I'm " Mail @ Jeff - Relf . ME " in Seattle, Mid 2015, born in Seattle, 1960.
<Here> is photo of Me.  <Here> is my location, in Seattle. 
<My C# macros, to automate Visual Studio 2013My Win8 Registry Settings to change font faces/sizes.
<My ranking of Usenet authors>.
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Live Faster, or Die Slower; choose.
How accurately can you predict where you will be noon tomorrow ? !

Surely, the uncertainty is due to your ignorance,
NOT because nature is inherently random.

I can't prove that I'm right about that, not 100%,
but the ·entire· history of science suggests that I am.
As the shadows shift, your free·will·illusion goes with it.

In <"The World As I See It", 1931>, Einstein said:  <<

  In human freedom, in the philosophical sense,
  I am definitely a disbeliever.

  Everybody acts not only under external compulsion
  but also in accordance with inner necessity.
  Schopenhauer's saying, that
  " A man can do as he will, but not will as he will. ",
  has been an inspiration to me since my youth up,
  and a continual consolation and unfailing well-spring of patience
  in the face of the hardships of life, my own and others'.
  This feeling mercifully mitigates the sense of responsibility 
  which so easily becomes paralyzing, 
  and it prevents us from taking ourselves and other people too seriously;
  it conduces to a view of life in which humor, above all, has its due place.
Virtually, anything that consumes "exergy" ( energy that can do work )
is "alive".  In reality, the (4D) timescape is static, dead.

Cars, robots and humans have "warning" (mourning) systems
that help them to continue... but where does this help
come from, and how "artificial" is it, really ?

Awe of nature/science is my "religion".
God is nature, nothing more, nothing less.

Randomness is ignorance, nothing more, nothing less.
We're programmed to consume exergy (energy that can do work),
generation after generation.

For more on this, see: <Einstein's religion, pantheism>
Entanglement lacks evidence and, so, it lacks local realism.

Quantum Mechanics, like Medical "Science", 
relies on correlations (i.e. it's statistical)
because the local causes aren't fully known.

  In some experiments there may be additional defects that make 
  "local realist" explanations of Bell test violations possible.[*]
[ *: I. Gerhardt, Q. Liu, A. Lamas-Linares, J. Skaar, V. Scarani, 
     V. Makarov, C. Kurtsiefer (2011), 
     "Experimentally faking the violation of Bell's inequalities", 
     Phys. Rev. Lett. 107 (17): 170404, arXiv:1106.3224, 
     Bibcode:2011PhRvL.107q0404G, doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.107.170404

     Santos, E., The failure to perform a loophole-free test 
     of Bell’s Inequality supports local realism.
     Foundations of Physics 34: 1643-1673 (2004)  ]
When running my source code, it looks like this:
[ 3840 x 2160, Windows 8 ]

 · Fast/Mindless Monoply, · Fast/Mindless Chess,
 · The Console/Keyboard, · Reversi, · Solitair, · Mario.
//  //  //  //
"X.EXE" is my Windows 8 "Start Button", "terminal/console", newsReader,
email·client, web/image downloader/viewer, backup/diff utility,
"Chess, Uki, Mario, Solitair, Monopoly" games, etc.

"X.EXE" is in <X.ZIP>, along with the files it needs.

    "X.HTM" is the "help/settings file".
    "Nyms.HTM" is the Usenet Scorefile.
    The "xGames" folder has .PNG files for the Monopoly game.
    "X.CPP" is the source code, Visual C++, x64, Visual Studio 2013.

"OCR A", "MS Mincho", "DejaVu LGC Sans Mono" and "nSimSun"
are the (required) "Unicode Console" fonts.
If they don't exist, warnings are issued using "Consolas" ( Vista ).

Note: This code needs Windows 8 or later.
3840 x 2160 ScreenShots: "Jeff-Relf.Me/X.PNG", "Jeff-Relf.Me/Chess.PNG". 

To log debug messages ( Debug.TXT ), download "Jeff-Relf.Me/Debug.CPP" 
and uncomment the "#include" line (in X.CPP) that uses it.
//  //  //  //  

<DirectX.CPP, Visual C++ 2013, x64> is a small (one-file)
example of how to:
· Make all Fonts/Glyphs the same width (double·width is allowed).
· Rescale Graphics/Glyphs when a window changes size.
· Use DirectX 11.1, Direct2D 1.1, DirectWrite, and Direct3D.
· Draw to a back buffer at a high fps (frames per second).
· Draw properly scaled/smoothed .JPG files, hardware accelerated.
· Draw to/from/within bitmaps.
· Discover if a font exists or not ("FindFamilyName()").
· Discover if a glyph exists in a font ("HasCharacter()").
· Discover the width/height of a glyph ("GlyphWH()").

Your startup folder should have, e.g., "Pics/LowRes.JPG" ( 100px wide/tall ) 
and "Pics/Chess.PNG" ( a 3840 x 2160 screenshot, Jeff-Relf.Me/Chess.PNG ).
All coordinates are in hard⋅pixels (D2D1_UNIT_MODE_PIXELS).

Note: This code needs Windows 8 or later.

"MS Mincho", "DejaVu LGC Sans Mono", "nSimSun", and "Arial Unicode MS" 
are the fonts being tested.
All but Arial are "Unicode Console" fonts.

<A 3840 x 2160 ScreenShot>. 

To record "debug/WM_*" messages, use <Debug.CPP>.

"X.EXE", above, is a more complex, yet still simple, example.
Humans have been programmed to consume,
just like anything else that's (notionally) "alive",
including the sun and/or cars.

Plants need humans to spread their seed;
so, spontaneously, we were created.

For better or worse, nature created Christians and Muslims.

Because humanity ·always· breeds exponentionally, like bugs,
crime, war, and mass·extinctions are inevitable.
Eventually, our oceans will support nothing but slime.

The more vasectomies we get, the better our lives will become.
Otherwise, we'll be killing ourselves over every last drop of oil.
Re: The BBC documentary: "Quelle Catastrophe! France".

While strong unions are a massive benefit to
rich, well·educated baby boomers who've already "won",
it impoverishes the younger, poorer ones.

In poorer areas, youth unemployment is 50%;
for all youth, the unemployment rate is 25%,
one in four.

Because getting a "real" job is like getting married,
with no chance of divorce, ordinary youth
must settle for short·term contracts... or worse.

As a result, French youth are ·much·less·likely·
to get married and/or have kids, compared to U.S. youth.
When oil is cheap, life is good.

You can't understand anything about the past, or the future,
if you don't understand oil.

Quoting "Planet Oil" ( a BBC Documentary, aired Feb 10, 2015 )

  From the moment we first drilled for oil, 
  we opened a Pandora's box that changed the world forever. 

  It transformed the way we lived our lives, 
  spawned foreign wars and turned a simple natural resource into 
  the most powerful political weapon the world has ever known.

  But when exactly did geology turn into such a high-stakes game?

  In this series, Professor Iain Stewart visits 
  the places that gave birth to the earth's oil riches, 
  discovers the people who fought over its control and supply, 
  and explores how our insatiable thirst for oil 
  is changing the very planet on which we depend.

  It's a journey that will help us answer a fundamental question 
  - how did we become so addicted to oil 
  in little more than one human lifetime ?  >>
The accelerated expansion of space time is just entropy.
Entropy is why our past light cone has a "beginning" 
( <the cosmological horizon> ).  
Semi-Castrated Reindeer live longer, more productive lives.

  The traditional Sami biting technique aims for "half-castration" 
  -- under which [reindeer] become sterile but still produce 
  some of the male hormone testosterone that promotes muscle growth.

  Sami in Norway, where laws limit castration to surgery with anesthetics,
  are now experimenting with a vaccine to recreate the effects of half-castration.

  No interest in sex also helps neutered males in winter.

  " Males castrated in the traditional way would have 
    an increased chance of survival over other males 
    since they maintain body weight and condition during the rutting season, "

  according to a research document by 
  Eli Risten Nergaard of Sami University College.

  The Arctic region is warming at double the global rate in a trend blamed by 
  the U.N.'s panel of climate scientists on greenhouse gases 
  from mankind's burning of fossil fuels.

  Yamal herders castrate many of their reindeer, 
  partly because they need strong, 
  docile animals to pull heavy sleds.  

  In Norway, Sami have come to rely on snow-scooters 
  and get most money for calf meat, 
  meaning most males are slaughtered young.  >>

  The practice of castrating males has helped. 

  A castrated male, known as the gentleman of the tundra, 
  won’t waste his energy on fighting for reproductive rights, 
  and therefore will use his strength and enormous size to dig through the snow. 

  The ancient castration technique of biting is being studied and brought back 
  because it is less severe than using tongs or other modern methods. 
  Using modern methods, some male deer can become listless and lazy. 

  Scientists believe that with the biting method, 
  the deer will still produce enough testosterone to remain vigorous.

  Reindeer are one of the last species to be domesticated by man —
  and are only semi domesticated. 

  Castration is a key component in domesticating a herding animal. >>
In FireFox, my "Search-Bar" has 21 Search "Providers" ( i.e. methods ).  

To install one of the following search methods,
hit Ctrl·Shift·K ( to open the JavaScript Console ),
paste the JavaScript into the bottom line, then hit "Enter".

  Search for a Torrent ( KickAss.TO ):
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/KAT.XML");

  Search for a Torrent ( thePirateBay.SE ):
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/pBay.XML");
  Search for a Torrent ( RarBg.TO ):
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/Rar.XML");

  Google, Google ranked:
    www.google.com/search?q= {searchTerms} &num=50
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/G.XML");
  Google, Last 3 Months, Google ranked:
    www.google.com/search?q= {searchTerms} &num=50&tbs=qdr:m3
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/rG.XML");
  Google WikiPedia:  
    www.google.com/search?q= {searchTerms} site:WikiPedia.ORG &num=50
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/Wiki.XML");
  Google images:  
    images.google.com/images?q= {searchTerms}
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/Images.XML");

  Google.DEFINE a word or term:  
    www.google.com/search?q= define:{searchTerms}
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/Spell.XML");

  Find a word or term in the "Urban" dictionary:  
    UrbanDictionary.COM/define.php?term= {searchTerms}
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/U.Dict.XML");

  Find a word or term in a normal dictionary:  
    Dictionary.COM/search?q= {searchTerms}
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/Dictionary.XML");
    Thesaurus.COM/search?q= {searchTerms}

  Google a YouTube video:  
    www.google.com/search?q= {searchTerms} site:youtube.com &num=50
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/YouTube.XML");

  Google Newspapers:
    news.google.com/news/search?q= {searchTerms}&scoring=n
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/nG.XML");

    maps.google.com/maps?q= {searchTerms}
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/GM.XML");

  Google MicroSoft ( for help ):
    www.google.com/search?q= {searchTerms} site:microsoft.com
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/MicroSoft.XML");

  IP to City/Domain 1:
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://jeff-relf.me/IP.1.XML");

  IP to City/Domain 2:
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/IP.2.XML");

  Google "Alt.Free.Newsservers" (a Usenet newsgroup), Last 2 Weeks, newest first:  
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/GG.XML");

  Find post by its Message·ID ( it seldom works ):
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/G+mID.XML");
Sex is overrated.
"Wives" are too expensive and hookers will kill you for a cigarette.
My Logitech g600 mouse has 39 logical "Buttons".
I control them using This is Lua script, and "Logitech Gaming Software".
"War and Crime" is about breeding more than the next guy;
and, for that, you need guns.  It's (ugly) evolution.
"Arrogant, Breeding Morons" are vicious animals.
To change the location of the special "Documents"[*] folder...
[ *: a.k.a. "My Documents", a.k.a. "Personal" ]

See, "http://Jeff-Relf.Me/Win_8_.REG.TXT".  

;  Use Short, Friendly Paths, all under "C:\__" ( Home ).
;  First, "Right·Click Properties -> Location -> Move" each special folder.
;  Make Sure "MyDocumentsLocation", "Shell Folders"/"Personal",
;  and "User Shell Folders"/"Personal" ( below ) agree with each other.

;  The line, below, is for Visual Studio 2013.

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders]
"Local AppData"="C:\\__\\Sys\\AppData"
"Local Settings"="C:\\__\\Sys"
"Local AppDataLow"="C:\\__\\Sys\\AppData\\LocalLow"
"Start Menu"="C:\\__\\Sys\\AppData\\Start Menu"
"My Pictures"="C:\\__\\Sys\\AppData\\-Crap-"
"My Music"="C:\\__\\Sys\\AppData\\-Crap-"
"My Video"="C:\\__\\Sys\\AppData\\-Crap-"

[-HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders]
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders]
"Local AppData"="C:\\__\\Sys\\AppData"
"Local Settings"="C:\\__\\Sys"
"Local AppDataLow"="C:\\__\\Sys\\AppData\\LocalLow"
"Start Menu"="C:\\__\\Sys\\AppData\\Start Menu"
"My Pictures"="C:\\__\\Sys\\AppData\\-Crap-"
"My Music"="C:\\__\\Sys\\AppData\\-Crap-"
"My Video"="C:\\__\\Sys\\AppData\\-Crap-"
In Windows 8, "High Contrast" themes (skins) are
the "easiest"[*] way to change the colors of your apps and such.
[ *: it's easier then WindowsStyleBuilder, but not easy ]

Normally, I use this Theme:


For the Control Panel, I use this Theme:


To switch Themes, I use the drop·down "toolbar" ( menu )
that I added to my taskbar ( set to my "C:\__\TaskBar\" folder ).
So far, it has:  <<

  reStart File Explorer  .LNK
    cmd /C "taskkill /f /im explorer.exe && start explorer.exe"

  Win_8_.REG  ( Jeff-Relf.Me/Win_8_.REG.TXT )
  X  .LNK   ( Jeff-Relf.Me/X.HTM )   >>

With my themes, you must tell IE ( Internet Explorer 10 )
to NOT use Windows colors ( Internet Options -> General -> Colors ).

Also, in "Internet Options -> General -> Accessibilty",
use this style sheet: <<

  :Not(#▲) { -ms-high-contrast-adjust: none !important;  }  >>

FireFox ·will· display background images in websites,
provided you modify the source code... good times.

But, this is fine with me, because my "userContent.CSS"
changes ·all· the colors of ·all· websites.

This borks websites, as you can imagine; so I make 
"@-moz-document" exceptions[*] and/or click "View in IE".
To see my changes to "userContent.CSS", I click a "ReStart FireFox" button.

[ *: it aint easy, see "Jeff-Relf.Me/userContent.CSS.TXT".

  "^(?!https?://[^.]*?.google).*" matches non·Google URL's.

  <<  Float: None !important;  Position: Static !important;  >>
  stops shit from overlapping, blocking stuff behind it.
  Google Maps, and Google's fly·out menus, can't have this style/CSS. ]

  "^(?!)" means: "Any URL that doesn't start like this".

  "https?" matches "http" and "https".
  Here, the "?" matches "one or less" "s" letters.

  "[^.]*?" matches "www" and "map", i.e. the sub·domain, before the dot.
  Here, the "?" stops the "[^.]*" from being "greedy";
  otherwise, the parser might skip past the first match.

  Note, '^' and '?' have MULTIPLE uses, depending on the context.  ]
"Mass" is dissipating and, with it, space·time too.
This is called "Entropy" ( heat/energy that can NOT do work ).

As General Relativity shows, space and time are defined by
the distribution of "mass" ( the stress·energy tensor ).

Entropy ratchets up as "eXergy"
( heat/energy that CAN do work ) is consumed.

So "Lambda|Dark Energy" is just entropy.

Also, "Cold Dark Matter" (CDM) is just "unseen mass".

The best code ( for me, and only me ) 
is the code I designed and wrote myself.

As a programmer, text comparison is like water;
i.e. it's an essential, -daily- thing.
So I wrote my own diff routines ( X.EXE ).

Diff scans ( comparing "Tokens"[*] ) from four directions
at once ( top, bottom, left and right ), using 8 pointers.
[ *: "Lines" in files, and/or "Words" in lines ]

At it's heart, and right off the bat, it skips past
the unchanged part at the beginning and ends.
I call this "the Pinch".

Then it "peels off" ( and logs ) the differences at the ends...
stopping when it finds two matching Tokens...
Pinching and Peeling, from the edges to the middle.

The resulting logs are then sorted and printed...
both the lines in the files and the words in the lines...
green for the new stuff, red for the deleted stuff.

Although the algorithm is simple, the finer deatials are not.
Nothing in the upper half can match anything in the lower half,
for example; "a b" is not equal to "b a" -- it's been shuffled.

<Here> is some example output.

The core of it looks like this:

LnP F, _F ;  LnA BBx, EEx, _BBx, _EEx, BB_Sync, EE_Sync, _BB_Sync, _EE_Sync ;

#define Same?  ( F && _F && Eq( F, _F ) )

#define  Same⋁Sync   ( Data⋁( F, EEx, EE  ), Data⋁( _F, _EEx, _EE  ), Same? )
#define  Same⋀Sync   ( Data⋀( F, BBx, BB  ), Data⋀( _F, _BBx, _BB  ), Same? )

#define  Same⋁Pinch  ( Data⋁( F, BBx, EE  ), Data⋁( _F, _BBx, _EE  ), Same? )
#define  Same⋀Pinch  ( Data⋀( F, EEx, BBx ), Data⋀( _F, _EEx, _BBx ), Same? )

#define EoFS_Dwn  ( S = BB_Slow <= EE_Slow, _S = _BB_Slow <= _EE_Slow, F = BB_Fast <= EE_Fast, _F = _BB_Fast <= _EE_Fast )
#define EoFS_Up   ( S = EE_Slow >= BB_Slow, _S = _EE_Slow >= _BB_Slow, F = EE_Fast >= BB_Fast, _F = _EE_Fast >= _BB_Fast )
#define Top_Fast  ( BB_Fast = BB_Slow, _BB_Fast = _BB_Slow )
#define Bot_Fast  ( EE_Fast = EE_Slow, _EE_Fast = _EE_Slow )
Data⋁( LnP &P, LnA &PP, LnA EE ) { while( ( P = ++PP >= EE ? 0 : *PP ) && !*P );  }
Data⋀( LnP &P, LnA &PP, LnA BB ) { while( ( P = --PP <  BB ? 0 : *PP ) && !*P );  }

int SyncDwn( LnA BB, LnA EE, LnA _BB, LnA _EE ) {
  BB_Sync = EEx = BB, _BB_Sync = _EEx = _BB, EEx--, _EEx-- ;  return Same⋁Sync && Same⋁Sync ;   }

int SyncUp( LnA BB, LnA EE, LnA _BB, LnA _EE ) {
  EE_Sync = BBx = EE, _EE_Sync = _BBx = _EE ;  return Same⋀Sync && Same⋀Sync ;   }

Pinch( LnA BB, LnA EE, LnA _BB, LnA _EE ) { 
  BBx = BB - 1, _BBx = _BB - 1 ;  while ( Same⋁Pinch );
  EEx = EE,     _EEx = _EE ;      while ( Same⋀Pinch );  EEx++, _EEx++ ;  }

Peel( LnA BB, LnA EE, LnA _BB, LnA _EE ) { int rv, Top, Bot, S, _S, F, _F ;  LnP t, _t ;
  LnA  BB_Slow, _BB_Slow,  BB_Fast, _BB_Fast,   EE_Slow, _EE_Slow, EE_Fast, _EE_Fast ;
  Top = Bot = 0, BB_Slow = BB, _BB_Slow = _BB, EE_Slow = EE, _EE_Slow = _EE, Top_Fast, Bot_Fast ;
  ·Top:    if ( Top ) goto ·Bot ;  EoFS_Dwn ;  if ( !S && !_S ) { Top = 1, BB_Sync = 0 ; goto ·Bot ;  }
  if ( F && _S ) if ( SyncDwn( BB_Fast, EE, _BB_Slow, _EE ) ) { Top = 1 ; goto ·Bot ;  } else BB_Fast++ ;
  if ( S && _F ) if ( rv = SyncDwn( BB_Slow, EE, _BB_Fast, _EE ) ) { Top = 1 ; goto ·Bot ;  } else _BB_Fast++ ;
  if ( EoFS_Dwn, !( F && _S || S && _F ) ) BB_Slow += S, _BB_Slow += _S, Top_Fast ;
  ·Bot:    if ( Bot ) goto Skip ;  EoFS_Up ;  if ( !S && !_S ) { Bot = 1, EE_Sync = 0 ; goto ·Top ;  }
  if ( F && _S ) if ( SyncUp( BB, EE_Fast, _BB, _EE_Slow ) ) { Bot = 1 ; goto ·Top ;  } else EE_Fast-- ;
  if ( S && _F ) if ( rv = SyncUp( BB, EE_Slow, _BB, _EE_Fast ) ) { Bot = 1 ; goto ·Top ;  } else _EE_Fast-- ;
  if ( EoFS_Up, !( F && _S || S && _F ) ) EE_Slow -= S, _EE_Slow -= _S, Bot_Fast ;
  if ( Top && Bot ) {
    if ( !BB_Sync && !EE_Sync ) BB_Sync = EE, _BB_Sync = _EE, EE_Sync = EE, _EE_Sync = _EE ;
    else if ( !BB_Sync ) BB_Sync = EE_Sync, _BB_Sync = _EE_Sync ;
    else if ( !EE_Sync ) EE_Sync = BB_Sync, _EE_Sync = _BB_Sync ; return ;  }    goto ·Top ;  }
Console2, a better "DOS Console",
runs CMD.EXE in the background, like a daemond.

Console2 works well with Unicode,
provided you tell -both- the default DOS console 
and Console2 to use the "DejaVu Sans Mono" font.

Japanese glyphs work too,
despite the fact that DejaVu doesn't have them.

But you must change Windows' Registry first:

  ; ReBoot to effect any change to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE".
  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Console\TrueTypeFont]
  "0"="DejaVu Sans Mono"

Also, "7z.EXE" ( like Zip.EXE ) works well with Unicode.

With every invocation of CMD, "Init-CMD.BAT" runs; to wit:

  > @chcp 65001
  > @prompt $P$_$g

  [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor]

Console2's settings are stored in "Console.XML",
which I edit by hand, using Visual Studio 2013,
my text editor; like this:
  ... rows="115" columns="143" ... 

  font name="DejaVu Sans Mono" size="14" 
     bold="0" italic="0" smoothing="2"

    color use="1" r="222" g="111" b="111"

Console2 settings for my 185 dpi 
( set to 144 dpi ) 4K/UHD monitor:
Lots of people are on uppers, like Caffeine or Adderall.
Lots of people.

As a result, they blabber on·and·on about themselves,
without the slightest concern about their audience.
Truly, they don't know their audience.

If they were TV's, you'd switch the channel;
but, because they're people, you think up excuses/lies,
-- anything to exit, without offending.
-- On <Usenet> --
Please don't help "Eternal-Noobs.Orgy" censor out
"Content-Type: Text/HTML; charset=UTF-8" posts.

Mixing Fonts is -not- a crime.
WikiPedia and CraigsList allow -Simple- HTML.

Consolas is my text font but, beyond that,
I use "MS Mincho"; ScreenShot: http://Jeff-Relf.Me/X.PNG

Low·Cost, Text·Only servers are 
the fastest and most reliable; to wit:


When not overloaded, 
$5/life binary servers are good too; to wit:
  usNews.BlockNews.NET:119, News.US.Usenet-News.NET:119

If you don't download binaries, it's more than enough gigs. 
My "Jeff-Relf.Me" domain·name costs me $20+ per year, paid to GoDaddy.
<cPanel hosting>[*] costs me $30 per year, paid to "PacificHost.COM".
[ *: http://www.pacifichost.com/web-hosting.shtml ]

cPanel allows unlimited, "Catch-All" email addresses ( aliases );
e.g. "Usenet@@Jeff-Relf.Me".
[ To set it up, just ask me or PacificHost
  http://www.pacifichost.com/contact-us.shtml ]

That's unlimited "transfer" ( gigabytes ), unlimited disk storage,
unlimited sub·domains, password·protected folders,
<yaml filtering ( to block select email aliases )>[*], etc.
[ *: http://Jeff-Relf.Me/filter.yaml.TXT ]
The peer-to-peer nature of the Internet, BitTorrent, 
Usenet and email, is what makes them so robust.

Multiple clients accessing a single server
does little to negate that fact.

When you've got 10 servers to chose from,
and when you can run your own server, if you want,
the loss of any one server doesn't matter so much.

Peer-to-Peer is robust; 
Usenet is nearly indestructible.
My ( now ex ) wife wanted more kids ( six, in fact ),
and I did not ( I was done at two ); so she divorced me,
took money ( for child support ) and married her new lover
( because he was a "good Mormon" and I was an atheist ).

I decided I wouldn't be her slave, (Child Support) laws be damned.
[ Note: Child Support laws are good, I just fucked up, badly ]

Lesson learned: If they can take it from you, it isn't really yours.
Money and kids aren't really yours.
Dreams, Skills and Free Time matter more.
Some of the Usenet threads/topics I've been in:
  <Alt.Free.Newsservers>, <News.Software.Readers>,
  <Comp.OS.Linux.Advocacy>, <Sci.Physics>

<Here> is my web presence, last 3 Months, Google ranked, not by date.
Photos of my rooming house ( I'm the manager ):
  Front of House, Back, Bath, the Kitchen, a Room.
I don't need a jet to get "jet lag".

If, today, I sleep from 6 AM to 2 PM;
then, likely, it'll be 9 AM to 5 PM next week.
Once, I could use Google to see who was talking about me... no longer.

Usenet is like those "Bum Fight" videos, it's a free for all.
As such, it's not worth indexing; in contrast, Wikipedia ·is· worth indexing
-- Google likes it, because it's moderated, filtered.

So Google has been pulling out of the "Usenet search" thing, slowly;
worse, no one wants to take their place... no one.

Effectively, Google now confines your search to a particular newsgroup.
But it only tells you what thread you're in, not where in the thread,
and it's sorted by the age of the thread's most recent post.

You can use Google Groups to point to a Usenet article, like this:


Which is a link to the source, header and all, unformatted.

But, when you hit the big "Back Arrow" button,
it places you on the proper article, in the thread/topic,
properly formatted, on the proper page of the thread/topic ! !

It's so slow ( the JavaScript ), FireFox asks me if I want to continue.

Search by Message-ID never really worked,
and you can't really seach all of Usenet ( it's VERY poorly indexed ),
but you can still find/link to your articles, in your newsgroups.

Articles that spawn a huge thread/topic, lots of replies,
are more likely to be indexed, so they appear in a normal Google Search.
Few posts meet that criteria, so don't get your hopes up.

Low·Cost, Text·Only servers are the fastest and most reliable; to wit:

  <Blue World Hosting>

When not overloaded, <some binary servers>[*] are good too; for $5/life,
you get more than enough gigs, assuming you don't download binaries.
[ *: "usNews.BlockNews.NET:119" and "News.US.Usenet-News.NET:119" ]
Usenet isn't WikiPedia or CraigsList, so Google doesn't fully index it.

Apparently, the first post of a long/interesting thread is well indexed.

You can improve a Google search by 
limiting yourself to more recently indexed pages.

Take, for example, <This Search>[*].
[* "Jeff Relf" on the web, last 3 months, Google ranked ]

   Note the URL:

     Google.COM/search?q= "Jeff-Relf.ME" | "Jeff Relf" &num=50&tbs=qdr:m3&filter=0
       Links to my website (Jeff-Relf.ME) are boosted above "Jeff Relf".
       "|" means "OR".
       "filter=0" shows more results; duplicates are NOT filtered out.

       "tbs=qdr:m3" gives me the last 3 Months, Google ranked.
       Nicely, the "indexed date" is listed for each search result.

Search Usenet, last 2 Weeks, like this:

  Google.COM/groups/search?q= "Jeff Relf" &num=50&sitesearch=google.com&scoring=d&as_qdr=w2
I close apps I'm not using, to free my mind;
don't even want them "pinnned" to the taskbar, as icons.

I never see the "Start Screen" ( Windows 8, Metro ); I boot to
the desktop where only X.EXE greets me, instead of the start button ( Win7 ).
I re·boot once every few months, I suppose.  My 30 watt, full-size desktop PC
is diskless and fanless, including a 500 watt fanless power·supply.

My app launcher/toolbar now ·TOTALLY· stops newly launched apps
from stealing the "foreground" ( i.e. the keyboard/mouse focus )
and blinding me with that nasty "Black to White", bright flash.

For a taste (yuck!), see below. "⏉Win" is the Top·Most window.

  #define ⏉modeOn  ( prev@⏉ = ⏉mode = 1, ⏉most( HWND_TOPMOST ) )

  #define Norm  ( ⏉mode = 0, ⏉most( HWND_NOTOPMOST ) )  // No Top Most.

  #define ⏉most( TM )  (  \
    SetWindowPos( Win, TM, 0,0,0,0, SWP_NOMOVE | SWP_NOSIZE ),  \
    LockSetForegroundWindow( TM == HWND_TOPMOST ? LSFW_LOCK : LSFW_UNLOCK ) )

  #define ⏉  SetForegroundWindow(Win)

  #define @⏉  ( _@⏉ = ( ⏉Win = GetForegroundWindow() ) && Win == ⏉Win )

My launcher must rapidly request the Foreground, 30 times a second;
otherwise, Windows takes it from me without notice, the fucker.
  Windows tells me that I've lost the keyboard/mouse AFTER the fact,
  not before, so I have to bombard it with SetForegroundWindow() ASAP.
  This seems wrong, of course, but I see no alternative.

Moving the cursor to Win8's taskbar stops this "Top·Most, Bombarding",
giving me easy access to my newly launched app, sans White·Flash.
« Jeff Relf was the programmer for the project and 
  contributed to the design of administrative processes. »
  −− BankExec™ 2013 Decision Manual (PDF)

To this day, and beyond, I'm coding BankExec™.  21 years now.
FireGestures JavaScript to magnify images 1.667 times

" var node = FireGestures.sourceNode ;
  if ( ! ( node instanceof HTMLImageElement ) )  return ;
  node.width *= 1.66666667 ;  ".

Who I am ( Personal info )

I was born in Seattle at the start of 1960.

My dad, after being a WWII pilot ( catching the very end of it )
became a tool and die maker, first in partnership with Jeff Fluke,
later on the team that designed and built the 747.

My dad's dad ( Gerald Relf ) was a banker for the Federal Reserve.
Back in the day ( in Seattle, 1940 ), 
bankers sat around a table and exchanged each bank's bags.

My mom's dad ( Robert Grass ) was a Washington state senator
and a lawyer, working out of what was, at the time,
the tallest building west of the mississipi, the Smith Tower.

Seattle has always been a boom/bust town
and Boeing had hit hard times in 1971,
people were leaving en masse.

Also, being Mormons, my dad felt the Seattle/University drug scene
had engulfed two of his kids... one of my brothers is/was
a paranoid schizophrenic... so, in 1972, he moved us to Utah.

My first programming was on HP/TI calculators starting around 1973-74.
By 1976, I was programming the HP 67 with it's magnetic strips.

Me ( Jeff Relf ), back in 1976, when I was 16 ( Orem Utah ).
My mom, dad ( Bill ), and a brother ( Pete, age 18 ), in 1976 ( Orem Utah ).

My dad's mom ( age 73 ) holding her GREAT·grand·daughter, in 1976 ( Seattle ).
My sole sister ( Diana, then 22, Seattle ) and her first daughter.

My brother ( Bill Jr. ) born in Seattle, 1956, in Provo Utah.

Here is a photo of Sarah ( Wallace ) Pruse ( my friend )
visiting her daughters, Gianna and Ginette.
  Dr. JianXin Huang < nfo (AT) DrHuang . BIZ >  //  Seattle
  Dr. Charles Haley < ChipH (AT) UW . EDU >  //  Tucson
  Tom Schrank < TSchrank (AT) ABA . COM > //  Washington DC

  Diana ( Relf ) Harkcom < dHarkcom (AT) gM Ξ ail.COM >  //  Kirkland WA
  Peter.Relf (AT) EMC . COM  //  Sandy Utah

  Melaney Petty < Spam4mel (AT) gM Ξ ail . COM >  //  Seattle
  Sarah ( Wallace ) Pruse < ICantForTheLifeOfMe (AT) Ya Ξ hoo . COM >  //  Tampa
  Michael Brickler < MBrick02 (AT) gM Ξ ail . COM >  //  Eagle-Rock VA  24085