I ( Jeff Relf ) am in Seattle, Early 2021.   [ Mail@"Jeff-Relf."Me  !555 206.900.9444 ]
I was born here, start of 1960.  My Photo  My Location
  If inflation is north of 4 %, which seems likely,
  the 10-year T-Notes’ real rate is -2.6 %, after inflation.

  Which seems appropriate given the number of people living in tents,
  unprotected, in a virtual war zone.

  Look at all the armed guards on Capitol Hill;
  Hugo Chavez & Chairman Xi would be ashamed to see that.
  80 years ago, WW II reduced the population.  Now:

  Imprisoning young, healthy people in their homes,
  is a "mouse utopia" [*], a.k.a. "The Green New Deal".
  [ *: Wikipedia.ORG/wiki/Behavioral_sink ]

  -- Kids don't grow up; they stay with their moms,
     instead of reproducing.

  -- In 2018, South Dakota was the only state
     with a "Total Fertility Rate"
     ( average births per women's lifespan )
     high enough to exceed deaths.

     Likely, it's below replacement level now.
     Even India is below replacement level now.

  -- Japan's population is aging & shrinking.
     China has the same problem.
  My Theory of Everything, including humans:

    A refrigerator has programming.
    An acorn has programming.
    A car has programming.

    Everything from a photon to 
    a black hole has programming.

    "God" (nature) programmed us to 
    consume residual "eXergy" ( energy that 
    can do "work", force * distance ) 
    as the cosmos goes from infinitely
    hot/dense to infinitely cold/sparse.

    Religion is everything. "Science" is nothing.
    Humans are incapable of acquiring/using absolute truths.

    Everyone is "religious" because axioms are - assumed -
    based on what one wants to achieve.

    Einstein & I have faith in things ( e.g. superdeterminism )
    that most (99.99 %) everyone else rejects.

    Randomness is indistinguishable from ignorance.
    Like Einstein, the principal founder of quantum mechanics,
    I assume that randomness is, in fact, ignorance.

    The future is just as fixed as the past;
    i.e. "God" (nature) is static, forever & always.

    Life is, at once, everything yet nothing.

    This assumption, this "faith", benefits Einstein and me
    because, unlike YouTubers,  we prefer EuScience over SciFi,
    Zen Buddhism over fame-n-fortune.
  The farther back in time you go,
  the more massive the black hole.

  The 12.5 billion year-old J2157-3602
  is 34 billion solar masses,
  13 thousand Sagittarius A* masses.
  I was using a 3 button mouse,
  with laser printers, back in 1982,
  on Lilith/Modula-2 machines from Zürich
  ( Logitech is based in Zürich, g600, g635 ).

  DOS in 1983, Macs in 1984, Windows in 1989.

  I was programming Reverse Polish Notation
  (RPN) 1976, FORTH in 1984,
  PostScript in 1985 -- all PostFix.

  It's all about the stack, pushing & popping, 
  as one does in assembly;
  I've programmed in PDP-11, 6502, 8086, 68020.

  I've done a bit of SQL, professionally, FoxPro, 
  in downtown Seattle, just-off Elliott Bay,
  contracting for large corporations.

  The "middle" button on my mouse
  toggles my dictation microphone On/Off.

  Another button ( among 39 ) MiddleClicks, 
  to open webpages in a new tab.

  I designed my (virtual) keyboard;
  no physical keyboard, no touchscreen.


  My web search options:

  I modify WebPages, on-the-fly,
  removing crap that I don't want,
  & I make them look/act how I want.

      WebPages:  Jeff-Relf.Me/userContent.CSS.TXT
      FireFox v85 skin:  Jeff-Relf.Me/userChrome.CSS.TXT
      Win10 skin:  Jeff-Relf.Me/Black.Theme.TXT

  I wrote my own ( mixed font, zoomable ) console, 
  for my Microsoft Visual C++ applets:


      Visual Studio 2019 C# macros & extensions:

  I toggle Windows Defender & Update On/Off;
  & I upgrade to the latest version of Windows:

  My playList when reading/writing/programming:
  My posts to Usenet ( since Feb 2012 ).

  UTF-8, not US ASCII, has been the standard for decades now.
  Mozilla Thunderbird is the gold standard for newsreaders;
  but 99.999 % of people can't configure it properly.

  Most people can't write the CSS, nor the JavaScript,
  required to make it super nice.

  I recommend:
    News.US.Usenet-News.NET:119  or  usNews.BlockNews.NET:119 
  They won't censor you; they don't even keep the "Path:" line,
  so you can't be identified.  Their archive is decades deep.
  $5 buys you 11 gigs, enough for several life times.