It's Late 2017 and I ( Mail@"Jeff-Relf."Me ) am in Seattle.
I was born here, start of 1960.
Here is photo of Me.  Here is my location, in Seattle. 
  Imagine the Earth, the Sun, the Solar system, the Milky Way,
  Andromeda, and the hundreds of billions of galaxies we see today...

  Now add a little "gravity&eXergy" ( energy that can do physical work ) to it, 
  so it all fits in the head of a pin.

  When you're done, that's what it was like, 13.8 billion years ago:
  less entropy, more eXergy/Gravity/Density.
  [ And, NO, it was NOT a (notional) black hole back then ]

  Life consumes gravity&eXergy, same as the sun.
  Eventually, MostAll gravity&eXergy will be consumed away, replaced with entropy;
  leaving us with a uniform heat bath that has energy, but not gravity&eXergy.

  Lord Kelvin, 1852, originated the idea of universal heat death;
  the frequency of a light emitter is a natural clock/ruler, 
  and it accelerates as gravity&eXergy dies off.
  Intentionally fooling oneself ( via SciFi, ideology or religion )
  can be profoundly beneficial.

  Christianity is  "wrong" but, occasionally, useful.
  All theories are "wrong" but, occasionally, useful.

  Useful Premise: Randomness is ignorance, nothing more. 

    We're all just robots, programmed by nature to consume.
    The only difference between us and the sun, is how/what we consume.

    The ( four dimensional ) timescape is static, immutable;
    the future is just as fixed as the past;
    but only "the present" ( a sea of "here and now" events ) exists.

    Quantum Correlations are acausal, like a series of dice tosses.
    The Correlations say nothing about the next roll of the dice,
    but they _can_ tell you that, in 100 tosses,
    2 ( snake eyes ) happens less often than 7 ( 3 + 4, 1 + 6, etc. ).

    Each toss is known to be fully causal, not random.
    The path of a storm is known to be fully causal, however unknown.
  Fact is, some prefer "the stone age aesthetic".
  If the Palestinians are unhappy ( a big "if" ),
  then it's up to _them to do something about it;
  PseudoSocialists expect something for nothing.
  Google founder Sergey Brin was born in Moscow;
  his dad was a a mathematics professor at the University of Maryland,
  and his mother a researcher at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

  Trump has no desire to block immigrants like that;
  i.e. people who are _not thieving junkies, murders/rapists, etc.

  White males earn less than Asian males;
  but this does not mean that whites should be compensated.
  Not wanting "something for nothing" does not make one a "racist NAZI".

  Around 1974, communists in China and south east Asia killed millions.
  PseudoSocialists always ignore this, focusing instead on Germany, 1945.
  Usenet is a sea of spam, 37 years deep, with HUNDREDS of backups.
  Every post remains, uncensored, for decades;
  and you can filter/sort them six ways to hell and back.

  Reddit has a higher signal to noise ratio,
  -- Wikipedia is higher still -- but they're censored.

  My posts to Usenet ( since Feb 2012 ).
  Who's posts I read first:  Sci.Physics
  Masked AntiFa Anarchists are just as wrong as the "neo nazis".
  Neither side looks anything like "upright, hardworking citizens".

  In " Why Socialism ? ", 1949, Einstein says PseudoSocialism
  leads to " the complete enslavement of the individual ".  Can
  " CounterWeights to the power of bureaucracy be assured ? ", he asks.

  How often do Bill Maher, Bill Clinton, Obama and CNN discuss 
  the  PROBLEMS  of "socialism", and the necessary CounterWeights ?
  How often do they discuss the  BENEFITS  of global warming ?

  Captialism is the CounterWeight ( to the power of bureaucracy ).
  Without capitalism, you have no real say, no _real_ vote.
  One dollar, One vote; No dollars, No _real_ votes, just slaves.

  Trump could send North Korea back to the stone age;
  but Yemen, Syria, Somalia, North Korea, etc. like 
  the " stone age aesthetic "; it's a pedophile's paradise.

  So, naturally, " bombing them into the stone age " doesn't work. 
  " Please, Br'er Fox, don't fling me in dat brier-patch ", says Br'er Rabbit.
  But we're not jealous of rabbits breeding/dying faster than us.

  50% of adults were married in 2015, down from 72% in 1960.
  Marriage is too risky; it's too easy to loose one's home or kids
  to drugs or divorce; it's not worth the investment.

  PornSexuals are the fruits of capitalism.
Taxing sugary drinks raises money for the state, nothing more.
The more oxygen you breathe, the sooner you'll die.
Entropy makes us ugly; calories make us fat.

Goolge: oxidative-stress, case-studies.
Quoting " Oxidative Stress and the Aging Brain ", Dr. Riddle, 2007.

  Currently, one of the most plausible and acceptable 
  explanations for the mechanistic basis of aging is 
  the " free radical theory of aging " ...

  The origin of this explanation has a foundation in 
  the " rate of living theory " [ Pearl ], 
  according to which, the lifespan of an individual depends on
  its rate of energy utilization ( metabolic rate ) ... 

  Pearl proposed that the longevity of an organism 
  is inversely correlated to its mass-specific 
  metabolic rate: increasing an organism’s metabolic 
  rate will decrease longevity, whereas factors that 
  decrease the metabolic rate will increase longevity ... 

  birds have a low rate of free radical production
  in brain and in other tissues [ increasing their longevity ]
Noramlly, there's no way to turn a monitor "off" ( asleep )
without some random mouse movement waking it.

I turn my monitor "off" via a HotKey ( assigned to a mouse button );
and it doesn't wake UnlessAndUntil I hit it again.

Source code found at: X.HTM.  Look for "KeepMonOff" in "X.CPP".

While "off", the Desktop has the keyboard and mouse focus.
The PC remains awake, so I can listen to music.

Buttons on my g633 headset control the volume, 
Run/Pause and Next/Prev track.

A log is kept of when the monitor is "off" ( 15 minutes or more ):

  Screenshot  Text version ( 372 columns wide ! ).

My "waking hours" are more random than most people's;
so, unLike most people, I _need_ this info, 
so I can predict how many hours might be left in my "day".
Homeless Americans aren't winning The Victim Olympics.

Here (Seattle), it's mostly young, healthy _kids_ who chose homelessness
as their LeastBad option -- about 12 thousand people, last count.
New York City has just 3,892 homeless people, last count.
Billions prefer to live in hot/sunny India, not Norway.
If Global Warming is true, knock on wood, they can move to Norway.
My " Nude, Grape and IcyBlue on Black " Theme for Windows 10:

My playList when reading/writing/programming.
C++ Coding Rules, Visual Studio 2017 macros, C#, Win10 Registry Settings.
I wrote my own diff routines ScreenShot.  Help/Settings: X.HTM.
    My userContent.CSS(.TXT), for Mozilla FireFox.
Sometimes, _after working strenuously, I cough;
returning to work, instead of relaxing, stops it.

Sucking on hard candy calms me down, relieving the symptoms;
i.e. sugar pills are indeed the best medicine, sometimes.
LongTerm, Earth is cooling; originally, it was molten.

Great empires require a mild climate, fire helps;
now, with air conditioning, warmer climes are doing better.

Capitalism and/or Communism, it doesn't matter;
either way, the fit thrive and idiots die.
Pick the LeastBad option, and hope for the LeastBad luck.
The top ten most frequent ways Americans die, by age group:

" UnIntentional Injury " ( e.g. a drug OverDose ) kills  _Young people;
-- Behind the wheel, drinkers kill  _Young people;
-- When you don't get enough sleep, kid, you're  _Drunk.

Smokers are smarter, I say.
" Heart Disease " ( e.g. from decades of smoking ) kills  _Old people.
So what ? ! Old Age is the leading cause of death everywhere, globally.
We ( humanity ) _invent dimensions to simplify things; to wit:

  I chart my sleeping hours by day ( xAxis ), hour ( yAxis ), 
  and year ( a table ); i.e. time by time by time, virtual dimensions !
    When I slept ( 372 columns wide ! ) ( ScreenShot ).
I know that I'm ignored 99% of the time;
and the other 1% is _random_ insults from men,
and/or _random_ praise from women.
A strict, LifeLong vegan who doesn't OverIndulge 
( in fat, sugar, salt, alcohol and tobacco ) _will_ live longer;
even if he doesn't, it'll certainly _feel_ that way.
Guys speak the "Insult Dialect";
where "Fuck You" is just a "Hello".

Women speak the "Praise Dialect";
where "I Love You" is just a "Hello".
You don't have to pay an Asian programmer $5/hour,
plenty of Americans will do it for free.

Are you looking for a hooker or a wife ?
Wives cost a _ton_ more; same for programmers.

Personally, I find that knowledge and skills
are the best assests to hold, not money per se.

Holding money is a _bad_ idea, these days.
Here in Seattle, housing costs are going through the roof;
meanwhile, 5-year CD's yield just 2% APR.

Quoting "Rent trend data in Seattle"
  As of July 2016, average apartment rent within the 
  city of of Seattle, WA is $2,179.  One bedroom 
  apartments in Seattle rent for $1,999 a month on 
  average and two bedroom apartment rents average $2,796.  

  The average apartment rent over the prior 6 months in 
  Seattle has increased by $166 (8.2%).  One bedroom 
  units have increased by $147 (7.9%) and two bedroom 
  apartments have increased by $247 (9.7%).  >>

Quoting "Seattle Home Prices & Values"
  The median home value in Seattle is $585,400.

  Seattle home values have gone up 16.7% over the past year
  and Zillow predicts they will rise 8.1% within the next year.   
As the (light) clock ticks, the time axis grows,
relative to the spatial dimensions.
The time axis is bent, curved, warped.

"Time Curvature" ( into space ) models the (Newtonian) "1g"
we know so well, here on earth; i.e. simply moving forward 
in time is enough to alter your position ( free falling ).

The spatial axis is bent, curved, warped.

Here on earth, "Space Curvature" ( into time ) is negligible;
but, near the sun, "space itself" ( the path ) morphs, over time; 
so Mercury's orbit "spirals" ( precesses ).

An ideal black hole can stop a (light) clock, so it doesn't tick;
objects there are frozen in time, to us humans.

Radio waves, carrying the voice of a MoonWalker,
are BlueShifted as they fall down to "Houston";
so Houston _observes_ the MoonWalker talking/living faster.

Radio waves, carrying the voice of Houston,
are RedShifted as they climb up to the MoonWalker;
so the MoonWalker _observes_ Houston talking/living slower.

The MoonWalker _really_ is talking/living faster than Houston.
Zoom Player 12.1, the latest beta, was a _huge_ upgrade for me.  

Previously, my HighContrast Theme (Win10) broke EVR
( "Enhanced Video Renderer", MicroSoft's latest, post VMR9 ).
FullScreen videos, in Windows Mode ( NonExclusive ), showed tearing, 
-- and my only alternative, VMR9, couldn't do 4096x2160, 60 fps !

After upgrading to zPlayer 12.1, I had to turn off "Smart Play";
i.e. let MicroSoft decide what filters/decoders to use.
With that, 4096x2160, 60 fps videos play fine ( but seeking is slow ). 
I wrote my own "terminal interface", "X.EXE" ( Windows 8 );
250 columns, fixedWidth fonts.  Screenshots ( 3840 x 2160 ):


"X.EXE" is in <X.ZIP>, along with the files it needs.

    "X.HTM" is the "help/settings file".
    "Nyms.HTM" is the Usenet Scorefile.
    The "xGames" folder has .PNG files for the Monopoly game.
    "X.CPP" is the source code, Visual C++, x64, Visual Studio 2017.

"OCR A", "MS Mincho", "Segoe UI Symbol", "DejaVu LGC Sans Mono" 
and "nSimSun" are the (required) "Unicode Console" fonts.

"DirectX.CPP" is a small (one-file) example of how to:
_ Make all Fonts/Glyphs the same width (double_width is allowed).
_ Rescale Graphics/Glyphs when a window changes size.
_ Use DirectX 11.1, Direct2D 1.1, DirectWrite, and Direct3D.
_ Draw to a back buffer at a high fps (frames per second).
_ Draw properly scaled/smoothed .JPG files, hardware accelerated.
_ Draw to/from/within bitmaps.
_ Discover if a font exists or not ("FindFamilyName()").
_ Discover if a glyph exists in a font ("HasCharacter()").
_ Discover the width/height of a glyph ("GlyphWH()").

Your startup folder should have, e.g., "Pics/LowRes.JPG" ( 100px wide/tall ) 
and "Pics/Chess.PNG" ( a 3840 x 2160 screenshot, Jeff-Relf.Me/Chess.PNG ).
All coordinates are in hard⋅pixels (D2D1_UNIT_MODE_PIXELS).

ScreenShot: Jeff-Relf.Me/Glyph.PNG
My $350, 1 TeraByte SSD
arrived in the U.S. Mail, along with some letters.
U.S. Mail is _Slow_, 7 days without tracking info.

Cloning the "C:boot" drive is easy, 
lots of free programs do it, but...
.....making the new SSD the "C:boot" drive,
without reInstalling everything, was _hard_.

I'm not sure what I might've done wrong or right,
but, in the end, this worked:

  Shutdown and plug in the new SSD (SATA_III).

  Boot and, with no apps running ( no browser, editor, etc. ),
  run "DiskMgmt.MSC" (Windows 8) to remove its partitions, then
  "CloneDisk" your "C:boot" drive (I used "Todo Backup", Free version).

  Shutdown ASAP, unPlug the previous "C:boot" drive.

  Boot to BIOS (Hit DEL). 
  The fan will run hard for awhile, 100% CPU, 4 gigaHz,
  as the new drive becomes "C:".  BIOS does it !

  Find/Change BIOS' (well hidden) BootDrive Setting.

  On reBoot, you've got a new "C:boot" drive, without reInstalling.

  Shutdown, plug in the previous boot drive.
  Boot, remove all partitions from the previous boot drive;
  otherwise, the drives would be too similar, confusing you.
My vasectomy was the best thing I ever did for myself
because it helped me respect woman and kids.

Quoting "PBS.ORG/earth-a-new-wild/episode-plains/reindeer/" <<

  The practice of castrating [[reindeers]] has helped. 

  A castrated male, known as the gentleman of the tundra, 
  won’t waste his energy on fighting for reproductive rights, 
  and therefore will use his strength 
  and enormous size to dig through the snow. 

  The ancient castration technique of biting 
  is being studied and brought back because it is 
  less severe than using tongs or other modern methods. 
  Using modern methods, some male deer can become listless and lazy.

  Scientists believe that with the biting method, 
  the deer will still produce enough testosterone to remain vigorous.

  Reindeer are one of the last species to be domesticated by man —
  and are only semi domesticated. 

  Castration is a key component in domesticating a herding animal. >>
In FireFox, my "Search-Bar" has 21 Search "Providers" ( i.e. methods ).  

To install one of the following search methods,
hit Ctrl_Shift_K ( to open the JavaScript Console ),
paste the JavaScript into the bottom line, then hit "Enter".

  Google, Google ranked: {searchTerms} &num=50
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/G.XML");
  Google, Last 3 Months, Google ranked: {searchTerms} &num=50&tbs=qdr:m3
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/rG.XML");
  Google WikiPedia: {searchTerms} site:WikiPedia.ORG &num=50
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/Wiki.XML");
  Google images: {searchTerms}
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/Images.XML");

  Google.DEFINE a word or term: define:{searchTerms}
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/Spell.XML");

  Find a word or term in the "Urban" dictionary:  
    UrbanDictionary.COM/define.php?term= {searchTerms}
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/U.Dict.XML");

  Find a word or term in a normal dictionary:  
    Dictionary.COM/search?q= {searchTerms}
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/Dictionary.XML");
    Thesaurus.COM/search?q= {searchTerms}

  Google a YouTube video: {searchTerms}
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/YouTube.XML");

  Google Newspapers: {searchTerms}&scoring=n
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/nG.XML");

  Google.MAPS: {searchTerms}
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/GM.XML");

  Google MicroSoft ( for help ): {searchTerms}
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/MicroSoft.XML");

  IP to City/Domain 1:{searchTerms}
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("");

  IP to City/Domain 2:{searchTerms}
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/IP.2.XML");

  Google "Alt.Free.Newsservers" (a Usenet newsgroup), Last 2 Weeks, newest first:!topicsearchin/Alt.Free.Newsservers/{searchTerms}|sort:date
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/GG.XML");

  Find post by Message_ID:!search/messageid:{searchTerms}
    javascript: window.external.AddSearchProvider("http://Jeff-Relf.Me/G+mID.XML");
Sex is overrated.
"Wives" are too expensive and hookers will kill you for a cigarette.
My Logitech g600 mouse has 39 logical "Buttons".
I control them using This is Lua script, and "Logitech Gaming Software".
"War and Crime" is about breeding more than the next guy;
and, for that, you need guns.  It's (ugly) evolution.
"Arrogant, Breeding Morons" are vicious animals.
To change the location of the special "Documents"[*] folder...
[ *: a.k.a. "My Documents", a.k.a. "Personal" ]

See, "http://Jeff-Relf.Me/Win10.REG.TXT".  

;  Use Short, Friendly Paths, all under "C:\__" ( Home ).
;  First, "Right_Click Properties -> Location -> Move" each special folder.
;  Make Sure "MyDocumentsLocation", "Shell Folders"/"Personal",
;  and "User Shell Folders"/"Personal" ( below ) agree with each other.

;  The line, below, is for Visual Studio 2017.

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders]
"Local AppData"="C:\\__\\Sys\\AppData"
"Local Settings"="C:\\__\\Sys"
"Local AppDataLow"="C:\\__\\Sys\\AppData\\LocalLow"
"Start Menu"="C:\\__\\Sys\\AppData\\Start Menu"
"My Pictures"="C:\\__\\Sys\\AppData\\-Crap-"
"My Music"="C:\\__\\Sys\\AppData\\-Crap-"
"My Video"="C:\\__\\Sys\\AppData\\-Crap-"

[-HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders]
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders]
"Local AppData"="C:\\__\\Sys\\AppData"
"Local Settings"="C:\\__\\Sys"
"Local AppDataLow"="C:\\__\\Sys\\AppData\\LocalLow"
"Start Menu"="C:\\__\\Sys\\AppData\\Start Menu"
"My Pictures"="C:\\__\\Sys\\AppData\\-Crap-"
"My Music"="C:\\__\\Sys\\AppData\\-Crap-"
"My Video"="C:\\__\\Sys\\AppData\\-Crap-"
Console2, a better "DOS Console",
runs CMD.EXE in the background, like a daemond.

Console2 works well with Unicode,
provided you tell -both- the default DOS console 
and Console2 to use the "DejaVu Sans Mono" font.

Japanese glyphs work too,
despite the fact that DejaVu doesn't have them.

But you must change Windows' Registry first:

  ; ReBoot to effect any change to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE".
  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Console\TrueTypeFont]
  "0"="DejaVu Sans Mono"

Also, "7z.EXE" ( like Zip.EXE ) works well with Unicode.

With every invocation of CMD, "Init-CMD.BAT" runs; to wit:

  > @chcp 65001
  > @prompt $P$_$g

  [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor]

Console2's settings are stored in "Console.XML",
which I edit by hand, using Visual Studio 2017,
my text editor; like this:
  ... rows="115" columns="143" ... 

  font name="DejaVu Sans Mono" size="14" 
     bold="0" italic="0" smoothing="2"

    color use="1" r="222" g="111" b="111"

Console2 settings for my 185 dpi 
( set to 144 dpi ) 4K/UHD monitor:
My "Jeff-Relf.Me" domain_name costs me $20+ per year, paid to GoDaddy.
<cPanel hosting>[*] costs me $30 per year, paid to "PacificHost.COM".
[ *: ]

cPanel allows unlimited, "Catch-All" email addresses ( aliases );
e.g. "Usenet@@Jeff-Relf.Me".
[ To set it up, just ask me or PacificHost ]

That's unlimited "transfer" ( gigabytes ), unlimited disk storage,
unlimited sub_domains, password_protected folders,
<yaml filtering ( to block select email aliases )>[*], etc.
[ *: http://Jeff-Relf.Me/filter.yaml.TXT ]
Some of the Usenet threads/topics I've been in:
  <Alt.Free.Newsservers>, <News.Software.Readers>,
  <Comp.OS.Linux.Advocacy>, <Sci.Physics>

<Here> is my web presence, last 3 Months, Google ranked, not by date.
Photos of my rooming house ( I'm the manager ):
  Front of House, Back, Bath, the Kitchen, a Room.
Once, I could use Google to see who was talking about me... no longer.

Usenet is like those "Bum Fight" videos, it's a free for all.
As such, it's not worth indexing; in contrast, Wikipedia _is_ worth indexing
-- Google likes it, because it's moderated, filtered.

So Google has been pulling out of the "Usenet search" thing, slowly;
worse, no one wants to take their place... no one.

Effectively, Google now confines your search to a particular newsgroup.
But it only tells you what thread you're in, not where in the thread,
and it's sorted by the age of the thread's most recent post.

You can use Google Groups to point to a Usenet article, like this:!original/News.Software.Readers/dId7J3Kp3Hk/01ZkN9-Q8vUJ

Which is a link to the source, header and all, unformatted.

But, when you hit the big "Back Arrow" button,
it places you on the proper article, in the thread/topic,
properly formatted, on the proper page of the thread/topic ! !

It's so slow ( the JavaScript ), FireFox asks me if I want to continue.

Search by Message-ID never really worked,
and you can't really seach all of Usenet ( it's VERY poorly indexed ),
but you can still find/link to your articles, in your newsgroups.

Articles that spawn a huge thread/topic, lots of replies,
are more likely to be indexed, so they appear in a normal Google Search.
Few posts meet that criteria, so don't get your hopes up.

Low_Cost, Text_Only servers are the fastest and most reliable; to wit:

  <Blue World Hosting>

When not overloaded, <some binary servers>[*] are good too; for $5/life,
you get more than enough gigs, assuming you don't download binaries.
[ *: "usNews.BlockNews.NET:119" and "News.US.Usenet-News.NET:119" ]
Usenet isn't WikiPedia or CraigsList, so Google doesn't fully index it.

Apparently, the first post of a long/interesting thread is well indexed.

You can improve a Google search by 
limiting yourself to more recently indexed pages.

Take, for example, <This Search>[*].
[* "Jeff Relf" on the web, last 3 months, Google ranked ]

   Note the URL:

     Google.COM/search?q= "Jeff-Relf.ME" | "Jeff Relf" &num=50&tbs=qdr:m3&filter=0
       Links to my website (Jeff-Relf.ME) are boosted above "Jeff Relf".
       "|" means "OR".
       "filter=0" shows more results; duplicates are NOT filtered out.

       "tbs=qdr:m3" gives me the last 3 Months, Google ranked.
       Nicely, the "indexed date" is listed for each search result.

Search Usenet, last 2 Weeks, like this:

  Google.COM/groups/search?q= "Jeff Relf" &num=50&
I close apps I'm not using, to free my mind;
don't even want them "pinnned" to the taskbar, as icons.

I never see the "Start Screen" ( Windows 8, Metro ); I boot to
the desktop where only X.EXE greets me, instead of the start button ( Win7 ).
I re_boot once every few months, I suppose.  My 30 watt, full-size desktop PC
is diskless and fanless, including a 500 watt fanless power_supply.

My app launcher/toolbar now _TOTALLY_ stops newly launched apps
from stealing the "foreground" ( i.e. the keyboard/mouse focus )
and blinding me with that nasty "Black to White", bright flash.

For a taste (yuck!), see below. "⏉Win" is the Top_Most window.

  #define ⏉modeOn  ( prev@⏉ = ⏉mode = 1, ⏉most( HWND_TOPMOST ) )

  #define Norm  ( ⏉mode = 0, ⏉most( HWND_NOTOPMOST ) )  // No Top Most.

  #define ⏉most( TM )  (  \
    SetWindowPos( Win, TM, 0,0,0,0, SWP_NOMOVE | SWP_NOSIZE ),  \
    LockSetForegroundWindow( TM == HWND_TOPMOST ? LSFW_LOCK : LSFW_UNLOCK ) )

  #define ⏉  SetForegroundWindow(Win)

  #define @⏉  ( _@⏉ = ( ⏉Win = GetForegroundWindow() ) && Win == ⏉Win )

My launcher must rapidly request the Foreground, 30 times a second;
otherwise, Windows takes it from me without notice, the fucker.
  Windows tells me that I've lost the keyboard/mouse AFTER the fact,
  not before, so I have to bombard it with SetForegroundWindow() ASAP.
  This seems wrong, of course, but I see no alternative.

Moving the cursor to Win10's taskbar stops this "Top_Most, Bombarding",
giving me easy access to my newly launched app, sans White_Flash.
FireGestures JavaScript to magnify images 1.667 times

" var node = FireGestures.sourceNode ;
  if ( ! ( node instanceof HTMLImageElement ) )  return ;
  node.width *= 1.66666667 ;  ".

Who I am ( Personal info )

I was born in Seattle at the start of 1960.

My dad, after being a WWII pilot ( catching the very end of it )
became a tool and die maker, first in partnership with Jeff Fluke,
later on the team that designed and built the 747.

My dad's dad ( Gerald Relf ) was a banker for the Federal Reserve.
Back in the day ( in Seattle, 1940 ), 
bankers sat around a table and exchanged each bank's bags.

My mom's dad ( Robert Grass ) was a Washington state senator
and a lawyer, working out of what was, at the time,
the tallest building west of the mississipi, the Smith Tower.

Seattle has always been a boom/bust town
and Boeing had hit hard times in 1971,
people were leaving en masse.

Also, being Mormons, my dad felt the Seattle/University drug scene
had engulfed two of his kids... one of my brothers is/was
a paranoid schizophrenic... so, in 1972, he moved us to Utah.

My first programming was on HP/TI calculators starting around 1973-74.
By 1976, I was programming the HP 67 with it's magnetic strips.

Me ( Jeff Relf ), back in 1976, when I was 16 ( Orem Utah ).
Me ( lower right ), 1976, Seattle, my parents and grandmother
are behind me, right side.
My mom, dad ( Bill ), and a brother ( Pete, age 18 ), in 1976 ( Orem Utah ).

My dad's mom ( age 73 ) holding her GREAT_grand_daughter, in 1976 ( Seattle ).
My sole sister ( Diana, then 22, Seattle ) and her first daughter.

My brother ( Bill Jr. ) born in Seattle, 1956, in Utah, Sep 15th, 2017.
He died Sep 20, 2017, shortly after getting off
antipsychotic medications ( which he took most of his life ),
to get on meds for his liver and kidneys.

His last words ( to Peter, my brother ):

  " Dreams that will never be... ".

Here is a photo of Sarah ( Wallace ) Pruse ( my friend )
visiting her daughters, Gianna and Ginette.
  Dr. JianXin Huang   nfo@"DrHuang."BIZ  //  Seattle  WA
  Dr. Charles Haley   ChipH@"UW."EDU  //  Tucson  AZ
  Tom Schrank   TSchrank@"ABA."COM //  Washington DC

  Diana ( Relf ) Harkcom   dHarkcom@"gM"ail."COM  //  Lehi Utah
  Peter.Relf@"Dell".COM  //  Sandy Utah

  Michael Brickler   MBrick02@"gM"ail."COM  //  Eagle-Rock VA  24085
  Sarah ( Wallace ) Pruse   ICantForTheLifeOfMe@"Ya"hoo."COM  //  Tampa FL