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Re: EverGrande, Sep 24, 2021

Communist China has not adopted Austrian economics, of course;
no, they're simply seizing control of Hong Kong assets, nothing more.

When oil tops 150 $/barrel, look out,
negative interest rates won't protect BigTech,
BigMedia & BigGovernment anymore.

Hopefully, (oppressive) empires will devolve into smaller,
more independent, states.

Ugly facts:

--  DemoR*ts no longer pretend to follow the law anymore.
--  There is no law, only politics.

--  The DemoR*t cult loves M*rxist China & hates Christian Russia.
--  Every cult needs an Apocalypse.
--  You can't argue with cultists.

--  The world has become suicidal/homicidal -- it's WWIII, Civil War edition.
--  With luck, DemoR*ts will exterminate themselves.
--  When anonymous, people destroy "Communal Property" with wild abandon.

--  "Breathing" (oxidation) ages you.
--  Entropy giveth and Entropy taketh away.
--  A real education is real expensive.

--  Life is everything, yet nothing.
--  SuperDeterminism is the most probable,  and the most useful,  assumption.
--  Each picks "The Most Useful Assumption", a.k.a. "The Science", for each.

--  Female anacondas are larger ( up to 30 ft, 500 lbs ) than males;
    as males fight each other ( for the right to breed ),
    the female eats some of the males.
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