I ( Jeff Relf ) am in Seattle, Late 2021.   [ Mail@"Jeff-Relf."Me  !555 206.900.9444 ]
I was born here, start of 1960.  My Photo.  My Location.  My Mouse & Keyboard. 
Einstein Vs. Hitler.  Adam Back, in Malta, is Satoshi Nakamoto.
For Trust Fund Babies, only 2 things matter: 
1. Mailmen biting dogs.
2. Their "Witch Doctors" (Faucis).

Housing costs going up 20 % a year is fine, they assert,
so long as daddy keeps writing them checks.
China can only dream of being as well-off as Japan, 1989,
before the bubble collapsed for 32 years straight.
From our perspective, clocks tick ever-slower the closer
they are to the start of the Big Bang but, locally, 
they tick normally, as they do here.

Life is a riddle with few answers;
so we make (useful/probable) assumptions e.g.:

  No entropy at the ( infinitely precise ) start of the Big Bang; 
  i.e. infinite "eXergy" ( energy that can do "work", force * distance ); 
  e.g. infinite gravitational and/or electromagnetic energy.

"God" (nature) programmed us to consume residual eXergy as 
the cosmos goes from infinitely  hot/dense to infinitely  cold/sparse.

SuperDeterminism is the most probable,  and the most useful,  assumption.
Life is everything, yet nothing.
Only "BoseEinstein condensates" ( lased particles )
produce "the interference pattern" ( the probability distribution ).

Without adding random photons, you can't observe 
which slit the lased particle went through.

Adding random photons destroys the interference pattern.
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