I ( Jeff Relf ) am in Seattle, Mid 2021.   [ Mail@"Jeff-Relf."Me  !555 206.900.9444 ]
I was born here, start of 1960.  My Photo  My Location
  A real education is real expensive.
  What's greener than "Greenhouse Earth" ?
  Breathing (oxidation) ages you.

  Athletes drop dead unexpectedly.
  I've never seen a buff centenarian.

  The ones I've seen are slight ( short & thin ),
  Charlie Munger & Warren Buffett being the exceptions.
  Every 1.72 days I wake up an hour later;
  after 42 days, I wake up 24 (Zero) hours later.

  The first 21 days of my 42 day "Week" is "Sunday"
  because, waking up between 2am and 9am,
  as I do then, allows me to sleep in.

  After that comes "Monday" ( also 21 days long ),
  where people wake me up ( because I'm sleeping during the day ).

  My "Week" has been getting longer, I don't know why.

  SleepPat.PNG estimates when I'd wake up ( if undisturbed ).
  Einstein (&I) assume:   Randomness is ignorance.
  Which may ( or may not ) be a _useful_ assumption, depending on your needs.
  We assume:  The future is just as fixed as the past;
  i.e. "God" ( the 4-D TimeScape ) is static, forever & always.

  Life is:   Everything, yet nothing.
  The pendulum has swung from a "war on drugs" to a war on landlords.

  Seattle housing has become equivalent to the failed "projects" in Chicago &
  New York, where countless people, including kids, are murdered.

  Here in Seattle, landlords are not allowed to do a criminal background check.
  Also, the qualifications for passing a background check must be written down,
  so that everyone can see... no deviations allowed.

  Also, Landlords are forced to take charity money as a deposit, &
  forced to accept a payment plan.

  Tenants who don't pay the deposit themselves 
  will enthusiastically tear apart their rental units &
  judges won't convict|evict the poor & drug addicted.

  I blame the pigeon feeders, not pigeons.
  Vice is rewarded.    Virtue is punished.
  When the cat's away, the mice will play.  The cat is dead.
  To Set Win10's (HighContrast) Colors:  Jeff-Relf.Me/Black.Theme.TXT
    FireFox, Chrome & Edge now properly support HighContrastMode background images.

  To set the Font Size in Windows Explorer & qBittorrent:
    " [Windows] Settings -> Ease of Access -> Display -> Make Text Bigger [ a Slider ] "

  To set the Font Size in RegEdit:  " View -> Font "
  To set the Font Size/Color in FireFox's URL_Bar/SearchBar/BookMarks:

  To skin FireFox's content area (WebPages/about:/chrome:):


  Normally, I Stop/Disable the "Windows Modules Installer", "Windows Update", 
  "App Readiness Service", "Windows Search", & "Background Intelligent Transfer" services.

  Also, I used WinExplorer's "Navigation Pane" to manually move 
  "AppData" to "C:\Home\Sys\AppData" (%APPDATA%); see:
      "%USERPROFILE%" is deprecated ( because it can't be changed ).

  So, to install Microsoft's (biannual) "Major" upgrade, 21H1, I:
    Run "\__\EXEs\_ MediaCreationTool 21H1  .EXE" " to create the ".ISO".
    ReEnable the disabled services ( "Windows Update" et al. ), i.e.:
    edit "Win10.REG"  ( 2 = Automatic, 4 = Disabled, "Start"=dword:2 ), Merge&ReBoot.
    "Delete" everything in the "Startup" folder, disable startups (Task Manager).

    Check if "Sys" has been renamed to  "Documents"; if so:
      Immediately(!) after the 21H1 Update, _manually_ rename it back to "Sys",
      Merge(!)Merge(!)&ReBoot ( Otherwise, settings are lost ! ).

    Manually ReGain ownership/Add_FullControl of 
    "TrustedInstaller", "DefaultMediaCost", & "Windows Defender", Merge&ReBoot.
    See: "DisableAntiSpyware"=dword:1

    AutoRuns.EXE kills "Startup" items.  
    Run "\__\EXEs\No Telem  vs16  .BAT" to kill telemetry _Crap_.

    " [Windows] Settings -> System -> Storage -> Temporary Files -> Remove Files "

    At "Windows Update and Security" -> "Advanced Options" -> "Delivery Optimizations",
    turn off "Allow downloads from other PCs".
  Adam Back is Satoshi Nakamoto.
  Einstein, Tesla & Mark Twain believed in "superdeterminism".

  Each picks the "most useful" assumption ( for each ).
  If you're a Hollywood producer, or a TV "scientist",
  the many worlds _assumption_ fills your pockets.

  Tesla had little use ( or regard ) for Einstein's Relativity.

  Still, Einstein's assumptions (Relativity) 
  are extremely _useful_ when you need to develop
  a GPS system that requires atomic clocks orbiting Earth.

  Who better to develop precision clocks than 
  " The premier Swiss patent clerk " (Einstein), eh ?! 

  A useful theory of everything has to consider 
  the limits of human understanding.

  Re: Quantum entanglement's "No UnKnown Variables" claim.

    What about variables that we don't know we don't know ?

  Gravitational Energy is residual exergy.

  From our perspective, clocks tick ever-slower the closer
  they are to the start of the Big Bang.

  Locally, those clocks tick normally, as they do here.

  The more distant the black hole ( in Space & Time ),
  the more massive it is.

  The 12.5 billion year-old J2157-3602
  is 34 billion solar masses,
  13 thousand Sagittarius A* masses.

  Sagittarius A* was probably much more massive
  13.8 billion years ago, before entropy did its thing.

  I assume that there was no entropy at 
  the ( infinitely precise ) start of the Big Bang; 
  i.e. infinite "eXergy" ( energy that can do "work", force * distance ); 
  e.g. infinite gravitational and/or electromagnetic energy.

  "God" (nature) programmed us to consume residual eXergy as 
  the cosmos goes from infinitely  hot/dense to infinitely  cold/sparse.
  I was using a 3 button mouse,
  with laser printers, back in 1982,
  on Lilith/Modula-2 machines from Zürich
  ( Logitech is based in Zürich, g600, g635 ).

  DOS in 1983, Macs in 1984, Windows in 1989.

  I was programming Reverse Polish Notation
  (RPN) 1976, FORTH in 1984,
  PostScript in 1985 -- all PostFix.

  It's all about the stack, pushing & popping, 
  as one does in assembly;
  I've programmed in PDP-11, 6502, 8086, 68020.

  I've done a bit of SQL, professionally, FoxPro, 
  in downtown Seattle, just-off Elliott Bay,
  contracting for large corporations.

  The "middle" button on my mouse
  toggles my dictation microphone On/Off.

  Another button ( among 39 ) MiddleClicks, 
  to open webpages in a new tab.

  I designed my (virtual) keyboard;
  no physical keyboard, no touchscreen.

  I wrote my own ( mixed font, zoomable ) console, 
  for my Microsoft Visual C++ applets:

      Diff.PNG  X.HTM  CodingRules.HTM
      Visual Studio 2019 C# macros & extensions:
  My playList when reading/writing/programming:
  At age 28, 1988, Provo Utah,
  my wife had an affair with a coworker.
  She divorced me to marry him.

  It estranged me from my kids, which was hard;
  but, since then, the freedom has been amazing.
  No more high-stress job just to keep her satisfied.
  My posts to Usenet ( since Feb 2012 ).
  My "Comp.OS.Linux.Advocacy" and "Sci.Physics" report.

  UTF-8, not US ASCII, has been the standard for decades now.
  Mozilla Thunderbird is the gold standard for newsreaders;
  but 99.999 % of people can't configure it properly.

  Most people can't write the CSS, nor the JavaScript,
  required to make it super nice.

  "BlockNews.NET" doesn't manipulate you like "Aioe.ORG" does.