship to Marxism, is a quasi government.
  "Usefulness" is the only thing that matters, not the truth.
  Hypocrisy is extremely useful; everyone engages in it, en masse.

  Spinoza's "pantheism" ( "God" is just nature ) encompasses everything,
  including all "religions", from emperor worship to Marxism;
  yet, at the same time, it's "dogmatic atheism" writ large.

  Anything else would be far too limited for Einstein ( and me ).
  Choose your cult:

    SuperDeterminism ( Spinoza, Einstein and Me ):

      Sure, our ignorance ( not the cat's "randomness" ) is real, 
      -- we don't know if Schrodinger's cat is dead or alive;
      but "Local Realism" (causality) doesn't need our recognition.

      qBism uses an AgreedUpon (SI) standard to reduced the wavefunction 
      to AgreedUpon probabilities upon which one might (subjectively) bet.

      One might (subjectively) bet that entanglement is a real phenomenon,
      "knowing" |Up> in one location will be |Down> in another;
      no faster than light anything; no bullshit worlds.


    MultiVerse ( Stephen Hawking, Brian Greene and ComicCon ):
       Before EachAndEvery NanoChange, a universe duplicates itself;
       because ComicCon SciFi pays better than real science.
  The more a place looks like Norway ( the Democrats' wet dream )
  the more likely it is to vote for a Trumpesque candidate.
  We're talking: Cold, White, Rural, with a fiscal surplus.
  Too much debt.  Trump is HerBert Hoover all over again.
  We're seeing "The Grapes of Wrath", HooverVilles, on a grand scale.
  No worries, it's just technological displacement, growing pains.
  Spinoza, Einstein, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and I _ love religion.
  The mainstream "God" was created in man's image: a drunken fool.
  To me, "God" is nature; nothing more, nothing less.
  I get heart palpitations when I relax, after a hard day,
  causing a tickle in my chest, and coughing.
  The solution is to hold my breath, to slow down my mind and heart.

  Sucking on hard candy also works.
  Drinking lemon juice helps me pee less often.
  Sugar pains my teeth; Salt stops it. 
  2006-2008 were tough years for me, 
  but nothing in the grand scheme of things.

  I think 2019-2021 will be like 2006-2008.

  An inverted the yield curve indicates that the Fed is tightening,
  which is the opposite of what Trump is doing, with his tax breaks.
  I'm an individualist; I won't be forced to pay collectivists'
  absurdly high HealthCare costs ( for women and junkies, mostly );
  I spent nothing on _ my HealthCare, last 30 years.
  Last 2 Years, I've been OffLine  8.5 to 13.4  Hours/Day.
    Jeff-Relf.Me/SleepPat.PNG    Jeff-Relf.Me/SleepPat.HTM
    See "SleepPat" in "X.CPP" in "Jeff-Relf.Me/X.ZIP".
  Linux and WikiPedia are ProofPositive that 
  random people can come together,
  without expecting a reward, or fearing a punishment,
  to create something amazing for the common good.
  Money melts away in the hot Brazilian sun.

  Long, dark winters and cloudy summers ( in England ) 
  created the SunAdverse white man and the BankingInternet system
  that now _rules_ the world.   Boo sun, yay Seattle.
  I love my ArmMounted, 40 inch, 4k, curved monitor, at arm's length,
  in bed; but, with no real desk or touch screen,
  hardware keyboards are a major pain in the ass.

  So I was thrilled by the "Touch Keyboard" recently introduced
  to the Windows 10, MouseOnly DesktopMode; 
  what's more, it lets me (voice) dictate text.

  Now, "Jeff-Relf.Me/X.HTM" supports these SystemWide "HotKeys"
  ( assigned to g600 mouse buttons, Jeff-Relf.Me/MouseKeyboardLayout.PNG ):

    Alt+Shift+Ctrl+K: Toggles "Touch Keyboard" On/Off.
    Alt+Shift+Ctrl+M: Toggles Monitor On/Off(asleep).
  Everyone is a "rent slave", everyone bows down before the government,
  everyone pays property taxes, everyone is someone's bitch, a bottom.
  Rich people buy interesting things, not just food and rent,
  making our lives less mundane, less banal.
  When my soul dies, I'd like to be fed to the fishes, 
  so I'll be worth more, per pound.
  "PolyAndry" ( multiple husbands and one wife, together ) is unheard of;
  not even jail time, income and asset seizures, and license revocations
  ( over child support debt ) convinces the men.

  "PolyGyny" ( multiple "wives" and one husband, together ) is common,
  especially when kids are involved, but each wife has her own house;
  it's "illegal" ( wink wink ), but happens, if a man can afford it.

  Having sex with "anyone and everyone", like porn actors (kinda) do,
  is _not_ the same as living together, intimately;
  at the end of the day, they go home to their _real_ homes.

  Women don't like strangers and, if they're to share a man, sexually,
  he and his partners _must_be_well_tested_ ( via weekly blood draws ).

  _Few_ men qualify, and they don't get paid much ( in porn );
  in fact, they have to _pay_, if a girl gets pregnant;
  as a result, there's like one man for every 1,000 girls, in porn.
  I quickly switch "where/how/what" I search, OnTheFly;
  my SearchBox, has large, editable text ( UnDo/ReDo ); see:

  UnLike FireFox users, GoogleChrome and Safari users can't
  "UnDo/ReDo/Edit" SearchBar text without losing sight of 
  the current URL, and/or selecting it from the URL history.

  GoogleChrome remembers the zoom settings of each WebSite;
  ideally, users could Zoom the AddressBar, like a WebSite.
  In the screenshot below, FireFox's AddressBar/SearchBar text
  (UpperLeft) stands out, larger than elsewhere;
  GoogleChrome users can't do this, I think.


  The DropDown, UpperLeft, lists the "SearchProviders" I use;
  GoogleChrome users can't do this, I think.

  From "Jeff-Relf.Me/userChrome.CSS.TXT":

    * {  Font-Family: Times New Roman ;
         BackGround: Black !important;  Color: RGB( 255, 144, 198 )!important;  }

    textbox *  {  Font-Size: 34px ;  }
    .textbox-input  {  margin-left: 2ch !important;  }
    [ id $= container ]  {  margin-top: -1px ;  margin-bottom: -1px ;   }

    #urlbar  .textbox-input  {  Width: 300ch ;  }
    #search-container {  Max-Width: 99ch ;   }   #searchbar  {  Height: 39px ;  }

    //  "Display: Flex" --> "Display: Block"   {}
    #urlbar  {  Display: Block ;  }
    #urlbar-go-button, #reload-button, #stop-button  {  Display: None ;  }
  Profit aside, Apple can't invest, not like Samsung or Amazon.
  Samsung is the most popular smartphone manufacturer April 2018;
  39% of activations; Apple got 31%, down from 40%, last quarter.
  When you don't allow winners and losers, like in Cuba,
  no one's feelings get hurt; no PayGap;
  no boom and bust, no outrageous expectations, no progress;
  just a stone age aesthetic that everyone can relate to.
  Air causes cancer; breathe too much of it, and you're dead.

  Cocaine caused the AIDS epidemic, I think;
  cocaine and coffee wear down the immune system.

  For liability reasons, doctors _must_ treat cancer,
  even when they know that the cancer might be dormant,
  depending on the immune system.
  If you're going to be poor, old and/or disabled,
  better do it in America, not China ( or Bangladesh ).

  Welfare is a luxury only the rich can afford;
  slowly, China is approaching AmericanStyle welfare.

  In Utah (U.S.A.), my High Schooling was free,
  though my family was middle class -- not so in China.

  Currently, I get 192$/month in "food stamps" (SNAP) which
  can be used to buy most any food, anywhere, including IceCream,
  fresh meat/fruit/milk, and frozen "pies" ( Sweet & Salty ).

  China has _never_ seen anything like this, above;
  free rice and soy sauce, back in the 1970's, doesn't compare.

  Outside of the city, old|disabled people get 70 Yuan/month;
  inside, they get about 450/month; 
  former government employees get around 1,200/month (190$).

  27 MegaBitPerSecond down, 6 up, no data limit, internet
  is free with rent.  In "my" Seattle, old|disabled people
  get (nearly) free housing; "SeattleHousing.ORG" says:

    Applicants who are at least 62, income eligible 
    and reside within the city of Seattle
    receive the highest preference points for SSHP waiting lists.

       University District:  1 to 2 years
       Green Lake:           1 to 2 years
  Men care about length, and women humor them;
  in reality, they want normal dicks, like mine;
  big, stretched out girls need girth, not length.

  One girl said she liked my "Statue of David" look
  ( Jeff-Relf.Me/Statue.of.David.JPG ).

  Another made flying motions, with her hand,
  saying my dick was like "SuperMan" -- Motion matters.

  "WikiPedia.ORG/wiki/Human_penis_size#Erect" says:

    An Italian study of about 3,300 men published in 
    European Urology concluded that flaccid stretched 
    length was measured on average to about 12.5 cm ( 4.9 inches ).  

    An Indian study of 500 men ages 18 to 60 published in 
    the International Journal of Impotence Research found:

       8.21 cm Flaccid   -- I'm  6.4 cm, like the statue of David.
      10.88 cm Stretched -- I'm 12.7 cm, 5 inches.
      13.01 cm Erect.
  Google stole Oracle's Java and, with it, MicroSoft's "monopoly".

  When Google finds a torrent, it's a (protected) public service;
  when ThePirateBay does it, the operators get tossed in jail 
  and stripped of their (meager) assets, present and future.
  The British use the word "dark" when they mean "unseen";
  e.g.: The "dark" (UnSeen) side of the moon.

  95% of the (spherical) Milky Way can't be seen because
  we're sitting in a brightly lit "room" with pitch black "windows",
  and we can't turn down the lights, nor move to the window.

  Quoting WikiPedia: <<

    The visible disk of the Milky Way Galaxy is embedded 
    in a much larger, roughly spherical halo of dark matter. 

    The dark matter density drops off with distance from the galactic center.
    It is now believed that about 95% of the Galaxy is composed of dark matter >>
  I wish people would post links to their own WebSites, like this:

  The "Jeff-Relf.Me" domain name costs $22/year; I'm paid up, 5 years.

  "PacificHost.COM" hosts "Jeff-Relf.Me"; $90 for 3 years.
  UnLimited BandWidth/Storage/Apps.  I'm paid up for the next 5 years.
  My email filters:  Jeff-Relf.Me/filter.yaml.TXT

  Do NOT, NOT, -NOT- tell the customer service drones your password;
  they'll use it to spam others, so you can't send emails yourself.
  [ I changed my PassWord; it's all good now ]

  A similar thing happened to one of my VoIP services "FlowRoute.COM".
  I told a customer service drone my password and they proceeded 
  to spend hundreds of dollars calling random countries (kick backs?).
  [ I changed my PassWord; it's all good now ]

  By the way, "VoIP.MS" is far better, they have free texting/SMS;
  I'm paid up for the next 5+ years ( about $28/Year ).

  As for Usenet:

  Unless you enjoy -Random- lags ( when will the post show up ? ),
  Do NOT use a binary server to read Usenet.
  For that, use INN servers; to wit:
    "Individual.NET" is 10 Euros per year.
    "OpenNews" is cost free ( News5, News2 and News6 are best ).
    Register at:  Open-News-Network.ORG/register
                  Must translate from German; if Captcha fails, F5 refresh.
  Do NOT post using an INN server, they'll ban you !
  For that, use a binary server; to wit:
    News.US.Usenet-News.NET:119  or  usNews.BlockNews.NET:119 
    They won't censor you; they don't even keep the "Path:" line,
    so you can't be identified.  Their archive is over 15 years deep.
    $5 buys you 11 gigs, enough for several life times.
    If one is down ( -very- unlikely ), use the other one.
  How YouTube looks to me ( on FireFox.56, Win10 ):


  The CSS:

    [  Jeff-Relf.Me/Black.Theme.TXT  ]

    Like "Display: Flex" children, "Transform:" is dynamic;
    make it a constant, and GoogleMaps becomes randomly responsive.

    If something looks wrong, on some random page, 
    I'll either add|remove CSS or open it in Chrome.
  If you drive a fancy sports car, you buy Apple.
  If you dumpster dive, you download Distros at the public library.
  In prison, TaterTots are the "best" ( least bad ) currency
  because dollars aren't allowed there.

  BitCoin is the TaterTot currency of the underworld
  because other currencies must be "clean".

  Reputation is the TaterTot currency on Usenet
  because, effectively, dollars aren't allowed there.
  (Imperialist) China/Russia's missiles target Tokyo and New York;
  so "little brother" ( North Korea ) wants the same.

  But censorship is their flaw, their Achilles heel; 
  before long, they'll have WikiPedia, porn and cheese.
  Surely, they know about:  Jeff-Relf.Me/Lanky.Boobs.JPG
  Everything, all of us, always move at "c" ( the speed of light ).

  If, relative to each other, we ( you and I ) are not moving spatially,
  then I observe that you're moving ( at c ) exclusively
  in the temporal dimension, not in the spatial one.

  Conversely, photons move exclusively in the spatial dimension;
  i.e. we observe that their ( local ) clocks don't tick.

  We observe that objects are frozen/static at an APPARENT event horizon
  because they only move in the spatial dimension, not the temporal one.
  BitCoin's market cap, $160 billion, is the pot in a grand poker game.
  You can ante in with dollars, Yen, Yuan, Rubles or computing power.
  But remember, banks are the house, and the house always wins.
  Reproduction is a community effort; not every moron has to do it.
  100 million year old microbes reproduce once every 10,000 years.
  Seriously, I love how modern women are casting aspersions,
  assuming the worst, to destroy men's reputations.

  Also, I love how they insist on rubbers and/or pulling out,
  instead of getting tubal ligations, so men aren't tempted.

  This is great news for those of us who promote abstinence, 
  better than I could ever have hoped for, years ago.
  Like Linux distros, CryptoCurrencies multiply like rabbits, 1,384+ so far.
  Android is the most successful distro because Google invested in it.
  I filed my 2017 taxes, CostFree, using "FreeTaxUSA.COM";
  I owe $411 for the $6,000 I made last year.

  All of it was "Self Employment" ( Social Security, Medicare ) taxes;
  I would've owed twice as much ( 14% instead of 7% ),
  if it wasn't for the Earned Income Credit.

  I was exempt from the HealthCareInsurance requirement,
  due to my low income.

  1099-MISC records are not eFiled to the IRS like a W-2 forms are,
  so the IRS wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't filed at all;
  but I filed anyway, in case I need SocialSecurityRetirement,
  Medicare, SSI ( Supplemental Security Income ) and/or FoodStamps someday.
  For 7 years now, I've managed a 32 unit Rooming house.
  So I know that BedBugs makes some people go stark raving mad,
  to the point where they can't think straight.

  I can solve their problem, if they're HalfWay sane,
  and willing to work with me; I tell them:

    If you're itchy, take a shower.

    To kill the bugs and their eggs, put your clothes and bedding
    in the dryer, on high, for 20 minutes.

    Put encasements on your matteress and BoxSpring.
    The "Sleep Defense System" ( from "Hospitology" ), BoxSpring version,
    is best for BOTH the mattress and BoxSpring.

    Get a one gallon "Lawn and Garden Sprayer",
    and an 8 Oz bottle of "Demand CS" ( which makes 20 gallons ),
    so you can spray around your bed.

    The spray slowly kills for months, like DDT, only stronger;
    you may need to spray two or three times, weeks apart.

    When wet, the spray irriates your skin; dry, it's OK.
    After spraying, wash your hands and face.

    Cocaine, Caffine and Opium are natural pesticides;
    so, given the right dose, you shouldn't fear them.
  I know that I'm ignored 99% of the time;
  the other 1% is _random_ insults from nasty dudes,
  or _random_ praise from nice ladies.
  No one is happier than the (poor) dude who's WELL LOVED by the rich.
  Once a lady has agreed to make love with the proper gentleman,
  she then wants to be "raped" by the "beast" ( Christian Grey ).
Homeless Americans aren't winning The Victim Olympics.

Here (Seattle), it's mostly young, healthy _kids_ who chose homelessness
as their LeastBad option -- about 12 thousand people, last count.
New York City has just 3,892 homeless people, last count.
You don't have to pay an Asian programmer $5/hour,
plenty of Americans will do it for free.

Are you looking for a hooker or a wife ?
Wives cost a _ton_ more; same for programmers.

Personally, I find that knowledge and skills
are the best assests to hold, not money per se.

Holding money is a _bad_ idea, these days.
Here in Seattle, housing costs are going through the roof;
meanwhile, 5-year CD's yield just 2% APR.
"Time Curvature" ( into space ) models the (Newtonian) "1g"
we know so well, here on earth; i.e. simply moving forward 
in time is enough to alter your position ( free falling ).

The spatial axis is bent, curved, warped.

Here on earth, "Space Curvature" ( into time ) is negligible;
but, near the sun, "space itself" ( the path ) morphs, over time; 
so Mercury's orbit "spirals" ( precesses ).
I wrote my own "terminal interface", "X.EXE" ( Windows 8 );
250 columns, fixedWidth fonts.  Screenshots ( 3840 x 2160 ):


"X.EXE" is in <X.ZIP>, along with the files it needs.

    "X.HTM" is the "help/settings file".
    "Nyms.HTM" is the Usenet Scorefile.
    The "xGames" folder has .PNG files for the Monopoly game.
    "X.CPP" is the source code, Visual C++, x64, Visual Studio 2017.

"OCR A", "MS Mincho", "Segoe UI Symbol", "DejaVu LGC Sans Mono" 
and "nSimSun" are the (required) "Unicode Console" fonts.

"DirectX.CPP" is a small (one-file) example of how to:
_ Make all Fonts/Glyphs the same width (double_width is allowed).
_ Rescale Graphics/Glyphs when a window changes size.
_ Use DirectX 11.1, Direct2D 1.1, DirectWrite, and Direct3D.
_ Draw to a back buffer at a high fps (frames per second).
_ Draw properly scaled/smoothed .JPG files, hardware accelerated.
_ Draw to/from/within bitmaps.
_ Discover if a font exists or not ("FindFamilyName()").
_ Discover if a glyph exists in a font ("HasCharacter()").
_ Discover the width/height of a glyph ("GlyphWH()").

Your startup folder should have, e.g., "Pics/LowRes.JPG" ( 100px wide/tall ) 
and "Pics/Chess.PNG" ( a 3840 x 2160 screenshot, Jeff-Relf.Me/Chess.PNG ).
All coordinates are in hard⋅pixels (D2D1_UNIT_MODE_PIXELS).

ScreenShot: Jeff-Relf.Me/Glyph.PNG
My $350, 1 TeraByte SSD
arrived in the U.S. Mail, along with some letters.
U.S. Mail is _Slow_, 7 days without tracking info.

Cloning the "C:boot" drive is easy, 
lots of free programs do it, but...
.....making the new SSD the "C:boot" drive,
without reInstalling everything, was _hard_.

I'm not sure what I might've done wrong or right,
but, in the end, this worked:

  Shutdown and plug in the new SSD (SATA_III).

  Boot and, with no apps running ( no browser, editor, etc. ),
  run "DiskMgmt.MSC" (Windows 8) to remove its partitions, then
  "CloneDisk" your "C:boot" drive (I used "Todo Backup", Free version).

  Shutdown ASAP, unPlug the previous "C:boot" drive.

  Boot to BIOS (Hit DEL). 
  The fan will run hard for awhile, 100% CPU, 4 gigaHz,
  as the new drive becomes "C:".  BIOS does it !

  Find/Change BIOS' (well hidden) BootDrive Setting.

  On reBoot, you've got a new "C:boot" drive, without reInstalling.

  Shutdown, plug in the previous boot drive.
  Boot, remove all partitions from the previous boot drive;
  otherwise, the drives would be too similar, confusing you.
My vasectomy was the best thing I ever did for myself
because it helped me respect woman and kids.

Quoting "PBS.ORG/earth-a-new-wild/episode-plains/reindeer/" <<

  The practice of castrating [[reindeers]] has helped. 

  A castrated male, known as the gentleman of the tundra, 
  won’t waste his energy on fighting for reproductive rights, 
  and therefore will use his strength 
  and enormous size to dig through the snow. 

  The ancient castration technique of biting 
  is being studied and brought back because it is 
  less severe than using tongs or other modern methods. 
  Using modern methods, some male deer can become listless and lazy.

  Scientists believe that with the biting method, 
  the deer will still produce enough testosterone to remain vigorous.

  Reindeer are one of the last species to be domesticated by man —
  and are only semi domesticated. 

  Castration is a key component in domesticating a herding animal. >>
In FireFox, my "Search-Bar" has many Search "Providers" ( methods ).  
ScreenShot  Note "Classic Theme Restorer" Extension.

  Google Wiktionary:  Jeff-Relf.Me/Wiktionary.XML
  Google WikiPedia: Jeff-Relf.Me/WikiPedia.XML 
    Google.COM/search?q= {searchTerms} site:WikiPedia.ORG &num=50
  Google WikiQuote:  Jeff-Relf.Me/WikiQuote.XML
    WikiQuote.ORG/w/index.php?search= {searchTerms}
  Google, Google ranked:  Jeff-Relf.Me/G.XML
    Google.COM/search?q= {searchTerms} &num=50
  Google, Last 3 Months, Google ranked:  Jeff-Relf.Me/rG.XML
    Google.COM/search?q= {searchTerms} &num=50&tbs=qdr:m3
  Google images:  Jeff-Relf.Me/Images.XML
    Images.Google.COM/images?q= {searchTerms}

  Google.DEFINE a word or term:  Jeff-Relf.Me/Spell.XML 
    www.google.com/search?q= define:{searchTerms}

  "Urban" dictionary: Jeff-Relf.Me/U.Dict.XML 
    UrbanDictionary.COM/define.php?term= {searchTerms}

  Dictionary.COM:  Jeff-Relf.Me/Dictionary.XML
    Dictionary.COM/search?q= {searchTerms}
  Thesaurus:  Jeff-Relf.Me/Thesaurus.XML
    Thesaurus.COM/search?q= {searchTerms}

  Google a YouTube video:  Jeff-Relf.Me/YouTube.XML 
    https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query= {searchTerms}

  Google Newspapers:  Jeff-Relf.Me/nG.XML
    news.google.com/news/search?q= {searchTerms}&scoring=n

  Google.MAPS:  Jeff-Relf.Me/GM.XML
    maps.google.com/maps?q= {searchTerms}

  Google MicroSoft ( for help ): Jeff-Relf.Me/MicroSoft.XML
    www.google.com/search?q= {searchTerms} site:microsoft.com

  IP to City/Domain 1:  jeff-relf.me/IP.1.XML

  IP to City/Domain 2:  Jeff-Relf.Me/IP.2.XML

  Google "Sci.Physics" (Usenet), newest first:  Jeff-Relf.Me/GG.XML

  Find a (Usenet) post by Message_ID:  Jeff-Relf.Me/G+mID.XML
"War and Crime" is about breeding more than the next guy;
and, for that, you need guns.  It's (ugly) evolution.
"Arrogant, Breeding Morons" are vicious animals.
Console2, a better "DOS Console",
runs CMD.EXE in the background, like a daemond.

Console2 works well with Unicode,
provided you tell -both- the default DOS console 
and Console2 to use the "DejaVu Sans Mono" font.

Japanese glyphs work too,
despite the fact that DejaVu doesn't have them.

But you must change Windows' Registry first:

  ; ReBoot to effect any change to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE".
  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Console\TrueTypeFont]
  "0"="DejaVu Sans Mono"

Also, "7z.EXE" ( like Zip.EXE ) works well with Unicode.

With every invocation of CMD, "Init-CMD.BAT" runs; to wit:

  > @chcp 65001
  > @prompt $P$_$g

  [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor]

Console2's settings are stored in "Console.XML",
which I edit by hand, using Visual Studio 2017,
my text editor; like this:
  ... rows="115" columns="143" ... 

  font name="DejaVu Sans Mono" size="14" 
     bold="0" italic="0" smoothing="2"

    color use="1" r="222" g="111" b="111"

Console2 settings:  Jeff-Relf.Me/Console.XML.TXT
My "Jeff-Relf.Me" domain_name costs me $20+ per year, paid to GoDaddy.
<cPanel hosting>[*] costs me $30 per year, paid to "PacificHost.COM".
[ *: pacifichost.com/web-hosting.shtml ]

cPanel allows unlimited, "Catch-All" email addresses ( aliases );
e.g. "Usenet@@Jeff-Relf.Me".
[ To set it up, ask PacificHost  pacifichost.com/contact-us.shtml ]

That's unlimited "transfer" ( gigabytes ), unlimited disk storage,
unlimited sub_domains, password_protected folders,
<yaml filtering ( to block select email aliases )>[*], etc.
[ *: http://Jeff-Relf.Me/filter.yaml.TXT ]

Do NOT give your loging info to a customer service representative !
You can't trust them with it.
Photos of my rooming house ( I'm the manager ):
  Front of House, Back, Bath, the Kitchen, a Room.
I close apps I'm not using, to free my mind;
don't even want them "pinnned" to the taskbar, as icons.

I never see the "Start Screen" ( Windows 8, Metro ); I boot to
the desktop where only X.EXE greets me, instead of the start button ( Win7 ).
I re_boot once every few months, I suppose.  My 30 watt, full-size desktop PC
is diskless and fanless, including a 500 watt fanless power_supply.

My app launcher/toolbar now _TOTALLY_ stops newly launched apps
from stealing the "foreground" ( i.e. the keyboard/mouse focus )
and blinding me with that nasty "Black to White", bright flash.

For a taste (yuck!), see below. "⏉Win" is the Top_Most window.

  #define ⏉modeOn  ( prev@⏉ = ⏉mode = 1, ⏉most( HWND_TOPMOST ) )

  #define Norm  ( ⏉mode = 0, ⏉most( HWND_NOTOPMOST ) )  // No Top Most.

  #define ⏉most( TM )  (  \
    SetWindowPos( Win, TM, 0,0,0,0, SWP_NOMOVE | SWP_NOSIZE ),  \
    LockSetForegroundWindow( TM == HWND_TOPMOST ? LSFW_LOCK : LSFW_UNLOCK ) )

  #define ⏉  SetForegroundWindow(Win)

  #define @⏉  ( _@⏉ = ( ⏉Win = GetForegroundWindow() ) && Win == ⏉Win )

My launcher must rapidly request the Foreground, 30 times a second;
otherwise, Windows takes it from me without notice, the fucker.
  Windows tells me that I've lost the keyboard/mouse AFTER the fact,
  not before, so I have to bombard it with SetForegroundWindow() ASAP.
  This seems wrong, of course, but I see no alternative.

Moving the cursor to Win10's taskbar stops this "Top_Most, Bombarding",
giving me easy access to my newly launched app, sans White_Flash.
FireGestures JavaScript to magnify images 1.667 times

" var node = FireGestures.sourceNode ;
  if ( ! ( node instanceof HTMLImageElement ) )  return ;
  node.width *= 1.66666667 ;  ".

Who I am ( Personal info ):

My dad, after being a WWII pilot ( catching the very end of it )
became a tool and die maker, first in partnership with Jeff Fluke,
later on the team that designed and built the 747.

My dad's dad ( Gerald Relf ) was a banker for the Federal Reserve.
Back in the day ( in Seattle, 1940 ), 
bankers sat around a table and exchanged each bank's bags.

My mom's dad ( Robert Grass ) was a Washington state senator
and a lawyer, working out of what was, at the time,
the tallest building west of the mississipi, the Smith Tower.

Seattle has always been a boom/bust town
and Boeing had hit hard times in 1971,
people were leaving en masse.

Also, being Mormons, my dad felt the Seattle/University drug scene
had engulfed two of his kids... one of my brothers is/was
a paranoid schizophrenic... so, in 1972, he moved us to Utah.

My first programming was on HP/TI calculators starting around 1973-74.
By 1976, I was programming the HP 67 with it's magnetic strips.

Me ( Jeff Relf ), back in 1976, when I was 16 ( Orem Utah ).
Me ( lower right ), 1976, Seattle, my parents and grandmother
are behind me, right side.
My mom, dad ( Bill ), and a brother ( Pete, age 18 ), in 1976 ( Orem Utah ).

My dad's mom ( age 73 ) holding her GREAT_grand_daughter, in 1976 ( Seattle ).
My sole sister ( Diana, then 22, Seattle ) and her first daughter.

My brother ( Bill Jr. ) born in Seattle, 1956, in Utah, Sep 15th, 2017.
He died Sep 20, 2017, shortly after getting off
antipsychotic medications ( which he took most of his life ),
to get on meds for his liver and kidneys.

His last words ( to Peter, my brother ):

  " Dreams that will never be... ".

Here is a photo of Sarah ( Wallace ) Pruse ( my friend )
visiting her daughters, Gianna and Ginette.
  Dr. JianXin Huang   nfo@"DrHuang."BIZ  //  Seattle, WA
  Dr. Charles Haley   ChipH@"UW."EDU     //  Tucson, AZ
  April Faulk         aFaulk@"ABA."COM   //  Washington DC

  Diana ( Relf ) Harkcom   dHarkcom@"gM"ail."COM  //  Lehi, Utah
  Peter.Relf@"Dell."COM  //  Sandy, Utah

  Michael Brickler   MBrick02@"gM"ail."COM  //  Eagle-Rock, VA  24085
  Sarah ( Wallace ) Pruse   ICantForTheLifeOfMe@"Ya"hoo."COM  //  Tampa FL