I ( Jeff Relf ) am in Seattle, Mid 2021.   [ Mail@"Jeff-Relf."Me  !555 206.900.9444 ]
I was born here, start of 1960.  My Photo  My Location
PNG & HTM charts of how tight|loose my day is ( from Online|Away data ).
  Moral hazard lights have never blinked so brightly.
  In tent cities ( not Capitol Hill ) policing is racist. 
  China is -more- funked up then us, not less.

  Like us, they build ghost cities & bridges to nowhere,
  only bigger.

  Like us, they favor the old, rich & powerful,
  ignoring the young & weak.

  Like us, they reject traditional families.
  My landlord (JX) has been working 9 to 5 on the house,
  every day,  last 14 days, to satisfy the city inspectors.
  There's still -much- more to be done.

  Our ( weekly-serviced ) dumpster overflows hours after it's emptied.
  The guy that picks up our recycling is threatening to stop doing it
  because our bins are full of used needles & wet garbage.

  Hopefully, JX is (slowly) getting a tiny grasp of reality.
  He still imagines that he can kick people out, even evict them, "soon".

  Seattle will likely extend the eviction moratorium to the end of this year,
  and I doubt anyone could be evicted next year.

  When he told me to call the police on the mob of squatters,
  I replied:  It has never helped, not once, in the previous 10 years.

  The minute he leaves, the squatters come back.
  It's kind of funny, he fixes the front door nearly every day,
  only to have it (intentionally) broken the next day.

  Nearly every door has been broken/destroyed, contents stolen.
  Stimulus checks, or anything like that, are stolen.

  He's trying to board up rooms, so pick-locks can't get in,
  but it hasn't been working, as anyone can plainly see.

  We're down to 4 people, out of 32 rooms, who are paying rent.

  If I could contact Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, BigMedia or BigGovernment,
  I'd ask them:

    Is it a coincidence that too big to fail banks, 
    & too small to succeed landlords, enriches you guys ?

    Why, in places you control, kids' overdose deaths 
    are 3x greater than grandpas dying of Covid ?

    Is it because kids matter much less to you guys
    then 90-year-olds who would've died anyways, weeks later ?

    What's greener than "Greenhouse Earth" ?
    Is it a coincidence that this "doomsday cult" stuff
    somehow happens to enrich you guys ?

  Karl Marx, the trust fund baby who never grew up,
  was a nasty side-effect of capitalism.  Hunter Biden too.

  In poor countries, nothing gets wasted.
  Conversely, rich countries are swimming in their own garbage.
  Like rats, flies & seagulls... communists pick over it.
  Every assumption is "wrong".
  So I pick the "most useful" assumption.

  A useful theory of everything has to consider 
  the limits of human understanding.

  The more distant the black hole ( in Space&Time ),
  the more massive it is.

  The 12.5 billion year-old J2157-3602
  is 34 billion solar masses,
  13 thousand Sagittarius A* masses.

  Sagittarius A* was probably much more massive
  13.8 billion years ago, before entropy did its thing.

  I assume that there was no entropy at 
  the ( infinitely precise ) start of the Big Bang; 
  i.e. infinite "eXergy" ( energy that can do "work", force * distance ); 
  e.g. infinite gravitational and/or electromagnetic energy.

  "God" (nature) programmed us to consume residual eXergy as 
  the cosmos goes from infinitely  hot/dense to infinitely  cold/sparse.

  If you're a Hollywood producer, or a TV "scientist",
  the many worlds - assumption - fills your pockets.

  Einstein (&I) assume(s):   Randomness is ignorance.
  The future is just as fixed as the past;
  i.e. "God" ( the 4-D TimeScape ) is static, forever & always.

  Life is:   Everything, yet nothing.
  Windows 10 has the largest selection of HardSoftWare.
  Apple caterers to fashionistas who don't mess with tech.
  Breathing (oxidation) ages you.
  Athletes drop dead unexpectedly.
  I've never seen a buff centenarian.

  The ones I've seen are slight ( short & thin ),
  Charlie Munger & Warren Buffett being the exceptions.

  I'd rather be a mental athlete, developing my mind.
  Adam Back is Satoshi Nakamoto.
  I was using a 3 button mouse,
  with laser printers, back in 1982,
  on Lilith/Modula-2 machines from Zürich
  ( Logitech is based in Zürich, g600, g635 ).

  DOS in 1983, Macs in 1984, Windows in 1989.

  I was programming Reverse Polish Notation
  (RPN) 1976, FORTH in 1984,
  PostScript in 1985 -- all PostFix.

  It's all about the stack, pushing & popping, 
  as one does in assembly;
  I've programmed in PDP-11, 6502, 8086, 68020.

  I've done a bit of SQL, professionally, FoxPro, 
  in downtown Seattle, just-off Elliott Bay,
  contracting for large corporations.

  The "middle" button on my mouse
  toggles my dictation microphone On/Off.

  Another button ( among 39 ) MiddleClicks, 
  to open webpages in a new tab.

  I designed my (virtual) keyboard;
  no physical keyboard, no touchscreen.


  My web search options:

  I modify WebPages, on-the-fly,
  removing crap that I don't want,
  & I make them look/act how I want.

      WebPages:  Jeff-Relf.Me/userContent.CSS.TXT
      FireFox v85 skin:  Jeff-Relf.Me/userChrome.CSS.TXT
      Win10 skin:  Jeff-Relf.Me/Black.Theme.TXT

  I wrote my own ( mixed font, zoomable ) console, 
  for my Microsoft Visual C++ applets:

      Diff.PNG  X.HTM  CodingRules.HTM
      Visual Studio 2019 C# macros & extensions:

  I toggle Windows Defender & Update On/Off;
  & I upgrade to the latest version of Windows:

  My playList when reading/writing/programming:
  At age 28, 1988, Provo Utah,
  my wife had an affair with a coworker.
  She divorced me to marry him.

  It estranged me from my kids, which was hard;
  but, since then, the freedom has been amazing.
  No more high-stress job just to keep her satisfied.
  My posts to Usenet ( since Feb 2012 ).
  My "Comp.OS.Linux.Advocacy" and "Sci.Physics" report.

  UTF-8, not US ASCII, has been the standard for decades now.
  Mozilla Thunderbird is the gold standard for newsreaders;
  but 99.999 % of people can't configure it properly.

  Most people can't write the CSS, nor the JavaScript,
  required to make it super nice.

  I recommend:
    News.US.Usenet-News.NET:119  or  usNews.BlockNews.NET:119 
  They won't censor you; they don't even keep the "Path:" line,
  so you can't be identified.  Their archive is decades deep.
  $5 buys you 11 gigs, enough for several life times.