I ( Jeff Relf ) am in Seattle, Late 2022. [ HomePage@"Jeff-Relf."Me ]
I was born here, start of 1960.   My PhotoMy Mouse & Keyboard.
    Dilbert     Ripleys     Ben     Gary     Lisa     Al     Einstein Vs. Hitler.
-- Education breeds humility.
-- Now that democracy is dead, inflation will be a problem for
anyone & everyone who doesn't properly kiss the dictator's ass.
-- Eating garlic bread & misting mouthwash has improved my mental condition.
The brain runs on sugar, & bread is slow-release sugar.
-- Ideally, we'd celebrate our differences, instead of killing each other, ideally.
-- For 70+ years now, we've been losing proxy wars to China & Russia;
in that time, the number of countries has doubled, from ~100 to ~200.
For me, last 18 years, inflation has been 9.4 %/year

Early 2005, near the University of Washington, Seattle,
where I still live to this day, rent&utilities cost me 200 $/month.
Early 2023, rent&utilities will cost me ~1000 $/month.

Although my living conditions have improved, I can't pay less.
Two can live as cheaply as one, if they don't kill each other, if.

Globally, central bankers print their way out of debt;
there's a 0.000 % chance that anything else will happen.
The future is just as fixed as the past; the (4d) cosmos is static.
"Life" ( those videogames playing in our heads ) is everything & nothing.
"Gravitational Energy" is "residual eXergy" ( potential entropy ).
"God" (nature) sets our desires&sufferings ( using residual exergy )
to create&destroy us as the cosmos goes from hot&dense to cold&sparse.

We make "useful/probable" assumptions about 
what's beyond our horizon, 13.8 GigaYears ago.

How fast the "standard" clock ticks & how large the "standard" ruler is
varies greatly over those 13.8 GigaYears; it's observer dependent.

No "length", no "time", no "entropy" at The Infinitely Precise Start of The Big Bang:

  From our perspective, the "standard" clock ticks ever-slower the closer
  it is to the start of the Big Bang; locally, it ticks normally, as it does here.
RecessionOnDemand: when the Fed inverts the yield curve ( to fight inflation ).
Joe Biden, Putin & Xi all suffer from the same disease: pride.
When I hear the word "love", I think "p*ssy"; otherwise, it makes no sense.
A _real_ education is _real_ expensive.  Everyone is sarcastic.
The Internet obviates the need for a ( dangerous, life sucking ) girlfriend.
Everyone is innocent, including the guy killing the guy killing the guy.
Hard to be pro Russia, easier to be AntiWest.  I'm "rich" because I don't need money.
The grass is greener on _my_ side of the fence, no need to travel.
America has more gay flag burners than straight flag waivers.
There's _nothing_ you can do to save money in today's economy... nada, zip.
Oxygen(ation) is known to the state of California to cause cancer (jk);
& no one may challenge state "facts".
I'm inoculated against women & their "crazy" desires.
I (semi)retired in 1988, age 28, Provo Utah, when my ThenWife divorced me
to marry a better man; I asked him to adopt the kids & he did.
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Like cats & dogs, I sleep ~14 hours per day, but my days are ~25 hours long.
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