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Noam Chomsky calls chat bots:  Glorified AutoFill ( Guided by Context ).
I doubt China can pay for the the trains it built, much less maintain them;
once this becomes obvious to everyone, China's economy will have derailed.
A _real_ education is _real_ expensive.
" Just don't do it. " -- Jews/Zelenskyy.
The only thing uglier than politics is politicians.
Back 60 million years ago, after the dinosaur "extinction" (they became birds),
our ancestors were little mammals living in the hot, lush, Canadian Arctic.
Nothing is Greener than GreenHouse Earth.
Unlike Seattle, Tokyo has affordable housing; Seattle should copy Tokyo.
Every government/cult/person is based on a big, fat lie.
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I sleep 15.2 hours per ( 24.7 hr ) day.
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No "length", no "time", no "entropy" at 
The Infinitely Precise Start of The Big Bang because:

  From _OUR_PERSPECTIVE_, the "standard" clock ticks 
  ever-slower the closer it is to The Start of the Big Bang;
  Yet, There/Then, it ticks normally, as it does Here/Now.

The future is just as fixed as the past; the (4d) cosmos is static.
My "everything" ( MyFuture, MyPoint ) becomes "nothing" ( the past ).

"God" is Nature Herself.  Every cult needs an apocalypse.
Everyone believes what he _NEEDS_ to believe; division is inevitable.

"Gravitational Energy" is "residual eXergy" ( potential entropy ).
God/Nature sets our desires&sufferings ( using residual exergy )
to Create/Destroy us as the cosmos 
goes from hot&dense to cold&sparse.
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